Day in the Life of Feng Shui Consultant Justine Hernandez

What is it like to have a successful Feng Shui business?

We’re bringing you a new series of blog posts where we interview past Feng Shui Master Certification students about their Feng Shui business and why they chose to become a Feng Shui consultant.

 A Little About Justine Hernandez

Justine is a certified Transformational Life Coach and Feng Shui Expert, helping women from around the world align their mindset, relationships, and space. She has created a Life Design Method program, which allows people to embrace their power and recognize the gifts they bring to the world.

What made you interested in learning about Feng Shui?

I have a background in visual communications and the psychology of space. I was already in the self-help world, surrounded by the importance of growth and mentorship. I encountered Amanda and grew an appreciation for her essence and the concept of Feng Shui.

Justine Hernandez Feng Shui Consultant

Can you tell us about your experience training to become a Feng Shui Expert?

The training blew my mind! I have a lot of trauma in my personal history, and I was very numb to my true feelings; I also had issues trusting myself. The Course was powerful because you are learning ancient knowledge and learning so much about yourself. I built a great emotional foundation– I learned to validate myself. I was propelled along by the wisdom and support of the women surrounding me in this experience!

The training helped me understand that we not only grow to understand the energy within our own space but that it’s also an extension of how we show up in the world. Feng Shui feels like a version of therapy, revealing our magic and power. I always had an interest in interior design, but the training made me want to go deeper in my space– deeper into my healing.

Training also taught me so much about boundaries within my business journey. When you start creating a business, you have to know where you stand. You have to stay grounded with who you are because you can easily lose your identity.

What is one of your favorite Feng Shui consultations?

One of my favorite consultations was with a client in Virginia that had just gone through a break-up. She was a single parent and had ambitions to open her own juice bar. She was already in the holistic world and going through a healing journey. She was so playful and fun and incredibly open to change. She took what we created and ran with it! She was very willing to create healthy boundaries and improve her life. After her personal journey, I worked with her and her business. She ended up opening the juice bar, and we were able to incorporate Feng Shui in that as well!

What advice would you offer based on your own Feng Shui business journey?

Networking is going to be your best friend! Building relationships, showing love, paying it forward– I love all these aspects of making connections.

Integrity is very important! If you are afraid to be your guinea pig or fail to practice what you preach, how will you be able to help others?

Be a business that is true to your essence. I love the decluttering process, even though others didn’t. I love transformations and transitions. Find what drives you and what you are passionate about, and pursue that!

If you feel like an imposter in the Feng Shui scene, just give it a try. You don’t have to jump right in! It’s all a process of baby steps over time. You might feel like you don’t have the mindset, but you’ll be on the path to having the mindset soon.

Are you working on anything right now?

Lately, I have been in the midst of a transformation within myself and my business. I am creating a program called the Life Design Method that is more one-on-one and interactive. I love working with people one-on-one because it allows me to help better those who need extra support.

Additionally, I’ve been working with clients monthly and helping them declutter. This became very popular during the pandemic. We declutter and restructure the home.

I am also in the process of creating a second Oodles of Doodles affirmation card deck!

What advice would you give someone trying to learn about Feng Shui?

If you have a deep yearning for Feng Shui, I recommend reaching out to a consultant and simply talking and asking some questions. They can guide you towards books and trainings and offer useful insight. Talking to a professional like Amanda Sophia about Feng Shui will grant you tons of clarity!


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