What is Geopathic Stress & How Does it Affect Us with Alex Stark

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Join us for a captivating yet informative episode about what Geopathic stress is and how it affects us with special guest Alex Stark, a renowned Geomancer, Shaman, Feng Shui Expert, and Architect.

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In short, Geopathic stress refers to disturbances in the earth’s energies that can significantly impact our lives. In this episode, we explore what Geopathic Stress is, how it affects us, and the potential remedies it offers.

Geopathic stress manifests in ways similar to high forms of stress experienced by our bodies, leading to illnesses or imbalances. From sleeplessness and infertility to cancers, headaches, and larger mechanical failures in construction, the negative effects of Geopathic stress are far-reaching, but not impossible to remedy, heal, and cure. The magical component to land healing is that as we heal the land, it heals us in return. 

In this episode, we explore how Geopathic stress can influence the behavior of animals and attract or repel certain behaviors, how humans react to it, and how it can affect us mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. We explore these themes more in our Online Geomancy & Land Healing Certification course, where you can gain practical insights into areas with geopathic stress, implement effective remedies, and utilize dowsing techniques to identify these problem areas. Ultimately, we provide actionable practices on transforming environments to foster support and well-being.

By becoming a skilled geomancer and equipping yourself with the knowledge to remedy geopathic stress, you’ll be able to assist clients struggling with infertility, aid farmers in improving livestock and harvests, and provide valuable support to families experiencing conflicts and challenges among many more benefits. 

Don’t miss this episode as we unravel the mysteries of Geopathic Stress and uncover the transformative power of Geomancy. Tune in to expand your understanding of this field and learn how you can make a positive impact on the well-being of individuals, communities, the collective consciousness, and the environment at large.

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Alex has spent years studying how the Earth connects and communicates with us. He shares deep knowledge about the differences in the land when it is in its natural and healthy state with those that have gone through trauma and pain. He also gives us wisdom on what impacts can be made to the land and how it makes a difference to the people living on it. We uncover interesting knowledge and get to know the land on which we live more. 

Alex Stark is an internationally recognized European Geomancer, Feng Shui master, Architect, Oriental Astrologer, and Native American Earth Healer. As such, he advises on issues of design and placement for built environments and issues on personal transformation. 

Alex is a recipient of a Ford Foundation Scholarship for Cross-Cultural Studies and was named Scholar of the House by Yale University. He’s been a consultant to the United Nations Development Program in Public Health and Regional Planning.

website: www.alexstark.com

Episode #100

In this episode, we chat about…

01:19 What is Geopathic Stress?
07:00 Signs that you may have Geopathic stress in your Environment
10:57 Healing the Self through the Healing of the Land
15:19 The changes you see in yourself, the environment, and the land
18:52 What called you to do this work with the Land?


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