What is the Meaning of the Year of the Wood Dragon 2024?

What is the meaning and symbolism of the Yang Wood Dragon New Year? What can we expect in 2024, and what energy is the Dragon Zodiac sign known for?

The Wood Dragon is a mythical creature often associated with imperial power and can adapt and transform energy, making it the perfect zodiac sign to lead us into Period 9. The Dragon energy is immensely powerful, yet elegant and graceful; it carries a frequency rather than a vibration. 

2024 is a Wood Dragon year; imagine a sacred oak that grounds itself, rooting firmly and growing tall, reaching for the heavens. The Wood element is associated with springtime, symbolizing growth and new beginnings. Just as the sacred oak needs nourishment and care, with the correct elemental balances, to thrive, this year invites us to reach our goals by nurturing ourselves from within. 

The Dragon is prone to change, and the Wood element signifies expansion and renewal. This will be a dynamic year to enter an inner metamorphosis for your mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects.

This transformation will include:

  • Finding a balance between our Divine Masculine and Feminine energies.
  • Stepping into our authenticity.
  • Leaning into our intuition.
  • Cultivating a deeper connection to our higher selves.

The Yang Wood Dragon and Period 9

Period 9 is associated with Fire energy, movement, and action, and with the presence of Wood in 2024, the first year of Period 9, we will experience a softening of the fiery aspects, promoting balance. Wood is the mother of Fire, feeding it, as it will feed your inner fire in the new Period 9. This is a profoundly powerful combination that welcomes grounded action, flexibility, development, and inner peace.

The combination continues with the symbolism’s Yin and Yang balance, as the Dragon represents Yang energy and encourages us to ground ourselves, reflect, and grow, and the Yin energies of the Phoenix, the symbol of movement and activation for Period 9. Our environments and inner worlds will welcome a balance between these contrasts and unify in the energy of entering a new year and a new Period.

With the Dragon symbolizing change and adaptation and the Wood element signifying expansion and renewal, 2024 promises to be dynamic and unpredictable. It will be a year to embrace transformation and personal growth.

What is the history of the dragon?

Dragons are a common yet powerful symbol in various cultures. In Chinese culture, people commonly name their children (born in a Dragon Year) with words or homophones related to the word “Dragon”. This is believed to bring honor and positive energy to the family. In China, these mythical creatures are also associated with the Water Spirit, balanced when benevolent, and the creator of floods during times of hostility.

They are also seen as protectors of Earth’s treasures, which is why you will see many dragon statues and ornaments in Chinese homes, especially around items of value.

In Africa and Egypt, dragons are linked to water and abundance, while Native American tribes have their own dragon-like creature, the thunder lizard, symbolizing creation and the Earth’s formation.

Celtic Symbolism of the Dragon

As you may know, I am an ordained Celtic Priestess, and for decades now I’ve worked hand-in-hand with Dragon energy, working with the Dragon ley lines, going deep into the Dragon realm to heal, restore, and draw power. it symbolizes empowerment and is often used for protection. The women in my Celtic Wheel of the Year program Divine Woman Awakening, have all experienced or encountered the power of the dragon at some point during the program.

The Celtic symbolism of the dragon is magical, one of transformation and eternal wisdom. The Celtic Spiritualists respected dragons as forces of nature, the guardians of Mother Earth and all things sacred, and the protectors of nature and all living things. The Dragon has been with us long before the beginning of time and will remain with us long after the new earth, “the original earth” is restored to its highest form.

Ley lines, the Meridian lines that connect all over the earth, were known to the Celtic Spiritualists as Dragon Paths. These ley lines are marked by standing stones, stone circles, cairns, and temples. In my work as an earth healer and geomancer, I’ve led others to work with these ley lines, for healing, restoration, and balance. These powerful underground centers were known as spirals, and the Celtic Spiritualists believed sacred dragons dwelled in these places, in caves, sacred springs, lakes, and mountains, protecting us.

The Dragon and the Divine Feminine

Throughout history, Dragons have often been paired with great, compassionate female leaders, Goddesses, and Divine Feminine Guides such as Quan Yin and Mary Magdalene. I’ve worked in the field of Feng Shui for over 20 years, in that time I’ve traveled to China and I’ve been mentored by Feng Shui Masters from around the world. Quan Yin has been with me this entire time, she has been a guide, a source of empowerment. I’ve always witnessed her with enhanced Dragon energy.

This Year of the Wood Dragon symbolizes the importance of restoring the Divine Feminine to the collective consciousness. In Period 9, the Rise of the Divine Feminine will be a powerful transformation, and the Year of the Dragon supports this feminine energy, and Quan Yin will be highly supportive of this energetic shift. 

The Wood Dragon’s Intentions

Rooted in Earth energy, grounding ourselves becomes essential in the Wood year. In order to grow tall and strong, and to stand in our authenticity like the sacred oak, we need to stay firmly rooted to the Earth, to Gaia, and our energetic environment. To grow tall, like a tree, we must stay firmly rooted, cultivating a routine of practices that ground us and keep us near our Mother. 

In the Year of the Wood Dragon, forgiveness and openness become potent forces that accompany us in our journey to resolution. This may affect relationships by enhancing commitment and healthy communication, alongside a supportive energy for new marriages this year.

How to live intentionally in the Year of the Wood Dragon

The Year of the Dragon invites us to live purposefully, driven by the highest outcomes. It encourages us to be fearless yet mindful, passionate yet patient, honor our sacred rage without allowing it to consume us, shape-shift, master our skills, and welcome the nature of leadership to rise. The Wood element invites us to speak our truth and to stay grounded and clear amidst the year’s strong energy. It is an exquisite balance between the Heavens and the Earth, the ancient wisdom and new energy, a collaboration we are invited to embody in this New Year.  

The Dragon asks us to work with these energies to create a new Earth, the original Earth. To welcome in the light codes down from the heavens and heal the Earth from a physical and planetary aspect. The Year of the Dragon invites us to love ourselves and collaborate fully with Spirit, with the collective consciousness, and with the Divine Energies at work. This year, 2024 invites us to work with the Dragon energy, the Earth Dragon, the Wood Dragon, the Water Dragon, the Dragon realm, and the Dragon spirits that support and carry us through with their sovereign strength. 

Symbolism of the Yang Wood Dragon

The Yang Wood Dragon of 2024 symbolizes transformation, growth, and balance. It encourages us to embrace change, honor our inner energies, and seek harmony between the Divine Masculine and Feminine. Just like the Dragon remains in sacred caves in the underground realm, give yourself plenty of time in the spiritual cave to sit with your soul; reflection is the dragon’s medicine for embodying and consuming with intention this year. The Dragon is sensitive, so reflect before reacting to anything. Do the inner work to remain grounded in the Wood Element and to stay centered for sustainable clarity. 

Nothing is ‘missing’ within; you are whole. The Wood Dragon symbolizes a rebirth within and will embrace you as you are, lifting you in confidence, consciousness, and frequency. This year invites you to nourish your soul, healing the mind and body. It also invites you to put the spirit first; when your spirit is a priority, you will easily set boundaries and avoid anything that depletes your energy.

Connect with the Dragon

In this Year of the Dragon, we are encouraged to delve deep into the Earth’s core to connect with the nurturing essence of the Mother. Let us focus on nurturing our connection with Mother Earth, grounding and harmonizing ourselves with the energies of the emerging New Earth, beckoning us to usher in transformative light codes.

Beloved, the Dragon eagerly embraces these energies and invites you to foster profound connections. Grant yourself the gift of space, practice honesty in your self-reflection, and maintain unwavering dedication to your intentions and aspirations. Remember, you are complete, deserving, and whole. The approaching Year of the Wood Dragon will only amplify your sense of wholeness, empowering you to stand firmly in your truth like never before.

If you long to shift your life, energy, and space, the training offered by the International Feng Shui School can support your energetic evolution and growth of your soul. We guide you to deepened healing and to connect with the Dragon energy of this year, for ultimate support in your life.


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