Lughnasadh: Reaping the Fruits of the Energetic Seeds We’ve Sown

We’re blessed to be dwelling in the season of Lughnasadh (pronounced Loo-NA-sah), nature’s reminder of our birthright of light and abundance. Beloved, summer is slowly dwindling as sunsets fade into night earlier each evening. Now, the earth is bursting with life, and nature is fully open and at her peak of growth and fertility. Her vibrant colors will soon begin to dull and take on the temporary hues of Autumn. Mother Nature is in her second harvest, and then she will welcome the solitude of winter.

Looking Back

Lughnasadh is one of the four Gaelic seasonal festivals, ushering in the commencement of autumn followed by Samhain and winter, Imbolg and spring, then Bealtaine and summer. Lughnasadh is named after Lugh (also Lug, Luga) as he was one of the most important Celtic gods, representing the sun and light.
The invitation of Lughnasadh is to reap what we’ve sown, seeing the fruits of our labor and love blooming into positive energy.

Aligning With Goddess Danu

Danu, The Mother Goddess of Ireland, invites you to enter abundance during this Lughnasadh season. Now is the time to connect with the archetype that lies within you. Danu is the water that flows through you and the land. She is the goddess of knowledge, bounty, fertility, rivers, wells, and inspiration.

Danu beckons us to step into our sovereignty and reminds us of our birthright to thrive. As the harvest nears, Danu beckons you to create moments of self-inquiry. This time, Beloved, like every point of The Celtic Wheel so far, is a warm welcome to unburden yourself and nurture the areas of your spirit that need tending to.

If you’d like to learn more about Goddesses, the Celtic Wheel, and how we can align with its festival and seasons, take a look at my Divine Woman Awakening course.

How to Connect With Goddess Danu

You may connect with Danu in countless ways, Beloved. Allow her to bring light into your life to reawaken your authentic self. Commune with Danu in nature as she represents the water, wind, and moon.

Dip your feet into a stream or swim in the sea to connect with Danu’s divine flowing energy. Sit on top of a mountain and feel the wind wrap its arms around you, knowing Danu is there to guide you into your authenticity. Lie down beneath the night sky, and moon bathe, allowing its energy to evoke transformation within.

Implement the colors blue, white, and silver, all representations of Danu’s divinity over the water, into your home altar. Beloved, Danu is always present with you to offer guidance, comfort, and wisdom in times of transition.

Symbolism of Lughnasadh

During this time, you can release fears. We don’t need to fear winter, as the warmth of summer has prepared us. It’s time to honor ourselves, honor your community, and celebrate your community. There’s a whisper in the air that the darkness of winter is coming, and we can prepare through rituals, meditation, and inward reflection.

Danu’s symbol for you during Lughnasadh is the key that represents your ability to be released from anything that binds you. Your key to freedom is available to break the bonds of a past life, childhood wounds, fear, limiting beliefs, and whatever may be holding you back from embracing your authenticity.

Reap What You Have Sown

Lughnasadh is the point on the Celtic Wheel where we reap from the intentions we set and planted firmly months prior. Beloved, celebrate everything you have sown and be mindful of residing in the present moment. Winter is coming. We ask how we will nurture what has been sown and plan for the darker seasons ahead. Nature reminds us that the composting fruit and flowers will bloom.

Be loving towards yourself as you spend time in this season of soul inquiry:

  • As we are in Lughnasadh at the time of the second harvest, what in your life is bountiful?
  • What are you reaping the benefits of?
  • What things did you do that worked to produce this harvest?
  • What didn’t work for you? Note this for moving forward.
  • What resources helped you on your path this season?
  • What new opportunities excite you and ignite your inner flame?
  • Which crops in your life are not doing well and need more tending?
  • What gifts have you received from this yang time of year?
  • What wisdom are you taking into the waning time of the year?
  • Are you open and willing to embark on the descent towards Autumn & Winter?

A Lughnasadh Blessing

Beloved, align with your dreams
Calling them from the darkness and into the physical realm
May Danu bless your harvest of love, joy, peace, and abundance
Know your spirit is strong and will endure what lies ahead
Winter will teach you, not consume you
Unburden yourself
Allow fear to dissolve in the wake of your courage
May you know you are cherished

Listen to the Lughnasadh podcast episode for more encouragement during this harvest time.


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