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Transform your home & life

Learn to use the ancient art of Feng Shui to shift your space and uplift your life. From the foundational concepts of Feng Shui with step-by-step guides, to a new career as an internationally recognized Feng Shui consultant.

Divine Woman Awakening

Awaken the Divine Woman within

Receive empowering training on the Celtic wheel with ancient Celtic wisdom, mythology, and goddesses that will lead you into your Divine Woman Awakening. Step into your power, authenticity, and sovereignty through deep inner healing. You deserve to honor yourself, to live a life filled with joy, expression, and compassion.

New Here? Hi, I’m Amanda Sophia, Feng Shui Expert, Geomancer & Divine Woman Mentor. You have a birthright to abundance, joy & balance, and I am honored to take this journey with you. 

As Seen In

Two Decades of Success!

Can you believe it has been over 20 years since I started this school? Over two decades ago, I founded the International Feng Shui School, where my passion for Feng Shui married with my love for holistic and spiritual practices. This fusion became the guiding force behind the various courses, programs, and events we offer today. Reflecting on this journey fills me with awe and gratitude. I’ve had the privilege of certifying hundreds of Feng Shui experts from all corners of the globe.

To the students who have enrolled in my programs, to those who have returned to teach expert classes, and to the curious souls embarking on their initial steps – you all serve as my inspiration. Thank you for being part of this incredible adventure.

I’ve worked with clients like…

Feng Shui allows you to strategically influence human and environment interactions to achieve specific life improvements, from improved health, finance, relationships to career advancements!

Ready for an upgrade?

Get access to the FREE Feng Shui Mini-course with nearly 5 hours of video content, downloadable material, and expert guidance to improve your home & life. Designed with easy instructions and practices to understand and implement remedies for the optimal energetic flow in your space and life!

Are you ready to take your first step to freedom, authenticity, clarity, and joy?

Free Gatherings

Come join us

Divine Women Gatherings with Amanda Sophia

Divine Women Gatherings

Connect with your higher self, heal old wounds and awaken the Divine Woman within. This is a safe circle of sisters from around the globe, supporting each other through their soul journeys.

Feng Shui Monthly Gatherings

Feng Shui Gatherings

Create inner balance and harmony through tools, tips, and remedies designed to transform your home and life using Feng Shui. You're welcomed into this supportive circle where we cultivate sustainable rituals for your daily practices.

Geomancy Gatherings with Amanda & Alex

Geomancy & Land Healing Gatherings

Deepen your connection with nature, learn to listen, read and heal the land with support from like-minded individuals who want to elevate their relationship with the earth and live by her seasons.

Free Divine Woman Mini-Course

A FREE mini-course designed to nurture the essence of your inner divine magic. You will gain a toolkit to inspire and empower you, encouraging a life enriched with rituals, powerful practices, supportive Archetypes, and guidance on the Celtic Wheel to nurture your soul.

Listen to Amanda’s Podcasts

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Amanda Sophia Feng Shui Podcast

The Amanda Sophia Podcast is a carefully curated space to support you as you awaken to joy, embrace your greatest self, and create a life of balance you love. Find Feng Shui tips, practices and interviews with fellow experts from around the world.

Divine Woman with Amanda Sophia

The Divine Woman Podcast is an invitation to awaken to a higher level of consciousness, heal old wounds, and live in harmony with nature, source, and spirit. Join me as I guide you through ancient Celtic practices, the Celtic Wheel, meditations and holistic wellness tips.

Read Amanda’s Articles

Learn about Feng Shui, and the Celtic Wheel, the season’s best tips and read expert interviews!

Stepping Out of the Spiritual Closet

Explore the freedom of stepping out of the spiritual closet and embracing your true essence. This journey is about liberating yourself from societal norms and expectations and allowing your authentic self to shine. By embracing your spirituality and stepping into your truth, you open doors to deeper connections, personal growth, and a profound sense of fulfillment.

How to Navigate a Spiritual Awakening

In this article, I will teach you how to navigate a spiritual awakening from my own personal experiences. Reading this article may bring you understanding, serenity, or even a sense of awakening because, although we can occasionally feel those motions moving through our bodies, we may also choose to block them out and prevent them from happening.

Embodiment: My Journey with Somatic Healing

In this article, I am called to share my journey of embodiment and somatic healing, highlighting the profound transformation it has had on my life. How it has become an inspiring practice that I include in my daily rituals. Somatic healing became a tool for me to come home to myself, and I would love to share this with you, Beloved.

The Meaning of the Year of the Wood Dragon 2024

A quick guide to what you need to know to prepare for the Year of the Yang Wood Dragon 2024. We will discuss the meanings of symbolism, mythology, and astrology related to the Wood Dragon and how we can put that energy into practice in the New Year of the Yand Wood Dragon 2024.

How to Honor Goddess Brigid Through Imbolc Rituals and Altars

Do you want to know how to honor Goddess Brigid through Imbolc Rituals and Altars? Let’s dive into the meaning of Imbolc, how we can honor Goddess Brigid, and what blessings to prepare, rituals and practices to focus on, and how we can align our energy for this season.

Preparing for the Year of the Water Rabbit 2023

A quick guide to what you need to know to prepare for the Year of the Water Rabbit 2023. We will discuss the meanings of symbolism, mythology, and astrology related to the Water Rabbit and how we can put that energy into practice in the Year of the Water Rabbit.

Staying Grounded with the Earth Element in Feng Shui

The connection we have with the elements in our daily lives is reflected in the energy in our homes. If our environment’s energy is balanced then these elements can function in their beneficial roles without overpowering each other but rather working together to create fluidity in the home. The Earth element is key in your home and life, to ground you, stabilize, and center your energy. Think of it as a mountain, hard to move and clear with intention. It knows where it is, and what it wants.

Day in the Life of Feng Shui Consultant Justine Hernandez

Justine is a certified Transformational Life Coach and Feng Shui Expert, helping women from around the world align their mindset, relationships, and space. She has created a Life Design Method program, which allows people to embrace their power and recognize the gifts they bring to the world.

How You Can Embrace Sovereignty as an Expression of Authenticity

Beloved, to be sovereign is to be free. Our sovereignty is sourced from within us, continually attempting to draw us toward our innate purpose, wisdom, and power. In essence, this free-flowing and uninhibited state of being is the purest form of authenticity–our truest selves. Every time we choose to be ourselves; refusing to abandon our worth,...

Lughnasadh: Reaping the Fruits of the Energetic Seeds We’ve Sown

We’re blessed to be dwelling in the season of Lughnasadh (pronounced Loo-NA-sah), nature’s reminder of our birthright of light and abundance. Beloved, summer is slowly dwindling as sunsets fade into night earlier each evening. Now, the earth is bursting with life, and nature is fully open and at her peak of growth and fertility. Her vibrant...

Welcome Beloved

I’m Amanda!

I’m a Feng Shui Expert, Geomancer, Celtic Priestess and Divine Woman Mentor. You might have heard of me from a trusted source, a friend or family member, or perhaps you discovered my podcast, blogs, or other content. Whatever brought you here, I’m grateful that our paths have crossed. You’ve just entered a safe space. Wherever you are on your soul journey, you will not be judged here; you are accepted and embraced with love.

I’m also known as the

Teacher’s Teacher

I’ve obtained this title through over 20 years of working with over 30,000 clients, practicing and teaching Feng Shui in all parts of the world. I went from consultant to expert to teacher, now training consultants from Dublin to Dubai and everywhere in between, providing them with the tools to build their businesses from the ground up and become successful, internationally recognized Feng Shui experts.

My students have not only exceeded all expectations in the consultant industry, but some also founded their own schools and training programs with their unique skills woven into their teachings. Now, the students Alex Stark and I are guiding through the Online Geomancy & Land Healing Certification course, are thriving as Geomancers and intergrating that into their existing services.

Beloved, my desire for you is to shine your magical light into the world with the combination of your skills, passions and the tools I provide in my online courses. I provide you with the energetic blueprint to live a successful and abundant life while teaching others to do the same.

The online courses we offer

Where Education meets Inner Healing

Feng Shui Your Life

Learn the foundations of Feng Shui to improve and enhance the quality of your life. My holistic approach combines classical Feng Shui and intentional Feng Shui.

Why is it called the Feng Shui Your Life course? Because we’re Feng Shuiing all areas of our lives. This is not a religion, it’s not a phase, this is a lifestyle, a mindset, a change that ripples throughout your entire life. What you change in your home will reflect in your habits, in your career, and in your relationships to name a few. It’s a complete transformation of the mind, body, and spirit.

Receive transformational training in eight modules, learn how to calculate your personal diagram, how to bring our Feng Shui element into your home, supportive positions, energy clearing and more! Change your life with one button!

Feng Shui Your Life Image
International Feng Shui School

Feng Shui Master Certification

Start a new business as a Feng Shui consultant and experience financial freedom, flexible hours, rewarding results, and the ability to work from anywhere in the world! In this self-paced online Feng Shui course, you will learn Amanda’s powerful and holistic blend of classical and intentional Feng Shui.

The Feng Shui Master Certification course includes the prerequisite Level 1 Foundational Course Feng Shui Your Life which teaches you everything you need to know about how to use Feng Shui to transform lives and homes.

Whether you just want to offer stand-alone Feng Shui consulting or incorporate Feng Shui into your existing services, this course will exponentially extend the reach of your light into the world.


The Online Geomancy & Land Healing Certification is an internationally accredited course that teaches you everything you need to know about Geomancy & Land Healing, so you can deeply connect with nature and fully support your own home, land, and clients.

In this self-paced, online, year-long journey you will experience Alex Stark’s powerful shamanic teachings and Amanda Sophia’s holistic blend of knowledge and wisdom.

In this course, we hold space for the technical and spiritual aspects of the land, to restore, reconnect and revitalize your relationship with Mother Earth, guiding you to heal your client’s land and open your intuition in the deepest sense.

Geomancy and Land Healing image
Divine Woman Home page

Divine Woman Awakening Program

Spend time with your soul, Beloved, listen to your inner voice and allow for a deeply rooted time of reflection. Join me on a year-long journey of commitment to yourself – mind, body, and spirit. Within the safe embrace of your inner goddess, you will learn, play, express, explore, reconnect, remember and reawaken your inner divine woman.

Receive empowering training on the Celtic wheel with ancient Celtic wisdom, mythology, and goddesses that will lead you into your Divine Woman Awakening. This immersive experience will nourish your soul and support you to step into your highest self.  

Discover your power, and give permission to your Inner Wild Woman to come forth and empower your daily living.

Inner Circle of Feng Shui

An International community designed to keep you connected, educated and provide you with continued education.

By becoming a member, you’ll access our expanding archive of webinars, videos, and tutorials on classical Feng Shui. Members have ongoing access to expert advice and new material created every month.

Join the monthly live webinars and connect with like-minded people in our private Facebook group. Ask questions and get support from myself and fellow members. We offer special Feng Shui resources and feedback that are only available to members.

Inner Circle of Feng Shui

Feng Shui Your Life

Within a few months, I had improved health, and a rather complicated financial issue was resolved in our favor.

I concluded to make a career change to Feng Shui consulting after many years in retail business and also corporate America.

Diana A.

Feng Shui Master Certification

I took Amanda’s Feng Shui Master training and it has changed my practice and life! I have been in the healing arts for over 16 years.

This ancient art has helped me to see an even more in-depth and complete view of my patient’s health and lifestyle. Feng Shui starts to shift their life as soon as you start the consult and the changes are POWERFUL!

Sarah Wergin, R.N., Acupuncturist, Sound Healer

Geomancy & Land Healing

I would highly recommend this course to any serious student wading through the cross-currents of spiritual practices and practical applications.

Alex and Amanda have developed the course work to blend powerful and heartfelt guidance in a compelling educational focus that pulls together the elemental, the observational and the sublime energies that we all thirst for and that we deserve to embody on our individual paths.

Michael Cavanagh, Landscape Architect

Divine Woman Awakening

When you spend time with someone whose energetic vibration is as strong and pure as Amanda’s, your own vibration begins to shift.

I experienced personal healing and transformation as a result of Amanda’s teaching and presence. I am forever grateful.

Kathleen Keelan

Inner Circle of Feng Shui

The Circle of Feng Shui has helped me become a better Feng Shui practitioner through Amanda’s incredible webinars, courses, events, and online community chats.

I don’t have enough words to describe how blessed I am to have trained with Amanda and being connected to this MUST HAVE Circle of Feng Shui community.

Alexandra Bizer, Feng Shui Professional

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A library of ancient wisdom and true connection. Ranging from chants, remedies, Feng Shui for renting, divorce, moving and more!

Feng Shui Videos Moving Couch

Consultations & Services

Let’s work together! It is my honor and pleasure to assist you in making your dreams come true. 

Consultations and Services

Events & Training

Join me in person for a Retreat, a Sacred Journey of Remembrance and Land Healing. True magic happens when we gather together.

Womans retreat

Shop for your Soul

A storehouse of joy, marketplace of magic, hatching of dreams. Learn, discover and reconnect with your inner Divine.

Consultations and Services
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