Glendalough Summer soltice
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Rebirth in Summer Solstice

One Day Retreat: June 22nd, 2024

Divine Sisters and Brothers, are you ready to work with Sun Codes, open Stargates, anchoring in the codes of the new earth? This is a one-day retreat crafted to guide you to an expansion of consciousness, lightwork, and life-changing transmissions.

The Retreat of Rebirth, Sun Codes and Divine Union 

Rise, Queens, Rise Kings…
Do you hear the ascension call?

We are called to walk with our ancestors, to connect through remembrance. As we heal, remember, and deepen our connection with the land and those who have walked before us, we can then activate codes buried deep within us, and ascend.

Those who remember where they are from, connected to their ancestral roots, and embrace the inner king and queen, are those who know their path is eternally guided through the Divine and Sacred.

Step into true remembrance. Every fiber of your existence is connected to this call. It is time to rise, to ascend in Divine Union, to expand the infinite consciousness of our collective. We are interconnected to each other, to the land, the universe, and Source’s desire for unity and love. Unconditional love weaves through our collective purpose and now is the time to authentically accept your calling.


Loughcrew sword

We activating the inner Divine, are you ready to rise?


9am – 6pm, June 22nd 2024

    We will meet at the Glendalough Hotel at 9 AM but we’d recommend arriving from 08:30 onwards. Please note that the event activities start at 9 AM and therefore it would be best to be there 15-30 minutes earlier to settle in. We’ll be starting in our cozy indoor space and then we’ll venture to the Lake, Well and Forrest.

    Glendalough retreat

    You Came Here to Remember…

    This one-day retreat is an individual and collective ceremony of remembrance. To remember the magic, the medicine, the alchemy, and divinity. We all come from somewhere, we all hold a space in our lineage, and it is time to remember our unique presence, where we hold power. 

    Are you ready to:

    • Expand within the Summer Solstice
    • Remember your true nature.
    • Release the shame connected to your heritage.
    • Connect with the medicine women, the weavers, and the lightworkers of ancient.
    • Work with the energies of the royalties, the Goddesses Quan Yin, Isis, Boann, Danu, and Ériu. 
    • Step into your authenticity, your light, and embrace the power you hold. 
    • Unlock your infinite wisdom, the timeless intuition built in your birthrites.
    • Connect and harness the power of Earth Magic.
    • Unseal the light codes ready to be brought down, preparing for the new earth. 

    stand in the footsteps of your Ancestors and the Ancients

    What can you expect?

    Visiting Glendalough
    Glendalough, Gleann Dá Loch, meaning “valley of two lakes”, a glacial valley in County Wicklow, Ireland. 
    We will be visiting the Upper Lake, forest, waterfall, and well. 

    Work with the Ancients
    The Bone Women, our Ancestors, the Medicine women, the women who have carried us, birthed us and guided us, are calling us to the hilltop and mountains for cosmic healing. They have guidance to share and wisdom for us to nurture deep within us.

    Solar Energies
    We’re tapping into the divinity and celestial connection of Solar Energy, working with Sun Codes, aligning with the sun, earth, and cosmos. This is a powerful practice as we bring light codes down for the new earth, and embody this energy throughout our collective journey.

    Sacred Ceremonies
    We’ll hold sacred ceremonies and initiations on the site itself, as well as work with transmissions and activations. Working with the Goddesses and Archetypes who guide us on this land. These ceremonies will prepare you to do this further in your individual and collective journeys.

    Summer Solstice Amanda Sophia

    Summer Solstice…

    The summer solstice is the turning point of the year when the sun shines brightest. This season brings energy, inspiration, outwardness, manifestation, and transformation. We feel the heat increasing and forming trails of sun rays to its peak, the highest point of the sun. It’s a time of abundance, fertility, expansion, passion, movement, and sustainability. A time to surface–unapologetically and unhindered. As the warm, bright days envelop us in their sunrays, we are reminded of the wild, untethered spirit. Summer Solstice awakens our natural inhibitions, dreams, and desires.

    The Summer Solstice invites you to reflect on:

    • Is your inner “wildness” being honored?
    • In what ways would you like to be set free?
    • What shifts can you make, so you are more in Divine Flow? 
    • Are you feeling in balance within your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine?
    • What areas of your life feel ‘overheated’? What can you do to calm, cool, and re-center?
    • What have you been trying to cram into your life that may not fit? Does it need letting go or just rearranging?  
    • What abundance are you ready to have poured into your chalice?
    • How do you desire to be loved?

    What we will do together…

    Working with your Inner King and Queen energy
    Sacred Sun Ceremony
    Gentle Movement and Song
    Initiations on the Glendalough Site
    Meditation and Journeying
    Deep Healing Exercises
    Transmissions and Activations
    Reclamation and Remembrance of Self

    What to bring:

    • Lunch and snacks.
    • Bottle of water.
    • Blanket.
    • Towel.
    • Yoga mat.
    • Pillow.
    • Sound / Musical instruments such as a drum, rattle, and singing bowls.
    • Pen and paper

    What to bring for the ceremony: 

    • 5 elements – soil, water, feather, candle, and metal.
    • A Rose.
    • Something from your ancestors on both lines.


    What to wear: 

    • Please check the weather beforehand.
    • Some light layers are good as we will be both inside and outside.
    • Swimsuit/Bikini.
    • Good footwear to get up the hill.
    • A Raincoat if needed.
    • Something comfortable and flowy for gentle movement.
    • Something that honors your own Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

    Meet Amanda…

    As an ordained Celtic Priestess, Amanda carries a deep devotion to the Divine, allowing her to love fiercely and serve as a mother to her two children, her community, and her beloved students. Amanda has embraced the guidance of Priestesses from various traditions worldwide. Through her studies, she has woven together diverse strands of spirituality into a harmonious tapestry.

    Amanda leads ceremonial rites of passage within her local community, awakening intuitive gifts and helping her students heal and thrive. Her passion is guiding people back home to themselves, their ancestors, and their sacred lands, and unlocking their inner magic. Amanda’s work encompasses various aspects, including womb healing, Celtic Paganism, and Druid practices. She works intimately with the Goddesses and with the powerful dragon and serpent energies. Her work is considered mystical, spiritual, and practical to apply in the modern day.

    Amanda honors everyone in their journey and welcomes them to embrace healing and to come home to themselves for the ultimate unique transformation rooted in their birthright


    Amanda Sophia at Loughcrew
    Glendalough Summer soltice

    Secure your spot today!

    There are LIMITED SLOTS available, please keep this in mind when booking. 

    One day event only


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