The Golden Thread: How to Strengthen and Trust Your Intuition

A Guide to honing your inner wisdom to heal and choose joy.
Beloved, what if you could connect with your higher self every day and fully trust her guidance?
If we were all living from a place of connectedness, the world would be a sanctuary of peace and joy. We cannot bear the responsibility of others’ healing and connection to ourselves, but we can forge the path of our inner peace—your higher self processes guidance. Whether you’re making a small or life-changing decision, your intuition is your True North.
“There is a golden thread that runs through every religion in the world. There is a golden thread that runs through the lives and the teachings to all the prophets, seers, sages, and saviors in the world’s history, through the lives of all men of truly great and lasting power. All that they have ever done or attained to has been done in full accordance with law. What one has done, all may do.”

— Ralph Waldo Trine, Preface to “In Tune With the Infinite”


In one of my previous blog post, linked here, we discussed The Golden Thread and how this imagery of our intuition can serve us in keeping our spirits aligned to our path and purpose. I encourage you to read that post for the foundation this article is built on.

Part One answered:

  • What is The Golden Thread?
  • When do I know when I’m connected to my intuition?
  • Am I disconnected from my higher self?
  • What can keep me disconnected from The Golden Thread?
  • How can I practice realigning to my inner wisdom?

Today, I will expand on The Golden Thread and speak to how to specifically reconnect with your intuition when you’re distanced from your inner wisdom. Before we dive in, it’s important to remember we can become disconnected from our intuition for many reasons. We all experience these times of unalignment, and it isn’t an indication of failure or weakness on our part. We ebb and flow Beloved. The essential aid in your journey to reconnection is self-compassion.

As you read this article, keep in mind you’re always within reach of reconnecting with your higher self. Ponder what speaks to you in this post and create time to implement the takeaways.

How Trauma Affects Our Sense of Self

Beloved, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Our mind, body, and spirits are intimately connected. When in alignment, they rejoice and thrive together. In times of difficulty, they mourn together. One does not go through life without the other, even if it seems the one is lagging. For example, trauma can create a distance between our minds and bodies–making us feel as if we are going through the motions in life without feeling emotionally and mentally present.

Trauma significantly affects our sense of self, even our ability to trust ourselves. It’s important to realize that trauma is subjective and completely justified, meaning what one person considers traumatic may not negatively impact someone else. Remember, your journey is yours, Beloved, and you have every right to feel and grieve authentically.

Whether it be childhood trauma from being raised in a hostile and unsafe environment or a traumatic event in childhood, you have not lost your inner guide, Beloved. Because trauma is complex, the journey to healing and reclaiming The Golden Thread isn’t linear.

My experience of healing past trauma is still unraveling, and these are the tools I have used and still implement to connect with my higher self.

Choose to feel. Beloved, I know how difficult it can be to sit in the pain. Avoidance is our natural response to discomfort, but our spirits are yearning to heal deeply. Acknowledging our hurt doesn’t mean we wallow or allow ourselves to get lost in it. Setting aside a few minutes each day to journey inward will slowly allow you to trust yourself and reconnect with The Golden Thread. You may choose to use a meditation like this one to help you create a quiet, safe space to invite your emotions.

Surround yourself with affirmations. Research shows positive thinking reduces stress, boosts immunity, and improves coping skills during difficult times. Affirmations aren’t an opportunity to live in denial (“Everything is fine.”). Instead, they’re an opportunity to impact positively and put into perspective the future–” Everything will work out for my benefit.” I recommend putting affirmations along your path for every part of your day.

  • Wake up to an affirmation playing as your alarm.
  • Create reminders in your phone for affirmations to show on your phone every hour.
  • Post affirmations on your refrigerator, bathroom mirror, and car dashboard.

Search my library of audio affirmations here.

Create your community. Beloved, we cannot go through difficulties alone and shouldn’t have to. Be mindful of the people in your life you can trust and who love you unconditionally. Connection with others makes us feel loved, and we need this reassurance to heal. Research shows those in a cohesive community are more likely to experience lower rates of depression. As you begin to seek healing and search for The Golden Thread, consider booking sessions with a licensed therapist to help you in your journey.

How to Expand Your Consciousness

We know now that it’s scientifically proven that everything is made up of energy. Shame and guilt create lower vibrations. These are unavoidable things humans go through; we have to experience anger, frustration, and sadness. When we realize that we have the ability within us to move through difficulties and release them, we’re empowered to move into higher vibrations.

I love this quote by Nikola Tesla,

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration”.

Life is much more than what we can touch or see with the eye. When we start to harness this powerful magical truth, we know the power within ourselves. Expanding your consciousness and aligning with The Golden Thread begins with seeing beyond the physical world.

Here are practical things you can do to press into your higher self and begin to follow The Golden Thread of your life.

Start listening to your body. If you really want to strengthen your intuition, you need to pay attention to your physical body. Just like your unconscious mind, it is constantly communicating with you. Ask yourself questions throughout the day to get started. This will help you to see how your body is aligning with the spiritual world around you.

For example, when you walk into a room, notice how you feel.

Does your heart feel expansive and open?

Do you feel nauseous?

Are you suddenly nervous?

This powerful, amazing tool is with you all the time and can be strengthened just like any muscle in your body. Your body is connecting with you every second. The more you listen, it becomes stronger and you can learn to depend on it once you’re clear on the signals that it’s giving you.

Connecting to your third eye. The third eye is right in between your eyebrows. That’s one of the areas our intuition resides in our bodies. Try putting an amethyst on your third eye and just bring your words there as you meditate. Remind yourself that it’s safe for you to be intuitive. All of us have intuition. Some have stronger intuition due to practicing and allowing your guidance to come through. The more you connect with your higher self, intuition, and guides, the more they will show up.

Here are a few more crystals you can use to connect to your third eye:

Blue lapis lazuli
Apophyllite with Stilbite
Lemurian Quartz
Herkimer Diamond

Just having them in your environment will support the energy. It is great to program the crystals to charge them with the intention of the support that you would like.

Nourish yourself. There are specific foods, they say, that are very powerful for enhancing your intuition. Try these tips:

  • Incorporate lemons and lemon juice into your diet
  • Take a spoonful of raw apple cider vinegar each day, or use it in your bath as a detox.
  • Diffuse lavender for calming and cleansing properties
  • Use honey, coconut oil, and hemp seeds in your cooking and baking to strengthen your intuition

How to Recognize Your Sense of Intuition

Our intuitions are as unique as we are. We only need to be still and study what is true for us. As you heal, seek, and find you will learn more about your higher self. There are well-known categories of intuition that I’ve listed below. You may find that you are a combination of these or may not know which category you find yourself in. Time and patience with yourself will reveal your intuitive gifts. Be self-compassionate, and don’t be in a hurry to fit yourself into any one box.

Clairempathy– a sense of having a gut knowing. You can experience this just walking into a room. You meet somebody, and even though they might be smiling, you may sense inauthenticity or negative energy coming from them.

Clairaudience– hearing messages and guidance. You might hear a voice, there may be a specific sound or song. You may be space clearing and you hear a message from a Spirit.

Clairvoyance– you see things that portray a message in the form of spirits, symbols, or images.

Claircognizance– not necessarily seeing or hearing anything. It’s a strong message and your inner knowing of what needs to be done.

When we pause and give space for ourselves just to observe nature and to be still, our intuition will speak to us.

Before You Go

The Golden Thread is available for you to follow. Beloved, as you discover your intuitive powers, you will learn to lean into your authenticity with self-love! One of the unique gifts you can give yourself is the gift of being your higher self.

This is only the beginning of such an enriching conversation. I encourage you to check out these free resources as you dig into your intuition.

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