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Greece Retreat 2024 with Amanda Sophia

Awaken Your Inner Goddess


Goddess, if you feel called to bring in codes, anchor Divine light, and open stargates to bring in the new earth, then this retreat is for YOU.  I invite you to open yourself up to this full celestial and sensual experience! You’re ready for this.

Are you ready for cellular and cosmic Ascension?

Rise, Sister, Rise…
Do you hear the ascension call?

Step into your Divine essence, into your inner queen, recognizing the divine power within you. Join me, as we journey back to ancient sites where women once held positions of feminine leadership, tapping into the wisdom of those who understood the intricate dance between cosmic power and our earthly existence. Reconnect with your spiritual power, embracing your divine nature and the sacredness of your own existence. 

You’ll learn how you can become more comfortable in your body, making it a celebration, recognizing the connections between the acts of the gods and self simultaneously, and transcending societal constraints. Engage with the mystical forces of sensuality and nourish your body with the bounty of the earth, understanding that in these acts, you reclaim aspects of your spiritual power.




Serpent Energy in Cave

It is time to be who you are, come out of hiding!

Desert Image Land Healing

Athens and Santorini

May 5th – May 10th  2024 (TBC)

    Why do I feel called to Greece?

    My inner vision, the core of my soul, and my heartstrings are all being pulled to Greece. It’s an unmistakable calling, one that beckons me not only to be there myself but to guide others toward a profound experience. I see it as my assignment from Source, a calling that resonates within me as essential, not only for my journey but for the collective awakening and activation of others.

    In Greece, in these ancient sites we will visit together, there is a space of deep remembrance, alchemical transformations, and ascension energies. The sacred land serves as a powerful portal, activating a series of Stargates. Here, you can release the shackles of the past, embracing a journey into your truest, most beautiful self. This is an invitation to engage in profound inner work.

    Do you feel called to this work? If so, you are meant to join in this sacred container. In this place of ancient wisdom and modern awakening, women, who were once persecuted for such transformative work, burnt at the stake, now come together to celebrate each other. We collectively activate our inner light, stepping into the radiant, sensual and sovereign beings we were always meant to be.

    Embody Your Sensuality and Merge with Your Inner Light

    What can you expect?

    Visit Sacred Sites like:
    The City of Eleusis, the Cave of Antiparos, the Plutonian Cave of Eleusi, Delphi, Pan’s Cave, the Acropolis, the ancient site of Eleusis, the Santorini Volcano islands, and more!

    Bring in Lightcodes
    Tap into your inner wisdom and unlock the codes of your soul. Join forces as we bring forth these codes to co-create a new Earth—an alchemical process that unifies us all.

    Connect with your inner sensual self:
    Appreciate the beauty of your body, learn the art of genuine self love, and reclaim your spiritual power authentically. This journey is about honoring the sacred connection between body, spirit, and love.

    5/5 Portal Activation
    We will work with the energies of the 5/5 Portal, on the 5th day of the 5th month. This is a gateway of change, meant to inspire and evoke transformation. This is a beautiful portal to work through activation.

    Commune with Greek Goddesses
    We will work with the Greek Goddesses, ancient archetypes who will strengthen and inspire you. I will guide you through their history, their significance, and how you can work with them, even in the comfort of your own home.

    Earth Magic, Healing the Land
    We will work with the land, heal the Earth, and work through the leylines and dragon energy. Deeply connecting with earth magic, and understanding how to follow Mother Nature’s cycles in your everyday.

    Sacred Ceremonies and Rites of Passages
    I will guide you through rituals, ceremonies and a Rite of Passage. These are acts of deep remembrance and will intensify your connection to the land, to Source, and to your inner wisdom.

    Remember who you are
    This retreat is a journey of deep remembrance, knowing who you are from within. Leaning into your ancestral roots, and understanding the power that your past and present holds. You deserve to know the Priestess you are!



    We will work with

    • Athena 
    • Aphrodite 
    • Hera
    • Iris 
    • Hestia 
    • Artemis 
    • And more!

    Connecting with these archetypes, the Goddesses, helps us remember.

    It allows us to unleash and unlock that which needs to be activated, that which lies dormant. We often suppress that power within to survive childhood trauma or abusive relationships, but now it is time to step fully into our power.

    It is time to remove ourselves from the survival cycle and move into the empowerment circle. This is where the Goddesses provide support, guiding us into our most wise, most free, and most powerful selves.


    This Retreat is for you if…

    • You know that there is something more out there. 
    • You might feel stagnant, maybe you feel out of alignment.
    • You feel lost or lack clarity about your purpose.
    • You’re already doing shadow work and healing your lineage.
    • You sense a call to assist in humanity’s evolution and the collective.
    • You have a deep connection to Mother Earth and want to expand on it.
    • You feel a stirring from within, an awakening happening.
    • You are tapping into your cosmic starseed light and mission as a lightworker.
    • You are remembering your past lives.
    • You’ve been on an accelerated path of ascension and spiritual awakening.
    • You are experiencing downloads and code activations.
    • You constantly see signs in your life both while awake or dreaming. 
    • You love being in circle and ceremony with others. 
    • You feel called to serve as a divine leader and facilitator.
    • You are beginning to see the world through the lens of vibration and frequency.
    • You want to expand on your creativity.
    • You are ready to rise into your full radiance.
    • You are seeking a community.
    • You’re ready to own your power.
    • You’re ready to step into your abundance and be free.
    • You’re seeking a full-body cellular upgrade.
    • You see yourself as a visionary.

    Retreat Itinerary



    • Arriving in Athens Greece, Pickup and Transport to the Stanley Hotel at 3pm.
    • Settling into the hotel.
    • Opening Sacred Ceremony.
    • Dinner at the Hotel.
    • Aligning with the Goddess Athena.



    • Breakfast at the hotel.
    • Acropolis site: the Architectural Masterpieces of the Golden Age of Athens: the Parthenon dedicated to the goddess Athena, the Erechtheion and the Temple of Athena Nike.
    • Lunch at a traditional Greek tavern.
    • Cave of Pan at the Parnitha Mountain.
    • Aligning with The God Pan and Artemis.
    • Dinner at the Hotel.



    • Breakfast at the hotel.
    • Departure to Delphi – (180 km 3hrs) “Navel of the world”
    • Return to Athens.
    • Dinner at the hotel.
    • Home of the Ancient Oracles of Greece.
    • Aligning with the High priestess Pythia.



    • Breakfast at the hotel.
    • Leaving for Eleusis (27km/1hr)
    • The Plutonian Cave of Eleusis.
    • Departure for Athens airport for flight to Santorini.
    • Upon arrival at Santorini airport, meet assist and transfer to the Rose Bay Hotel for check-in.
    • Dinner at the hotel.
    • Overnight in Santorini at the Rose Bay Hotel.
    • Aligning with the Goddess Persephone.



    • Breakfast at the hotel.
    • Athinio port to embark on the traditional wooden boat for a private volcano hot springs cruise.
    • The Island of Palea Kameni, with its famous hot springs. Swim in the warm waters, which have therapeutic properties due to the minerals present.
    • The Black Beach of Perissa and Perivolos, free time for swimming at the black volcanic soil beach.
    • Lunch at a restaurant at the black beach.
    • Mecalochori Village.
    • Oia Village for sunset.
    • Return transfer to hotel.
    • Overnight in Santorini at the Rose Bay Hotel.
    • Aligning with the Goddess Aphrodite and Atlantis.



    • Breakfast at the hotel
    • The morning of Integration.
    • Aligning with the Goddess Hera.
    • Transport to Airport. Time to be determined.
    • Flight to Athens connection flight back home.

    What is included in the price?

    • Travel with Celtic Priestess luminary Amanda Sophia.
    • Transportation to and from the hotel/airport.
    • Transportation to powerful sites during the retreat.
    • Flight to Santorini Volcano islands.
    • Sacred ceremonies, rites, and wisdom teachings.
    • Training, support & resources.
    • Meals during retreat hours.
    • 4 Star Hotel room.
    • Time for personal reflection.



    What is excluded from the price?

    • International flight tickets into and out of Athens.
    • Personal expenses.
    • Luggage Storage. *Subject to hotel availability upon the time of booking.
    • Any cost incurred outside of the retreat itself, eg: meals outside of retreat hours.
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    Breakdown of the Retreat coming soon…

    We will send out emails with more information about each aspect of the retreat, and before April we will have a Zoom meeting for the community to meet each other, ask questions and share excitement!

    Secure your spot today!

    There are LIMITED SLOTS available, please keep this in mind when booking. Please note when booking a shared room, it is entirely dependant on availability, if there are any issues we will let you know before the retreat. If you would like to reserve your spot then you can pay the deposit today, and the remaining amount before the end of March 2024. Please note that we have payment options available for those who cannot afford to pay the full amount, however, we’d need you to reach out to us in the form below. 


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    Do you feel called to come but the investment feels overwhelming?

    Payment Options For Greece Retreat 2024

    Let's discuss payment options if you cannot manage, I always want you to be able to follow your calling. We have select options available that might work for you.

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