Enjoy Free Online Gatherings To Connect With Mother Nature and Your Higher Self

Next Gathering Topic:
How to create Sacred Offerings for the Land

Day & Time: 18th October 2024
9am Los Angeles / 12pm New York / 5pm Dublin / 6pm Paris

A community designed to honor the Land’s needs, honor your own, and embrace harmony with Nature.

Calling all lightworkers, spiritually curious, healers, artists, and radically kind souls. You belong here, and I am honored to welcome you to a community of like-minded souls from around the globe.

We are divinely connected as one living, breathing community on this lovely planet. Beloved, this gathering is about helping you create peace within and then, extend gentleness and love to the land.

This safe space is curated with the intention to revitalize the connection we have with the earth, with Source, and the land. It allows us to understand, decode and follow the guides of these energies to cultivate a ripple effect of healing. Using sacred crafts, dowsing tools (and more) to create a long-lasting relationship with the land of our ancestors, and the land we live on. 

To maintain this sacred space, we’re comforted by the lack of judgment, guilt, or rejection. You are accepted as your authentic self, just as you are. 

How to heal the earth

These FREE online gatherings will help you…

Dwell in Sacred Synchronicity with Mother Nature.

In each gathering, we will meet live on Zoom for

Online Discussion

Learn about Geomancy and Land Healing through discussions, lessons, and answers to your journey.


Practical guidance to understanding the land’s past traumas and using dowsing tools to heal stress points.


Carry these in your heart for the season.


Meditations to deepen your connection with the land, intimately communicating with Mother earth and your higher self.


Our monthly discussions put into practice by dowsing techniques, learning to understand the readings taken and performing healing and revitalizing rituals.


Learn to embody the ancient wisdom of Geomancy and Land healing, listening to the guidance of your ancestors and the ancestors of the land.

Evoke earth-healing abundance in your daily life with these “virtual circles” of ceremony.

Heal the land, heal yourself

Sacred Land Healing Free Gatherings is an Invitation to Everyone Yearning for Sacred Balance

These Gatherings are designed for anyone who loves nature, who wants to deepen their connection with the land and their ancestors. There’s no specific level of experience required but rather an open mind and a passion for healing and awakening to the new earth. 

Geomancy allows you to read, connect, communicate, heal and transform the energy from the land’s energetic “veins”. This all relates to the lay lines, dragon’s veins and whatever trauma such as geopathic stress has or can influence the land. Besides the technical aspects, what you will learn from these gatherings is how connected everything truly is, and how we can each make a difference in the earth’s energy. 

We will join together in a safe space where curiosity is welcomed and questions are valued, this is a space for you to be your authentic self without fear of judgement, rejection, or criticism. 

“The same type of relationship that you might have with your family, with your loved ones, with people that you cherish, that you live with or work with. It’s the same thing with nature. It allows you to listen to nature and to be able to receive the messages that nature is continuously sending your way. It allows nature to see you. This reciprocal seeing of each other, you seeing into nature and nature seeing into you is what’s really at the core of how Geomancy works at the higher levels of the practice.”

– Amanda Sophia –

Amanda Sophia - Feng Shui Master with over 20 years experience

Geomancy & Land Healing Free Gatherings

Next Gathering Topic:
How to create Sacred Offerings for the Land

Day & Time: 18th October 2024
9am Los Angeles / 12pm New York / 5pm Dublin / 6pm Paris

Know someone who could use some encouragement and inspiration?
Send them a link to this page so they can register and join you in the monthly gathering.

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Last Gathering Topic: 

The Land is our Healer

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Know someone who could use some encouragement and inspiration? Send them a link to this page so they can register and join you in the monthly gathering.

Want the previous gathering’s recording?

Last Gathering Topic: 

The Land is our Healer

Can’t make it to the live gathering?

Beloved, if you cannot join us live due to scheduling constraints (we know life gets busy!), we will send you a recording of our time together.

The Geomancy and Land healing Free Gatherings are for anyone expanding their love for Mother Earth into healing rituals.

Wherever you are in your life –

  • Those seeking balance and inner harmony.
  • Homeowners and renters who wish to neatralize and heal the land’s trauma affecting their homes.
  • Feng Shui experts who want to include land healing in their services.
  • Landscapers and architects who want to preserve the land’s history appropriately. 
  • Souls looking for like-minded earth-healers to connect with.
  • Farmers who desire abundance in their businesses.
  • Individuals who long to connect with their ancestors or birth-lands.
  • People ready to release what is holding them back.
  • Healers who long to advice patients for longer-lasting recoveries.
  • Anyone who feels negative energy, financial blocks or historical traumas affecting their homes or land.
Geomancy Gatherings with Amanda and Alex
Learn to heal mother earth

Land Healing is an opportunity to create abundance through geomantic knowledge. Releasing negative, dead energy from the earth’s meridians and channels that access our homes, companies, farms, sacred sites, and much more.

Together, we will:

  • Set intentions in a safe space with a like-minded community.
  • Learn to embody geomancy in our connection to Mother Earth.
  • Embody the guidance of our ancestors, the land, and the potent energy found in sacred sites around the world.
  • Heal the inner, to heal and rework the outer.
  • Review the readings of the land and how we can remedy the results.
  • Deepen our connection to all energy fields, practicing rituals to enhance them.
  • Learn about dowsing tools, sacred rituals, sites, and working with the land.
  • Follow the earth’s seasons and how synchronicity with her allows us inner balance.
About Amanda Sophia

Amanda Sophia

Feng Shui Master, Celtic Priestess, and Self-Love Guide.

Amanda’s sincere appreciation for community guided her to establish Sacred Land Healing gatherings as a safe space for people yearning to support themselves and Mother Nature. She hopes they may enter these sacred gatherings and access joy, invite miracles, and consciously pursue living as their greatest selves through them. 

She founded the International Feng Shui School and its various training programs, including Feng Shui Your Life and the Feng Shui Master Certification. Many Feng Shui students continue on to her certification course Geomancy & Land Healing so they can expand their knowledge for personal use or support clients in bringing peace to the land through land healing rituals. Students may choose to participate in the Land Healing & Clearing Certification live training event in lieu of the online training. 

Amanda’s passion for community and ongoing support also led her to establish the Inner Circle of Feng Shui. This empowering monthly membership site is catered to those wishing to deepen their spiritual practice, embody their gifts, and come together in a community with like-minded members worldwide.

Amanda Sophia also began the Priestess Awakening School, a year-long journey of The Celtic Wheel that leads women inward to discover, cultivate, and embody their authentic wisdom and power. 

Amanda has studied wisdom traditions around the world and is a certified yoga teacher, shaman, and Celtic priestess. Her calling is to help people let go of old belief systems and awaken to their inner joy.

You are invited to access Amanda’s latest videos, webinars, podcasts, meditations, and online community anywhere in the world. After all, we are one and all are welcome.

Amanda Sophia has served notable clients such as Bloomingdales, Dreamworks, Bank of America, and Hewlett-Packard. All have reported breakthroughs with her Feng Shui consulting. She is frequently interviewed in the media and has appeared in Vogue, Yoga Journal, Spirit and Destiny, Irish Examiner, RTE, Fox News, and KSWB-TV.

Are you ready to heal the land and connect with nature through Geomancy?

Beloved, you’re in the right place at the right time.

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