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Geomancy & Land Healing

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Join Feng Shui Expert, Architect and Shaman Alex Stark, and Celtic Priestess and Feng Shui Expert, Amanda Sophia for this Online Geomancy and Land Healing Certification.

This course will guide you in connecting to your inner power, how to truly open up your intuition, harness your healing abilities, and master techniques to clear and heal the land and yourself. Throughout the Certification, you will learn foundational and advanced knowledge in Energy Work, Dowsing, and Earth Energies.

This training opens you up to support your own home, land, and clients.

Start your practice or integrate land healing in your field of work. Share your light with the world! This is an ideal course for you if you love Mother Earth and want to enliven your current work or start a rewarding career as a Land Healer. Our graduates have thriving practices consulting individuals, organizations, and companies.

Dowsing - healing the land

when we heal the land, we heal ourselves.

when we heal the land, we heal ourselves.

The certification is offered through the International Feng Shui School

How to heal the earth

Do you want to help the Earth?

  • Do you feel there is something you can do to help Mother Earth and those inhabiting it?
  • Does being out in nature make you feel joyful and at peace?
  • Have you noticed certain areas of land are healthier or more prosperous than others?
  • Have you been a witness to abrupt changes in the health of the land surrounding new man-made constructions?

Quantum physics proves that everything is made of energy and, for centuries, the Earth has been studied from all angles. We now know that there are Ley Lines, Geopathic Stress, underwater streams, mineral deposits, and many other energetic aspects that makeup and impact the land we live on. This training teaches you how to identify, locate, and heal natural or man-made issues that are hurting the land and those inhabiting it.

hear from our students

hear from our students

To say the course was life-changing is an understatement. The training has been invaluable in deepening my knowledge & connection with the land.

Patricia Lohan

Your teachings and guidance allowed me to listen, see and feel the energies of the land in profound ways and learn tools to help clear the land and stay in relationship with nature.

Karen Kremer

Alex’s teaching style weaves ancient cultural wisdom with modern application in a refreshing and profound way.

Amber Wientzen

This is more than an online certification

Embark on a transformative soul journey to reconnect with the earth

Amanda Sophia

My greatest joy is to empower you. I teach you how to transform your space and life, and share your unique light with the world. As a working mom, I also share my personal practices for self-care and self-love, perhaps the most essential part!”

AMANDA SOPHIA is a Feng Shui Master and Celtic Priestess with more than 20 years of experience consulting and teaching. She founded the International School of Feng Shui over a decade ago and continues to oversee all aspects of this global business, including the Inner Circle of Feng Shui membership site. Amanda has helped companies like Bloomingdales, Bank of America, Hewlett-Packard, and Dreamworks improve employee morale, productivity, and profits. She has consulted with thousands of individual clients and taught many more. Her work is geared towards helping clients and students gain confidence, have fulfilling work, happier relationships, and greater prosperity.

Amanda has traveled the world studying some of the world’s great wisdom traditions. She has trained directly with Feng Shui masters in China. Amanda is also a certified yoga teacher, as well as a trained Shaman and Celtic Priestess. Her courses weave these disciplines into a one-of-a-kind program of transformation.

Alex Stark

“I have dedicated my professional life to supporting individuals interested in the land, their homes, their work, and how to consciously integrate them together. Harmony is the natural condition of life, and we are alive in order to manifest that harmony in everything we do. Our relationship to the land and Mother Nature is the foundation for this.”

ALEX STARK is an internationally recognized consultant, advisor, and teacher on issues of creativity, efficiency, and design. A graduate of the Yale University School of Architecture, he is a practitioner of Feng Shui, Oriental astrology, European Geomancy, and Native American Earth Healing. As such, he advises on issues of design and placement for built environments, and issues of personal and institutional transformation.

Alex is a recipient of a Ford Foundation scholarship for cross-cultural studies and was named Scholar of the House by Yale University. He has been a consultant to the United Nations Development Program in public health and regional planning.

Alex has been in the faculty of the Feng Shui International Network in London, the European School of Feng Shui in Amsterdam, the French School of Geomancy in Paris, the International Feng Shui School in Ireland, the Long Island Feng Shui Institute (NY), the Golden Gate School of Feng Shui (CA), the Feng Shui Alliance (NJ).

Listen to Amanda and Alex discuss Earth healing and Autumn Equinox 

In this episode we chat about…

12:37 Welcome to the circle of healing
16:24 Invitation to create an altar
18:30 Allowing your roots to go deep into the Earth
22:55 Becoming the altar
23:56 Be grateful to the land, and what it gave you
25:05 Fulfilling the health, and wellness of the natural world
31:37 Distract yourself through the vehicle of nature
33:54 Seeing the abundance
35:04 You are your true self
36:40 Learning from our ancestors
38:24 Living your truth

I went to learn how to heal the Land but through Alex & Amanda I learned that the Land would end up healing ME.

Tassy Hennesy

The journey into geomancy was not only about learning land healing but also about releasing our own energies with awareness, trust, and inspiration. This course is an adventure into the heart of the earth, our connection to it, and the joy of healing.

Alexandra Berthault Bizer

I have been profoundly impacted by his teaching for my own personal growth and healing which has led me on a path that continues to expand and fill my life and with miracles.

Susan Holgate

As an Intensive Care Nurse, the contribution to my personal development and spiritual connection with the world is an enrichment I can appreciate almost every day.

Fred Hopman

The contribution we all make as a group when we come together to take part in healing the earth and humanity is so inspiring and beautiful!

Candace Allen

Alex’s landform and geomancy classes provided a completely new framework on how to read, connect and harvest the energetic power of nature and bring it into my personal life and into the spaces I design.

Valeria Cadoso

Do your part to support the earth

Are you ready?



Create and deepen your connection with Mother Earth. Through meditation, awareness, intuition, and using certain tools and techniques, you will be able to communicate with the land on a whole new level.



Through ritual, build, and grow your connection to yourself and everything around you. Working with the land involves ancient rituals that guide you further into self-exploration, healing, and fulfillment.



Ley Lines, Geopathic Stress, underwater streams, and other non-obvious natural occurrences have the potential to be harmful to people. Learn how to identify these issues and how to correct them.

Bless and protect the land


Ancient rituals, blessings, and offerings have always been a way of honoring the land and protecting it. In return, the land protects and blesses us. Discover and learn these simple yet powerful rituals and blessings for new land purchase, the start of construction, moving-in, moving-out, and more.

The earth is alive


When energy or chi can’t flow through the land, or when there is something built over certain energetic lines, it can cause issues with the land itself, but it can also impact those dwelling there. From health issues to relationship tension, work stagnation, and even financial lack. Identifying these issues and correcting them is like acupuncture for the land.

Alex’s teaching style weaves ancient cultural wisdom with modern application in a refreshing and profound way. He applies the arts of Geomancy in his life with authenticity.

Aelita Leto

I was able to connect to the land and my ancestry in a way I never had before. I would do the same trip again as there is so much wisdom being shared it could only take me deeper on this path.

Amy Thornton

I hope anyone that would like to know more about the land healing finds their way to your class. I have told anyone that will listen that they will get more than their money’s worth.

Bernardette Hurley

What will we explore in each module

Module 1: Introduction

Module 1


Dive into the history of Geomancy, the philosophy, and rationale behind it, and discover its spiritual aspects.

Module 2: Personal Development

Module 2

Personal Development

Discover your Ancestral connections and learn to work with them through Sacred Sites and personal spiritual practices.

Module 3: Landform

Module 3


Learn about Earth and Water Dragons, sacred places and energy vortices, and how landform impacts urban development and vice versa.

Module 4: Introduction to Dowsing

Module 4

Introduction to Dowsing

Go out in the field and start testing your new skills using Geomancy tools such as L-Rods, Pendulum, or maybe even hazel twigs. Learn how to be safe while dowsing and how to walk the land and interpret results.

Module 5: Practical Dowsing Modalities

Module 5

Practical Dowsing Modalities

Discover, identify, and measure Dragon Veins, Geopathic Stress, underground water, Geomantic Grids, mineral deposits, Spirit and Ley Lines, ghosts and hauntings, and more!

Module 6: Geopathic Stress

Module 6

Geopathic Stress

Go deeper into learning one of the most common issues found within the land: Geopathic Stress. Learn what causes it and how to correct it.

Module 7: Intermediate Dowsing

Module 7

Intermediate Dowsing

Learn dowsing techniques for covering large plots, how to dowse on abrupt terrain and inaccessible areas, and learn to dowse for water and electrical lines.

Module 8: Advanced Dowsing

Module 8

Advanced Dowsing

Dive even deeper into advanced dowsing techniques, such as remote dowsing, dowsing without tools, and dowsing in Sacred Sites.

Module 9: Activations and Honoring

Module 9

Activations and Honoring

Identify and use crucial points, such as Energy Vortices and Blessing points to activate and honor the land. Also, learn how to build a Carin and give offerings to the land.

Module 10: Corrections & Cures

Module 10

Corrections & Cures

Learn how to use specific items as cures when correcting underground water streams, Geomantic Grids, mineral deposits, Spirit & Fairy Lines, and ghosts & hauntings.

Module 11: Dowsing Example Consultations

Module 11

Dowsing Example Consultations

Practice your skills in example cases. Assess raw land, dowse an existing home & business, dowse for a future event, for water and buried electrical lines, and practice blessings for your clients. Learn what a full step-by-step consultation looks like.

Module 12: Case Studies

Module 12

Case Studies

Before completing your own case studies, learn the importance of empathizing with clients, understand their suffering, and meet their needs.

More Alumni Testimonials

I signed up for the course thinking it would offer practical skills and information; it has provided all this and more….. it has led to a remarkable and unexpected journey of self-discovery, connection and healing.

Emily Moffat

The training and information that was shared, taught, and revealed could only be described as divine intervention being it was that powerful!

Marriane Morra

Amanda and Alex make a great team. Their combined knowledge of the Earth and all things Spiritual, makes for a fun and exciting learning experience.

Heather Reilly

The combination of the expertise and intuitive wisdom of both Alex and Amanda made for an incredibly life changing experience that will forever hold a special place in my heart. Everyone should take this workshop- I can’t recommend it enough!


Amazing life-changing experience that I will never forget! So grateful.

Kristin Oxley

I attended two of the Land Healing & Geomancy weeklong courses held by Alex & Amanda – to say the course was life-changing is an understatement. I loved every second of it. The wisdom & knowledge shared was incredible. The training has been invaluable in deepening my knowledge & connection with the land. I would highly recommend it.

Patricia Lohan

Ready to make money and change lives as a healer?

Geomancy is not a religion or reserved only for some. Everyone can benefit from this ancient science.

Bring Land Healing techniques and remedies into your current work or begin a creative vocation as a Certified Land Healer.

Our graduates bring their experience to Feng Shui practices, construction, architecture, real estate, interior design, landscaping, handcrafting, and the healing arts.

Classes are ongoing

The certification is a 12-month course with live calls on the following dates:
January 13th 2023, with Amanda & Alex
February 10th 2023, with Amanda & Alex
February 24th 2023, with Alex
March 10th 2023, with Amanda and Alex
March 24th 2023, with Amanda
April 7th 2023, with Amanda
April 14th 2023, with Amanda & Alex
May 5th 2023, with Alex
May 12th 2023, with Amanda & Alex
June 9th 2023, with Amanda & Alex
June 23rd 2023, with Amanda
July 7th 2023, with Amanda & Alex
July 21st 2023, with Alex
August 4th 2023, with Amanda & Alex
August 25th 2023, with Amanda
September 8th 2023, with Amanda & Alex

All Live Virtual calls are on Fridays from 10AM – 11:30AM PST / 1PM – 2:30PM EST / 6PM-7:30PM GMT / 7PM – 8:30PM CET

  • Join live calls with Alex and Amanda over the course of 12 months or listen to recordings afterward.
  • Study at your own pace with training videos and audios to transform yourself and your home.
  • Do exercises to step into your greatest self.
  • Take quizzes to help retain what you’ve learned.
  • Gain lifetime access to all class materials.
  • Practice meditations, rituals, breathwork, and more to heal and thrive
  • Connect with our private Facebook group and IFSS Geomancy forum, as well as our friendly staff and students.
  • PLUS, get additional training on how to prosper as a Certified Geomancy Consultant.
  • Receive personal feedback on three case studies you’ll complete for certification
  • Download the files, documents, and forms you need to start a business
  • Get listed as a Certified Geomancy Consultant on the International Feng Shui School website

Start a rewarding career you love. 

Alex and Amanda

Let’s see…a Yale School of Architecture trained Peruvian Shaman, a Celtic feng shui practicing priestess, both informed by the magic of Ireland. Add into the mix a good dose of synchronicity, and you will learn much, laugh much and spend years digesting insights and wisdom from this geomantic immersion.

Ted Kremer

Online Geomancy & Land Healing Certification

Heal the Land. Heal Yourself.

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