How to Use Crystals to Increase Love on Valentine's Day and Beyond

Beloved, are you looking to invite love into your life? Perhaps you are yearning to deepen the connection with your partner. Are you seeking healing for a broken heart?

Did you know Feng Shui can improve your love life? It’s true!

Mother Nature gives us such beautiful gifts. One of my favorite elements and love languages of hers is crystals. Precious stones can support and stabilize our chakras. They’re medicinal for our physical bodies and spiritual ailments. This Valentine’s Day, I encourage you to look past February 14 and into the future. One year from now or a decade from now, what do you desire for your love life?

I will share some of my favorite gemstones I use in feng shui and how you can use them to manifest love, healing, and stability in your everyday love life.

How to Use Crystals in Feng Shui

I have been using crystals in my feng shui and priestess practice for more than twenty years. There are many ways to incorporate them into everyday life as a symbolic reminder of your intentions. You may choose any or all of the ideas below!

Wear Them
There are so many lovely businesses where you can purchase ethically-sourced crystals. You may choose to wear your crystals as a necklace, bracelet, ring, or earrings. If you enjoy making jewelry, I encourage you to make your own and bless the gemstones during the creation process.

Carry Them With You
Students in my feng shui courses carry a small crystal with them in their purse, luggage when they travel, or even in their car to manifest safe travels!

Use During Meditation
One of my favorite ways to implement crystals is placing them on altars I create throughout the year, following The Celtic Wheel. Learn about the immense power of meditating here. Altars are like a 3D vision board and allow you to not only visualize your intentions but spend sacred and intentional time meditating on them.

Keep Them in Your Home
Placing crystals throughout your home is a wonderful way to invite the energy you’re seeking. Are you yearning for love? Placing the appropriate crystals in your bedroom will help you manifest a deeper connection in your marriage or help you usher in new love if you are single.

The Best Gemstones to Increase Love

When we think of love, we need to realize that it is not a static term but is a multi-faceted verb. Love is an action that produces such a rich harvest. When we are giving and receiving love, there is happiness, health, vibrancy, passion, and stabilization in our lives. I want to share the crystals that also invite the energy of contentment, joy, openness, etc.

    • Gemstones to increase love:
    • Green Aventurine is powerful for healing the heart physically and emotionally.
    • Green Tourmaline to open and heal the heart.
    • Zoisite with Ruby strengthens the heart.
    • Sunstones increase vitality and help heal the heart.
    • Aventurine supports and stabilizes marriage.
    • Fluorite aligns and opens the heart chakra.
    • Garnet for Stimulating passion.
    • Larimar is the angel stone and brings unconditional love.
    • Turquoise is the “Master Healer” and is thought to serve as the energetic “bridge” between earth and Heaven. It helps you speak your truth.
    • Rose Quartz to heal the heart.
    • Agate to support happiness, healing, and vitality.

Inside of my Feng Shui Your Life course, we dive deeper into how feng shui can improve every area of your life, including your love for yourself and others. Students learn how to implement crystals and feng shui best practices to improve every area of their lives.

Choosing Your Crystals

I love choosing my crystals in person at a shop, or rather allowing my crystals to choose me. As I pick them out, asking for guidance has always been a fulfilling process for me. Of course, you may prefer buying your crystals online. The same intentionality applies. Remember, implementing crystals for love may also include self-forgiveness so you can love more deeply. It may also mean forgiving others so you can move on in happiness and peace. You may take your time seeking guidance as to which crystals you should purchase.

“Support me in my journey to deepen self-love.”

“Which crystal may I choose that will help to heal my heart?”

“Which crystal will support me in forgiving my ex and moving forward?” 


Caring for Your Crystals

You may have heard the phrase “charging your crystals” before. That means keeping your crystals at their highest vibration of energies. There are several ways to cleanse and charge your crystals, but you may choose your preferred method or choose various combinations.

Take a moment to cleanse your crystals after you purchase them in the store or receive your online order. There are multiple ways you can do this:

    • Set them out under the full moon, rain, or sun
    • Hold the crystal under fresh running water

Charge your crystals by setting your intentions with each one. Remember why you are inviting them into your home and claim their purpose.

    • Say a prayer over them
    • Sit in nature and hold them
    • Speak your intentions aloud
    • Set them on an altar where you will visit them daily

Before You Go

It’s essential to create a workspace that works for you personally and professionally. Inside my course Feng Shui Your Life, I show you exactly how to create a life and home that brings you lasting joy. You can be entirely new to the practice of feng shui to join. You don’t need to have any prerequisites, only to desire to improve your life. 

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Love, Amanda

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