How to Heal the Earth: An Introduction to Geomancy and Dowsing

In practicing Feng Shui, we must learn to not only reconnect with ourselves but with our surroundings. Feng Shui develops a firmer appreciation of our environment and the impact it can have on our lives. It presents a deeper understanding of why something is happening and what we must do to fix it. Feng Shui realigns our energies and reintroduces harmony.

To many, Feng Shui and studying our surroundings may simply involve our homes. However, it is far more expansive, including the land and our natural environment. This is where geomancy steps in; where we use the history and power of the land to inform and guide us. A geomantic perspective acknowledges that all wisdom originates from the land and our ancestors.

In our upcoming Live Land Healing and Clearing Certification, we take a deep dive into the beauty of geomancy and develop a deeper connection to our Earth. We will review foundational knowledge and skills, including dowsing. 

So today, Beloved, I wanted to speak with you about the wonders of dowsing and its story. Let’s increase our understanding and enable our path for continued healing.

Let’s Talk a Little More about Geomancy

Geomancy uses energy forces to connect people to their surrounding environment. Earth can reveal a powerful story for us through things like dowsing and divination through geographical features. A geomantic perspective reflects the fact that lands build our identities through history and the stories of our ancestors. Without connecting with the land, we lose so much more than we realize. We build homes on sacred sites and reap the costly spiritual benefits. We lose a connection to our ancestors, ourselves, and the practical knowledge that comes with it.

Learn More: I invite you to listen to the podcast episode Love the Land and it Will Love You Back with my dear friend and co-teacher of the Geomancy and Land Healing Certification Course.

Dowsing Throughout History

Dowsing is no new revelation– humans have used it for centuries. It has been seen in cave paintings, Egyptian sketches, Chinese etchings, and more throughout history. While the end goal and tools may not have always been exactly the same, one thing has always been consistent in this practice: it is used to find hidden importance.

It is a misconception that only certain people can practice dowsing. With the proper instruction and adequate practice, most people can perform dowsing– you just may have to have a little patience! It is said that famous thinkers such as Leonardo Davinci, Sir Isaac Newton, and Thomas Edison utilized dowsing for one reason or another.

Reasons People Use Dowsing

People use dowsing for many purposes, from finding a lost item to aiding decision-making. One of the most common uses for dowsing has been to locate water underground. When more modern methods fail to find water, people are hesitant to spend a high amount of money on drilling, only to risk there being no water in that location. This is where dowsing can step in and save people a lot of stress and money! It’s inexpensive, relatively quick, and has been shown effective time and time again.

Dowsing is also used to detect dragon veins, geopathic stress, white and black streams, mineral deposits, and gravesites. Because of its ability to discover these things, dowsing can be an incredibly important tool to help find the ideal building site. We will perform dowsing at some of Ireland’s most sacred sites in our live event, further honing your skills and practicing for future clients!

Learn More: Take a couple of minutes to read How the Land Has Informed and Guided Us to better understand the beautiful connection we are created to have with the land.

How Dowsing Works

There are various options in terms of dowsing tools, such as L-shaped metal rods, pendulums, and even Y-shaped sticks. It’s up to the individual’s preference, and as long as the device is held correctly and able to shift direction upon detection, it can be used.

It is important to be clear-minded and proceed with intention, completely focusing on the task at hand. You have to establish an understanding of whatever tools you utilize and make sure you are comfortable with their method of communication.

With the Y-shaped stick method, the practitioner is to hold the two ends with palms facing up. The “V” portion of the “base” of the Y will be pointed upwards at a 45-degree angle. Once you begin walking, if the stick detects something, the base will turn toward the ground.

With the chain held between your thumb and forefinger, a pendulum will begin to move as answers are encountered. The key here is to understand how your pendulum communicates and make sure the chain is at an ideal length- not too long, but not too short and restrictive.

With L-shaped metal rods, you simply hold the shorter end parallel to your body, with the longer side pointing outward. If the rods cross, that is a positive response, and something has been detected. If they move away from each other, that is a negative response or a ‘no.’

Wrapping Up

Beloved, I’m so glad you are here and that I could teach you about dowsing! If you are more interested in the practice or more interested in learning about geomancy in general, our Live Land Healing and Clearing event in July would be absolutely perfect for you. Join us and learn how we can respect the land and pay our earth the attention she deserves.

If you’re unable to make it to the live certification, I encourage you to join our self-paced online course.


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