Glendalough One-Day Retreat June


Divine Sisters and Brothers, are you ready to work with Sun Codes, open Stargates, anchoring in the codes of the new earth? This is a one-day retreat crafted to guide you to an expansion of consciousness, lightwork, and life-changing transmissions.

We will meet at the Glendalough Hotel at 9 AM but we’d recommend arriving from 08:30 onwards. Please note that the event activities start at 9 AM and therefore it would be best to be there 15-30 minutes earlier to settle in. We’ll be starting in our cozy indoor space and then we’ll venture to the Lake, Well and Forrest.

There will be:

  • Working with your Inner King and Queen energy
  • Sacred Sun Ceremony
  • Gentle Movement and Song
  • Initiations on the Glendalough Site
  • Meditation and Journeying
  • Deep Healing Exercises
  • Transmissions and Activations
  • Reclamation and Remembrance of Self

Are you ready?

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