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We’re on this earth to live and love fully — to find what lights us up and share authentically with others. As we find peace within ourselves, we create a peaceful world. Yet, how often have we read an inspirational book or heard an exhilarating talk only to fall back into old patterns?


Let’s Get to Know One Another.
I’ll Go First.

I’m an Inspirational Speaker, Self-Love Guide and Feng Shui Master. One thing I know for sure: we can’t control all our life circumstances but we can find our unique destiny and let it flow through us. This is where magic happens. I see it everyday with myself, my family and this beautiful community.

After twenty years in America, I followed my heart back home to Ireland. I spend my days empowering others to live their potential, creating conscious content and community for friends around the world, and frolicking through the Irish countryside my two children. I also lead people like you through retreats around fairy forts, stone circles and magical castles in my journeys around Europe. Read more of my story here.

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Many people forget what brings them joy. They use food, alcohol and media to numb out when really all we want is to remember who we are. You can live more fully every single day. I am here as your companion and guide. This is your time to shine, beloved.


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When I’m out exploring enchanted forests and beaches in the Emerald Isle, I feel so connected to divinity because I see beauty all around. I’ll share inspirational thoughts from the field and at home through The Amanda Sophia TV. Each month, enjoy free videos on how to step into joy and live your most beautiful self. Whether you’re seeking direction, confidence, a career change, life partner or community, I invite you to drop limiting beliefs and create a joyful life tailor-made to you.

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