How You Can Embrace Sovereignty as an Expression of Authenticity

Beloved, to be sovereign is to be free.

Our sovereignty is sourced from within us, continually attempting to draw us toward our innate purpose, wisdom, and power. In essence, this free-flowing and uninhibited state of being is the purest form of authenticity–our truest selves. Every time we choose to be ourselves; refusing to abandon our worth, we are walking in sovereignty. This draw toward genuine connection with self and others is in our hard wiring as human beings.

Perhaps you have watched generations of women in your family and society silence themselves, put their needs last, and deny their worth due to family dynamics, unhealed trauma, or external pressure. Often, we internalize these unhealthy behaviors as truth and, as a result, move farther from our sovereignty. Beloved, your body, heart, and spirit crave to live from a place of freedom in its most sacred form–living as your truest self.

I am always finding new ways to discover my inner sovereignty and reclaim my freedom. Life remains busy and making time to convene with myself authentically is rarely easy. Beloved, I have always found that walking the path meant for me without apology or excuse is forever soul-enriching. It’s important to know how you can implement sacred “sovereignty seeking” moments, but let’s explore how sovereignty and authenticity are intertwined.

Honor Your Sovereign Emotions

A sovereign woman will allow herself to feel uncomfortable emotions without shame or guilt. Realizing sadness, rage, and jealousy are all part of the human experience that allows us to process, and often it’s how we heal. Many of us have been taught to suppress our feelings. Often, these teachings are so ingrained in us that we often don’t realize we are walking around with so much unnecessary pain. But Opening to the Gifts of Vulnerability gives us our power back in so many ways.

I journal when I wake up to empty myself on paper and then I let myself feel. Allowing myself to pause first thing in the morning is the greatest gift I have given myself in my healing journey over the years. Embracing your shadows and listening to your needs allows you to honor your deepest desires. When we embrace what we need to feel, we may stand authentically in the purpose meant for us.

Silence the Inner Critic Who Threatens Your Peace

The inner critic is responsible for the unkind thoughts that keep us imprisoned. The inner critic has a running dialogue in our minds speaking to our insecurities and telling us we are inadequate. It is difficult to step into our sovereignty when we are allowing the inner critic to be the primary voice we listen to. You may be allowing your inner critic to run the show if you have difficulty making decisions, lack self-esteem, or find it difficult to speak your truth.

I kept a thought journal for two years so I could see on paper the damage my inner critic was causing. The primary message of my inner critic was, “You’re not good enough.” What was an automatic narrative in my head, even during the most mundane tasks, lost their power when I was able to see them written on paper. Seeing the words in my journal allowed me to be aware of how unloving I was being to myself. Then, I was able to release those unhelpful thoughts to the universe and begin my journey to self-love and appreciation.

As we master our inner critic, we can walk on a path of sovereignty. In addition to journaling, you may also choose to surround yourself with affirmations. Affirmations, chanting, and meditations are all powerful tools to realign your mind and heart to her sovereignty.

Boundaries Empower Authenticity

I use healthy boundaries in my role as a mother, relationships, friendships, and career to keep me on a path of constantly communing with my true self. I would like to share tools you may use in unison with boundaries to be reminded of your sovereignty and live a life from a sincere place of authenticity and power. Living from a place of sovereignty, is not people pleasing and doing things that do not bring you joy.

Beloved, authenticity is answering “yes” to the highest good. Having boundaries in place allow you the energy to say yes to the things that bring you to life. Your journal to healing is dependant on how you can set healthy boundaries, especially boundaries in co-dependent relationships. Remember, boundaries are how we teach people to treat us. Implementing boundaries isn’t easy, but it is necessary to live your life from a place of alignment and sovereignty.

Inner Work Creates Space for Sovereignty

Shadow, past life, and ancestral work allow time for reflection on areas of healing and goals for the future. Any time you delve deep within to do the work, it’s so important to do so with gentleness and self-love. It is through these exercises that the head, heart, and soul come into alignment. When every facet of ourselves is directed to living from a place of authenticity, your inner compass will guide you.

Allow time for reflection and see the importance of each season of your life. Beloved, just as in nature, we have the seasons to nurture, rest, harvest, and celebrate. Inner work takes time and one shouldn’t be in a hurry to move on too quickly. There are ways to experience transformative emotional healing through honoring your inner child and healing as you walk this journey of Sovereignty. Give yourself grace, time, and affirmations as you move toward your sovereignty. Every single time you choose to pause and reflect, you will connect more with your true self.

Compassion and Kindness Pave the Path to Sovereignty

There’s an Importance of Self-Compassion that can be weaved into your daily rituals. Be compassionate and kind to yourself. We meet our inner critic with love, not harsh judgment while asking our higher selves for the truth.. When we approach our thoughts and actions of inauthenticity with curiosity and self-love, we’re able to sift through the reasons why we have adopted people-pleasing behaviors. Beloved, you can connect and align with your higher self at any point you need to have an authenticity check-in point.

I am still learning to drop my inner perfectionist tendencies. In fact, I honor her for what she wants to offer me–superior quality in my work, role as a mom, friendships, etc. The perfectionism does stem from good intentions, but it does not serve me. Quickly, I find myself anxious, people-pleasing, and performing through life rather than truly living. When I rewrite the narrative, I am able to tell myself compassionate messages that allow me to live from a place of joy, rest, and abundance.

Your Gifts of Authenticity are Needed

Are you a connector of people? Others love when you bring them together for a special event and feel genuinely loved and cared for by you. Is listening your divine gift? People come to you with their heartache because you are a safe place where they can find nourishment and rest. Do you have the gift of laughter? You brighten up a room with your sense of humor and bring joy to those around you; allowing them to disconnect from their stress for a while.

Beloved, shining your light is a huge part of your sovereignty. Stand in the center of your truth and the path to your sovereignty will be fully illuminated every time. This is a deep calling to stop molding yourself into what you think others want from you. Instead, be true to who you are and use your gifts to make this world a more inclusive and beautiful place.

Allow Yourself to be Vulnerably Authentic With Others

This process of self-realization will help you weed out those who are not in alignment with you. When you surround yourself with those who are passionate about seeing you joyful, loved, and authentically you, you will stand in absolute sovereignty. Of course, no one is perfect, but those who see and encourage the light within you are invaluable for your journey.

I used to feel if I was vulnerable, I would drive people away. Perhaps you have a similar fear of allowing others to see your true self. Vulnerability isn’t just allowing others to draw closer to us, it empowers us to discover and draw closer to our sovereignty.

Become Internally Motivated to Draw Closer to Your Sovereignty

As children, we look to our parents for reassurance, safety, and praise. We continue to look for outward validation as we become teenagers and then, adults. It is vital that we learn how to “self-soothe” and become internally motivated toward change. Our sovereign selves pleads with us to move past our fears and reservations so we can live from a place of confidence and empowerment.

One way to move through unhelpful thought patterns, letting go and release fear is through the process of reparenting ourselves. Reparenting is when we take the steps to reassure our inner child that she is welcome, loved, safe, and capable of healing. We exchange childhood narratives with the truth. As your inner child begins to heal from her wounds, she will gain the strength to unburden herself with people-pleasing, limiting beliefs, and other painful coping mechanisms she once used to keep herself safe.

Align With Your Community

Creating a sense of community for yourself means you must be willing to put yourself out there. We draw such strength from a supportive community. Others empower us to honor our sovereignty and encourage us to share our gifts. We meet obstacles with clarity, love, compassion, and resilience when we live from a place of authenticity.

Are you looking for a community of like-minded Beloveds to encourage you in your journey? I invite you to take a look at joining the Divine Woman Awakening course, an online journey to healing, self-discovery, and transformation. You can also join the Free Divine Women’s Monthly gatherings here.

If you would like to learn more about Sovereignty being an Expression of Authenticity, listen to my podcast episode on it.

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