Staying Grounded with the Earth Element in Feng Shui

Today, we’re taking a look at the Earth Element in Feng Shui, how the other elements interact with it and how we can use it in our homes to create synergy.

The connection we have with the elements in our daily lives is reflected in the energy in our homes. If our environment’s energy is balanced then these elements can function in their beneficial roles without overpowering each other but rather working together to create fluidity in the home.


Earth and what it represents

Earth is a grounding element. It brings in a sense of calmness, stability and security.
It brings forth the energy that can calm you. If you long for sustainability, stability and security then bringing in the earth element into your space will definitely make a huge difference, it will allow you to focus and concentrate on your goals while centering your energy.

We look at the flying stars in order to know when to bring in earth, but we also look at the 9 areas of the home to determine when and where to place the earth element.

In Intentional Feng Shui the 9 areas of the Bagua Map are:

    • Southeast: Wealth & Prosperity
    • South: Fame, Reputation & Recognition
    • Southwest: Love & Marriage
    • East: Family & Community
    • Center: Health, Unity, Self-Love, Self-Acceptance, Gratitude
    • West: Children & Creativity, Fertility, Inner Child & New Beginnings
    • Northeast: Knowledge & Self-Cultivation, Wisdom, Intuition, Meditation
    • North: Career & Life’s Journey
    • Northwest: Helpful People, Synchronicities & Travel

You can use crystals in ALL 9 areas of the home to bring the Earth Element in, the ones that you can definitely start with are Southeast and Southwest!


Elemental Relationships

As we learn about the Elements in Feng Shui, we’ve discussed the Element of Wood and How to Create Movement with the Fire Element and in both, we discuss what their relationships are with the other elements.

It’s not hard to see these relationships in nature as they’re reflected directly in the natural cycle of life. For example, Wood feeds Fire, we see this when we stack wood for campfires.

With the Earth Element, Fire is the creative element which means it feeds the earth. Fire turns to ash which turns into earth. The destructive element for Earth is Wood, we see this when the roots of trees and plants consume Earth’s nutrients in order to grow.

You may be asking yourself how prevalent this may be in the overall design of a home? Well, when implementing Earth remedies we need to be conscious of what elements are around the remedy and if it would control/neutralize the remedy in any way so that we can prevent it or remedy the imbalance between the two elements.


Earth and Your Space

In order to bring elements of Earth into the home we need to know the colors, materials and shapes that represent Earth, this is how we can consciously plan the decor and organically create a harmonious energy in the home.

The colors that represent Earth are beiges, neutral colors, earth colors, browns and tans. Yellows can also represent Earth but be careful that it doesn’t contain too much red/orange as that could lead to a fire element.

The shape of earth is square, so square-shaped furniture, patterns and decor will work perfectly for this. What’s interesting is that most homes are built on a design that’s mostly square shaped, and it’s related to the fact that although we’re human, we’re deeply connected spiritually and so even in design we want to deeply connect with the elements that evoke harmony.

Materials that symbolize the earth element are ceramics, adobe, brick and crystals.
I definitely suggest using crystals to represent the earth. One of the easiest ways to do this is to incorporate Rose Quartz in the Southwest which is the area of love and relationships. This will ground and support the relationships in your life, including cultivating self-love. You can always place Amythist in the area of Southeast which represents Wealth, this will provide you with abundance and increase wealth and prosperity. If you’d like to know what other crystals you can place in the home to increase love and promote healthy relationships then read my blog on How to Use Crystals to Increase Love on Valentine’s Day and Beyond. You can incorporate crystals in your altars and it will definitely enhance the earth element in that area.


Here are a few other ways you can incorporate the Earth Element:

      • Vases made from ceramics
      • Crystals in bowls.
      • Seashells, pottery bowls
      • Riverrocks
      • Statues made from ceramic
      • Rose quartz sinks.
      • Crystal altars
      • Granite tops

If you want to connect with the Earth element via artwork then the best form would be photographs or paintings of mountains, soft valleys and hills. Try to only add artwork to your home if it speaks to your soul if the artwork nourishes you each time you look at it. If you’re choosing mountains be sure to choose something soft or subtle and without jagged edges. When you bring these visuals into your space allows you to connect with nature and with images/paintings of mountains a genuine feeling of sovereignty and calmness can be evoked.

You can also create a cairn in your garden that represents flowing mountains and valleys. Creating a cairn involves stacking stones and rocks into a pile shape and placing offerings on and around it, like crystals, grain or even alcohol. This is a magical way to connect energetically with a mountain that you feel connected to. This is also a way to combine the energy in your garden to the energy of the land. While we look at the celtic wheel, we always look toward the earth for guidance, on how we can support her and create synergy within her seasons. If you would like to learn more about how to build Cairns, and how to live according to the seasons of the Celtic Wheel then I invite you to take a look at my Divine Woman Awakening Course.

Just be aware that both outdoors and indoors, potplants and plants, in general, don’t represent the Earth as it’s already wood, so even if you have beautiful pot plants with earth in them, they are unable to act as an earth remedy.

Depending on the Flying stars and energy in the home, you might need to make use of Red Earth with is a combination between earth and fire. You can use salt lamps, red crystals and terracotta flooring or pots (without plants in them) to enhance this. Providing stability with more movement.


Earth and its Associations

In the Bagua Map, Earth is normally number 2 in the Southwest, Center, and number 8 in the Northeast. In number 2 in the Southwest, the relationship is in the Mother and Wife, and we associate it with the stomach and womb as body parts. Affecting illnesses in this area can be digestive or reproductive which can cause infertility, bleeding, miscarriage loneliness and more if not energetically balanced. In number 8, in the Northeast, the family relationship, is the youngest son, or younger people, we focus on the body parts such as Hands and fingers and this is where we can find arthritis, broken hands and spine problems in the illnesses.


What does it take to start?

Another way to connect with the Earth Element is by connecting with the land that the home is built on, and reading the land. By knowing what water lines are underneath, does the land have Geopathic stress and what energy do the ancestors of the land bring into the home? If you would like to learn more about Geomancy and Dowsing, then take a look at our Online Geomancy and Land Healing Course that I facilitate alongside the brilliant Alex Stark. You’re also welcome to join our FREE Online Monthly Geomancy and Land Healing Gatherings where we share easy tips on how to deepen your relationship with the earth.

If the land the home is built on has geopathic stress or any past traumas related to it, it can cause health issues to those in the home, financial problems and conflict in relationships. This is why it’s important to consciously connect with the Earth under the home and acknowledge what she needs and how we can support her.

Connecting with the ancestors of the land and your own ancestors and introducing them to work in harmony together will impact the balance of the home greatly. Remember to only ever connect with ancestors who are there to guide you with good intentions, who are there from a heavenly realm. Listen to the Goddesses, listen to Source, hear what Gaia has in store for you and how she can guide you to love and heal the land.


Before You Go

The Earth element is key in your home and life, to ground you, stabilize and center your energy. Think of it as a mountain, hard to move and clear with intention. It knows where it is, and what it wants and can also be stubborn. If you want to learn how to connect with the earth and land and connect more with the earth element I’d love to invite you to our FREE gatherings on Geomancy & Land Healing, where we’ll discuss things like grounding, connecting with ancestors and techniques to heal the land. You’re also more than welcome to join the FREE Feng Shui gatherings where we will discuss the elements and how to incorporate Feng Shui practices in your life for an abundant, balanced and harmonious life.

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