How to Navigate a Spiritual Awakening

In this article, I will teach you how to navigate a spiritual awakening from my own personal experiences. Reading this article may bring you understanding, serenity, or even a sense of awakening because, although we can occasionally feel those motions moving through our bodies, we may also choose to block them out and prevent them from happening.

Within my role as an activator, my main goal in sharing this post is to uplift you on your spiritual journey. We are all just trying to find our way back home together, and with this, I hope to give you a framework for support so you can find your way home. 

Before delving into my awakening journey, I want to express gratitude for the resources and influences that shaped my path. It is essential to acknowledge the wisdom shared by others, whether through podcasts, books, mentors, meditations, and other ways of sharing and the profound impact it has had on my spiritual growth.

The Start of an Awakening

An Awakening can take on many forms; it can feel different for everyone. A great part of an awakening is the expansion. Expanding our physical selves to take on this new form of awareness. To usher in the new planet, we need to embody this higher level of consciousness. By anchoring it into the earth’s grid lines, we can produce a ripple effect each time we perform this action for ourselves. This allows us to embody the kindness and harmony the world so desperately needs right now. By expanding in this way, we are awakening to new light, new codes, and new frequencies. 

We are all children of spirit; we are all the children of the cosmos. Spirit is all around us and within us. Spirit is there when we gaze into each other’s eyes, and into the eyes of animals. When we feel the breeze on our skin or see a sunset, all of these are Spirit. It is important to know this because we often feel weighed down by guilt, grief, trauma, or lack of self-confidence. Instead of relying on that weight, focus on the fact that you are a child of Spirit and Source. 

My History with Divine Awakenings

I believe we are all connected to the other world from birth. Some may not be receptive to it, others may be afraid to be receptive to it, and still others may be numb as a result of trauma, society, or other factors. 

My childhood was filled with wonder and connection to Spirit, the land, the fairy forts, and the magic surrounding me. But I shut everything out sometime during my late teenage years. During our teenage years, we often begin to separate, rather than absorb, everything from our parents or teachers. I shifted away from Source in my adolescent phase, and I experimented a lot, feeling both disconnected and exploratory at the same time. Even if you only go through it later on, this period in a person’s life is important. It allows you to see the world through new eyes and to develop your own perspective.

In my Early 20s…

One of my first big awakenings was in my early 20s, after a near-death experience. I had an encounter with a person who made me realize I was subconsciously attracting unhealthy relationships. I had this profound realization that if I kept embodying certain energies, I would keep attracting certain energies. This helped me gain perspective again, and I started leaning into my intuition and focused on my connection with Spirit.

In my Early 30s…

Then, when I turned 30, everything turned upside down. My best friend passed away, I lost my house, we went through bankruptcy, I had an attack in my home that culminated in another near-death experience, I lost my dog, I had relationship issues, and all of this led to a profound awakening for me. I have found, that some awakenings happen in the midst of or directly after a chaotic period in life. This was a time in my life when it felt like everything had fallen apart, and somehow Spirit led me through it, guiding me toward my purpose. 

The Awakening Process Summarized

Initially, we live in a state of slumber, unaware of our true selves. During an awakening, we gradually come to this realization, often through mundane experiences and the echoes of past traumas. An awakening can be uncomfortable, as we confront the lower frequencies entwined in our daily lives and begin questioning our purpose: “Why am I here?”

Next, we embark on a journey of self-reflection and soul inquiry. We inspect every facet of our existence—our societal roles, family dynamics, career paths, and the impacts they have on our well-being. We delve into how these areas are influenced by lower frequencies, exploring our emotions, expressions, and overall sense of fulfillment. We confront our shadow-selves and learn to love, embrace, and engage with that aspect of ourselves in a brand new way. 

Then comes the crucial phase of release and liberation. We first shed internal barriers, allowing unconscious programming to surface into conscious awareness. This includes embracing our emotions, thoughts, and sensations with authenticity and vulnerability, paving the way for a more liberated way of living.

Finally, we transition into a life of co-creation—a conscious partnership with spirit where creativity flows effortlessly. This entails deep communion with ourselves, fostering a seamless integration of mind, body, and spirit. In doing so, we manifest a life that embodies the divine essence within us, living as a true expression of the Divine.

The Symptoms of an Awakening

My most recent spiritual awakening presented me with a wide range of symptoms. It happened a few years ago, during my regular meditation sessions, where I found myself leading others into moments of deep introspection. At first, I noticed an unusual sensation—my eyes seemed to flutter as if they were trying to escape the confines of my head. Soon after, it felt as though my entire being was in motion.

I have always been naturally drawn to the quiet predawn hours, I began waking up between 3-4 am, when the world is still, where the boundaries and veils between realms are thin. These early moments became sacred to me, marked by sessions of focused meditation. After a while, I started practicing the ‘Breath of Fire’ technique, a powerful breathing exercise rooted in Kundalini yoga. Its rhythmic pattern of passive inhales and active, vigorous exhales set my abdomen on fire with vitality, like a playful dance inside me.

Note, that each of these symptoms took weeks or months to surface, all while I continued with my practice and work. Months passed, and with each day of dedicated practice, I sensed a subtle shift within. It started with a sensation akin to a serpent coiling around my spine, guiding my body through graceful circular motions that formed sinuous “S” curves. This serpent energy remained a constant companion on my journey, and I will speak of this more in the future.

As time progressed, the serpent energy ascended, moving from my spine to my heart. There, it manifested as a forward-and-back movement, mimicking the graceful movement of a serpent. Time passed, and then I started feeling the energy rising further, residing within my shoulders at this point, and then ascending into my throat. It was then that I experienced a unique sensation—a gentle thrust forward, reminiscent of a hen’s assertive stance. My throat became a conduit for diverse sounds, sounds I hadn’t expected but in the same breath – didn’t scare me. 

Shape-Shifting and Light Language

In moments of solitude, during morning walks, or in the quiet dawn hours before my children awakened, I would shapeshift into the essence of a crow. The crow is a symbol that resembles mystery and wisdom. My throat would echo with their distinctive calls, a merging of worlds between the physical and metaphysical. Some of my close priestess friends bore witness to these shifts, perceiving glimpses of deeper truths within them.

These moments felt timeless as if hours slipped away and no one had noticed. Through these experiences, I felt the profound depth of connection between the physical and spiritual realms, each sensation and movement felt like a mystery was unfolding, codes awakening inside me.

As my spiritual journey progressed, something interesting happened when my throat surged forward, releasing a variety of sounds that formed the foundation of what is known as light language. This sacred tongue, also referred to as ‘soul language’ or ‘star language’, is the embodiment of one’s soul essence. In the quiet of my morning rituals, I surrendered to this language, allowing it to flow forth in unrestrained expression.

With each sound, the energy surged upward, coursing through my skull in a symphony of sensations. It was as if my skull was on the brink of implosion, a sensation accompanied by tightness and a gentle rattling. Meanwhile, the serpent energy moved with grace and fluidity throughout my being, weaving its way from one point to another and eventually moving freely throughout my entire body. 

This period marked a profound shift in my sensory perception. I became hyper-sensitive, attuned to the subtle energies both within and around me. It was a time of heightened connection, where every sensation carried profound significance, and I felt the surge of every frequency held in the earth. This happens to quite a few people, it can take the form of sensitivity to light, or perhaps sensitivity to sound, even when it is not extreme or loud. The point is: your physical body is expanding with your spiritual being, and therefore you are more attuned to not only the sensations but the vibrations of everything around you.

Experiencing these Changes and Responding to them

In my work with the Dragon realm, there are moments when I undergo a profound transformation, shifting into the form of a dragon. I vividly recall an experience in Eleusis, Greece, where I felt myself metamorphosing into this majestic creature. My wings spanned over the expanse of Athens, my back expanding as I felt the fiery essence of the dragon coursing through me, manifesting even in my breath.

For many, experiences like these can be daunting, leading to questions and uncertainties like:

  • What is happening to my body?
  • Is this a normal part of spiritual awakening?
  • Why do I feel sensations in my throat or elsewhere?
  • Do I really feel myself shapeshifting? 
  • Am I losing touch with reality?

I empathize with these questions, having gone through the experience myself. However, between the initial sensation and the fear of the unknown, there was an innate understanding that these shifts were part of a greater purpose. Certain cues, like compelling urges or heightened sensations, often coincide with locations of heightened vibrational frequencies. What I have found is that when I am experiencing these high vibrations, I immediately engage in my grounding practices to channel and contain the potent energies surging through me.

Remember, we cannot ascend without grounding and rooting down first; otherwise, we are not tethered to anything and can easily lose ourselves.

Currently, I try to exercise restraint in public settings, to respect the comfort levels of others. Yet, in moments of deep connection with the land, when I am immersed in healing work or anchoring energetic codes, the sensations transcend into a realm of profound ecstasy. It is akin to a spiritual and sensual orgasm rippling through my being, a pure expression of raw source energy pulsating within me. These ecstatic vibrations, while intense, are not inherently sexual but rather a union with the divine. It feels like I am giving birth to transformative energies that flow from the crown of my head, through my being, and into the earth’s embrace.

I have come to call them “heart-gasms” – those moments when my heart expands so profoundly that it feels like euphoria bursting out of my chest and radiating through my entire being. It is a sensation of pure joy and release as if my body is spiraling, hips pulsating in rhythm, clearing and cleansing itself on a deep energetic level.

These experiences connect us to the wildness, coursing through us, the energies flowing from Gaia, Source, Mother Earth, the New Earth, and the Original Earth. It’s about creating space, making room for the new by clearing energetic clutter, and releasing trauma, struggles, and blockages to pave the way for transformation.

Supporting your Awakening through Lifestyle Changes

After these profound awakenings, I’ve noticed a significant shift in my body and mind. My nervous system feels regulated, decluttered, and more attuned to the natural rhythms of life. This newfound sensitivity has led to changes in my lifestyle, such as a zero tolerance for processed foods and a preference for pure, clean water sourced from the mountain’s well for myself and my family.

It’s a journey of deep connection, aligning with the purity and vitality of nature, and honoring the sacredness of our bodies and the Earth we inhabit.

My body has been sending clear signals, urging me to prioritize essential aspects of self-care. My body longs for sufficient sleep, nourishing foods, pure water, immersion in nature, abstaining from alcohol, and moments of silent communion with the land. These moments of connection can range from meditation and quiet contemplation to journaling, each offering a space for introspection and release. I have learned to honor these signals, understanding that my body refuses to suppress or hold onto anything that no longer serves it.

Embracing raw authenticity, honesty, and vulnerability with yourself is key to navigating an awakening. It’s crucial to seek support during these times of change and transformation. I’ve found value in connecting with like-minded souls who can hold space for me, whether it be a therapist, energy worker, or mentor who understands and supports my journey.

Physical movement is integral to this process. Practices like yoga, meditation, and kundalini yoga, along with walks in nature, have been instrumental in grounding and balancing my energy. I’ve also discovered the power of music as a catalyst for movement and release—sometimes gentle, sometimes intense, allowing my body to express itself authentically, whether through shaking, crawling, sensuality, or releasing pent-up emotions. This is definitely a form of Somatic Healing and a profound method of uplifting your spiritual frequency. 

While I’ve become more sensitive to certain sounds and visuals, I’ve chosen to avoid media with violence and music that doesn’t resonate with my soul. I choose my social interactions mindfully and prioritize environments that resonate with authenticity and natural harmony. My sensitivities to noise, artificial lighting, and environmental factors have heightened, leading me to create a sacred space that nurtures my frequency while supporting my work.

How I Expand During My Awakening

This journey of awakening has brought about crystal clarity regarding my identity, purpose, and role as a woman, a goddess, and a mother. As I uplift myself, I contribute to a collective elevation, paving the way for a new era of consciousness and harmony on Earth. It is important to note that when you do this work, you are creating a ripple effect in the world around you.

In our journey of self-awareness, as we uncover the truth of our being and witness events unfolding across the world, grounding our energy becomes paramount. The process of awakening can sometimes feel disorienting or destabilizing, prompting a need for deeper exploration, reflection, and understanding. In the future, I plan to delve into this topic further, as it includes a spectrum of diverse experiences.

The 13th Dimension

Currently, my focus is on working with the 13th dimension and the 13 pillars, delving into the profound depths of the Mother’s work. However, to navigate these realms safely, I know I first need to establish a strong grounding and connection with Mother Gaia. This involves integrating meditation, pranayama practices, and somatic healing techniques into my daily routine. These practices, although distinct, converge into a unified whole, forming the foundation of my spiritual journey.

I start each morning with grounding practices, immersing myself in meditation and fostering a deep connection with Gaia. When I align with both the earthly and celestial energies, I experience a transformation where my body resonates with a luminous white diamond light—a manifestation of harmonized energies.

Visit Sacred Sites

Visiting sacred sites holds a profound significance in my spiritual awakening and my soul’s maintenance. Each encounter with these sacred sites, such as my journey through the Mary-Michael line, Skellig Michael, Loughcrew, and Morrigan’s Cave, brings forth a palpable sense of immense power and ancient wisdom. Delving into these sites, particularly journeying into the depths of the underground and personal reflection, has uplifted my heightened state of consciousness.

This exploration is not just a personal practice; it is a path I walk with others through my retreats and shared journeys. I aim to facilitate awakening and activate deeper levels of consciousness within them. By immersing themselves in these sacred spaces, individuals can tap into the potent energies and wisdom embedded within these sites, igniting their own spiritual paths and inspiring profound transformations.

To activate awakenings and engage in soul maintenance, it is crucial to recognize that sacred portals exist everywhere, even in unexpected places. Take Central Park in New York, for instance—a bustling city oasis that holds immense spiritual potential.

My personal experiences are all interconnected. When I look at the ocean, I feel a profound connection with its inhabitants—the dolphins, fish, and even the mystical selkies. While I walk through the forest it reveals the intricate aura and energy fields of each plant and root system. I’ve always been sensitive to auras, but through the awakenings, I’ve experienced this connection has deepened significantly, all without the need for external aids like plant medications or remedies to achieve this.

Amanda Sophia Spiritual Awakening


What is the next step?

I’ve witnessed many embark on retreats or seek resources that ignite their awakening, only to slip back into spiritual slumber. The key to sustaining the awakening lies in consistent embodiment through daily practices. These practices serve as anchors, keeping us on the path of continual ascension.

Embrace curiosity and deep listening—to yourself, to spirit, and to the guiding energies that have led you here. Recalibration can be challenging and, at times, even painful. Trust and surrender are vital; they guide us to discern whether it is the ego or spirit leading us. Some may be propelled into awakening by near-death experiences or intense trauma, while others consciously choose this path.

Know that the Awakening Journey is not linear, but Cyclical. 

Awakening is not a one-time event; it is an ongoing journey of growth and self-actualization. Along the way, teachers and lessons will appear, enriching our understanding and evolution. Even for seasoned souls, life is not perfect; however, engaging in soul maintenance continually shifts our perspectives. There are phases of heightened awareness and periods resembling hibernation—neither should be seen as setbacks but as integral parts of the divine unfolding.

Here are a few ways to activate an awakening: 

  • Encountering a Twin Flame
  • Engaging in Kundalini Yoga
  • Chanting sacred mantras
  • Deepening prayer practices
  • Diving into meditation
  • Navigating near-death experiences
  • Committing to profound inner work
  • Embracing the flow of transformative energies
  • Clearing spiritual clutter
  • Connecting with kindred souls on similar paths
  • Visiting Sacred Sites
  • Somatic Work

Benefits of Activating an Awakening:

  • Experiencing profound love at deeper levels
  • Finding a sense of belonging within oneself
  • Discovering inner freedom and liberation
  • Embracing and radiating inner beauty
  • Deepening connection with inner divinity
  • Forging connections with higher realms
  • Reduced impact of negative emotions
  • Heightened sensitivity and perception
  • Moments of euphoria and bliss
  • Elevated energy and vibrational frequency

Are you also undergoing a similar process of spiritual awakening?
Do you resonate with any of these symptoms or experiences?

We are eager to hear from you and share in this collective journey of growth and transformation. The awakening of humanity’s collective consciousness is a shared journey, especially in this era of Aquarius and the Golden Age we are entering. Each person’s journey is unique yet interconnected, showcasing a collective elevation of consciousness. We are here to offer support and guidance as you navigate your spiritual awakening.

The essence of my work in Divine Woman Awakening lies in its comprehensive approach to healing inner child and teenage wounds, the ancestral lineage, and guiding women to navigate their traumas with intention. This profound healing paves the way for deep soul healing, preparing one to receive abundance on a spiritual level. Similarly, my practice in Feng Shui has provided a sacred space, nurturing my inner sanctuary and supporting my soul in thriving. I have seen this support structure hold space for many others going through similar awakenings. 

 Working with the Geomancy community and online training has profoundly influenced my connection with the land, enhancing my perception of energies. The synergy between the teachings I offer, the work I do, and my personal journey blends seamlessly into embodiment, where each aspect enriches and informs the other.

 The beautiful souls who have gone through my training programs, both clients and students, have left a life-long imprint on me. Their shared experiences and insights have been invaluable teachers, contributing to my continuous growth and understanding. It is through this interconnectedness and shared journey, that powerful transformations and awakenings are realized within our spiritual community.

Reach out to us, share your experiences, and let us hold space for each other on this journey, united.


A heartfelt thank you to my spiritual sisters who have entered my life as teachers—Tara, Jana, Emer, Magdalena, Vanessa, Rebecca, Josee, Claire, Monique, Ahlea, Whitney, Aine, Aisling, Alina, Laura, Natalie, Nichola, Emily, Mary, Katie, Stephanie, Roma, Alison, Gia, Tina, Mel, Maolisa, Trish, Bea, and countless others not named here. Your guidance has been an invaluable part of my journey.

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