Healing and Spiritual Awakening: How I Became a Priestess

My journey of rediscovering the warrior within and embracing my calling

Beloved, I have always been sensitive to the spiritual world, eager to seek the guidance of goddesses, and excited to connect with the land. Even with the predisposition to spirituality, I have not always lived in divine flow. My journey had ebbed and flowed and has been yin and yang in every sense of the term. Like the seasons of Mother Nature, my life has taken patterns of darkness and loss, light and abundance. I hope you find encouragement from my sharing today, not because my story is inspirational in and of itself, but because, like me, you are also worthy of healing, overcoming, and stepping into the life of the Priestess.

What I teach and share–is an expression of my life and practices–I create altars, rituals, and ceremonies, I connect with the goddesses. As I made these discoveries of self and spirit, I knew nothing would bring me more joy than to share my awakening with others, encouraging them to heal and emerge as their Highest Selves.

What is a Priestess?

A Priestess is a woman who:

Dedicates herself to opening up her intuitive powers;
Connects with other worlds while being grounded in this one;
Uses her healing and manifestation abilities, as well as her consciousness;
Bridges this world with other worlds through ancient practices and traditions, and
Employs sacred rituals to create magic and miracles in her day-to-day reality.
She is dedicated to her path of service and devotion while dedicated to her self-love and self-worth.

Fairy Forests and Emerald Hills

I was born and raised in Ireland, where sacred sites are in the thousands, and you can sense magic in the air. I would ride my pony into the fairy forests and talk to the birds singing overhead as a little girl. I came alive in nature and always felt that my spirit was connected and “at home” underneath the canopy of trees. I existed in a world I thought everyone was as intimately connected to as I was.

My parents were both incredibly intuitive, and my grandparents were as well. Ireland is a mystical country, alive and activated because of the number of beloveds still practicing the ancient spiritual ways of their ancestors. My connection to the land was only reinforced by being surrounded by such spiritually enriching people.

Losing Sense Of Self

As I got older, I embodied the archetype of the stereotypical teenager. I soon lost my sense of self and my connection to the land and neglected the spiritual practices that brought me so much safety and joy in childhood. I lost my sense of direction and detached from my Higher Self. I became discontent, rebellious, and on some level–angry. Low self-esteem and self-worth hung over me like a cloud.

Perhaps you know what this feels like, Beloved–the sheer weight can seem unbearable. When we lose our sense of self, it’s easy to convince ourselves that our Higher Self will never resurface. We may feel stuck and destined to operate on “autopilot” while the world remains unchanged.

Spiritual Awakening

When I was twenty, I unexpectedly discovered the purest form of passion I’d ever experienced. The only thing I could somewhat compare it to were those early days of childhood playing in the fairy forests and picking wildflowers. This newfound passion cultivated within me my newfound creativity and desire to truly live from a place of connectedness and authenticity. I began to study spirituality and modalities that would connect my mind, body, and spirit. My four-year training as a yoga instructor was only the beginning. I found myself craving even more knowledge and wisdom. Then, I went for my Reiki training and also found the life-changing practice of Feng Shui.

This new curiosity and desire to grow fed my spirit, and I spent time studying underneath Shamans, Priestesses, Sages, and Feng Shui Masters. My heart, soul, and mind were like a desert drinking up a night rain. I hadn’t felt connected to myself for so long, much less realized I could experience the childlike wonder again.

I didn’t know it at the time, but I was building up tools that would serve me throughout my life, equipping me to live in divine flow and work through and heal from traumatic experiences.

Becoming a Priestess

Beloved, at the request of my students and community, I began leading ceremonies around Ireland 15 years ago. We would gather at the sacred sites, and people were experiencing such incredibly powerful transformations! These moments were divine confirmation that life is much more than we can see. Up to that point, my primary courses were centered around Feng Shui. As I saw these transformations unfolding before my eyes, I was also experiencing a calling to step into my role as Priestess.

My ordination as a Priestess embodied my life’s desire to walk alongside the wounded and disconnected, teaching them the many tools they have to have a deep connection to ourselves, others, and the land. I have experienced deep wounds and disconnection, and I know I will live to tell about more trials as my life unfolds. The beauty, though, is walking through the difficulties and joy in community with one another is the most beautiful reminder we are valued and aren’t meant to go it alone.

Healing Isn’t Linear

Beloved, I am a work in progress. The term Priestess that I defined at the beginning of the article is something I remind myself of again and again. Sometimes, we can look at other lightworkers and think they have it together and have somehow “arrived.” The truth is, we are humans living a spiritual experience. We suffer, rejoice, experience loss, and celebrate in times of abundance.

At twenty years old, I was learning all I could about healing from trauma, speaking intention over my life, and serving those around me. I was under the wise teaching of many wise leaders through several spiritual modalities. I learned the importance of meditation, connecting with my inner wisdom, optimizing the energy of my home with Feng Shui, and learning to connect with the land again.

I formed daily rituals that I still do to this day:

  • I wake early in the morning, close my eyes for meditation, and set my intention for the day before looking at my phone or letting my feet hit the ground.
  • My home has an altar that I periodically change according to The Celtic Wheel and my intentions for that season in my life.
  • I move my body each day, whether going for a walk, using weights, or simply sitting at my altar and stretching.
  • I use Feng Shui to keep my life and home in harmonious alignment. This includes how I lay out my house and clear it of negative or stale energy.
  • I’m always speaking affirmations over myself and my children. Speaking kind words aloud help me tremendously in times of doubt and low self-esteem.
  • Being present in nature, just like when I was a child, is the most soul-enriching ritual I take time for each day. Mother Nature is always available to me, ushering me into her warmth and reminding me I am safe and loved.

These same tools helped me live in divine flow as I experienced traumatic events as an adult. Of course, I went through the grieving process each time, and not without incredible difficulty. Knowing that my Higher Self was there and she would never leave me, I did so. The daily rituals are sweet reminders of our resilience and the opportunity to permit ourselves to just “be.”

Serving With Intention

Many experiences I’ve had have prompted me to dig deeper–connect with my inner knowing and a higher power. These times of desperate seeking have encouraged me to live in divine flow and deep awareness. This self-awareness has strengthened my sense of empathy and my desire to help others.

Beloved, there’s a strength in the profound peace of knowing you deserve to heal. It isn’t reserved for the strongest, best, or most inspiring of us–healing is a universal birthright. Ancient tools, mirrored with powerful present-day tools, led me to my own mental and emotional healing through ancient practices. I have experienced such deep healing and expansion, knowing I will for the rest of my life. Beloved, as I said earlier, I am still a work in progress. I have learned who I am and, just as importantly, who I’m not.

When Divine Flow isn’t “flowing,” I’m now aware and able to go inward and look for the doors where the energy is open. I move through them with grace and beauty, listening to the guidance from within and around me.

Before You Go

Beloved, I want you to know I cherish you and am honored to have you in our community.

I’d love to leave you with loads of resources today so you can begin to unravel how you can step into your divine flow as a Priestess.

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