Feng Shui Expert Panel: How to Activate Wealth & Abundance

Feng Shui Expert Panel: How to Activate Wealth & Abundance


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In this episode, our Expert Panel unravels the mysteries for you on how to activate Wealth & Abundance with Feng Shui and set your home & life up for success.

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Join me in this enlightening episode as we welcome four incredible Feng Shui Goddesses: Elke Fingleton, Fionnuala O’Callaghan, Marie-Christine Matos, and Paula Nielsen. These experts are illuminating the world through their teachings, consultations, and innovative approaches to Feng Shui in the modern day. Each with their own unique take on Feng Shui. 

In this back-to-basics discussion, we’ll guide you in cultivating harmony within your home, whether you’re a seasoned expert or a curious beginner. Get ready to thrive as we delve into the transformative power of decluttering and energetically freeing up space in your living environment. Discover the significance of your front door and learn how repairing broken items can bring positive changes to your life.

We’ll explore various areas of the home with Feng Shui and offer practical tips to enhance the energy in different areas of your home. Remember, abundance isn’t solely about wealth—it encompasses happiness, health, joy, wisdom, and more.

Tune in to our expert’s valuable insights on preparing your home for sale, unlocking its full potential to attract the best outcomes and abundance on the property.

Throughout the episode, each of our esteemed Feng Shui Goddesses will share their personal experiences with Feng Shui from their studies all the way to their experiences with clients, illustrating how it can positively influence your life, ushering in abundance, wealth, and overall wellness. Don’t miss this enlightening journey toward transforming your living space and aligning yourself with prosperity and fulfillment.

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This is what my students say about the Feng Shui Master Certification:

Watch Testimonial – Paula Nielsen

Watch Testimonial – Dr. Amy Thornton Lac.

Watch Testimonial – Joanna O’ Kane

Fionnuala O’Callaghan

My true passion is helping others. I am fortunate to have found Feng Shui and the wonderful  FS community whom have supported me on my journey in Feng Shui over the past ten years.

I have transformed my life and have helped others with changing and improving their lives using the Ancient art and science of Feng Shui. This has been a magical time for me, setting up my home to support my endeavors, seeing my relationships, our abundance and flow soar, and connecting with clients and helping them do the same, has been incredibly rewarding.

I am always excited to share my wisdom with anyone eager to listen.

Website: www.artofserenity.ie

Facebook: Fionnuala O’Callaghan Feng Shui

Marie-Christine Matos 

I am a 

  • Professional Coach, adhering to the professional code of ethics of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) 
  • Holistic practitioner specializing in Classical & Intentional Feng Shui, Flower & Vibrational Essences, and Ancestral Healing/Family Constellations 

My philosophy as a practitioner is based on a Heart-centered approach to support one’s journey of transformation. 

I hold a safe, trusting, and confidential space as you walk the spiral of transformation. This path will have clear meadows, forests where not much can be seen but where much is to be discovered, and oceans showing the vastness of what is possible. It may also contain obstacles hiding some unconscious limiting beliefs, values, or patterns. I believe you have the tools to support this journey.

A bit about me personally: 

  • Born and raised in France by Portuguese parents, I have been living in Ireland for 18 years. I live with my partner Jim and our dog Yoda.
  • I hold a Ph.D. in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering degree and have been working in the Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology industry for the past 15 years. I currently hold a Learning and performance manager role.
  • I am passionate about learning and I constantly look for ways to grow and develop as a human being.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +353857133886

FB: SpiralingIntoTheHeart

Elke Fingleton is the founder of Lifepath Designs & Feng Shui, which combines practical sound advice & designs by combining the functionality of Interior Design with a space that feels as good as it looks.

For over 10 years Elke has studied Feng Shui through Amanda, Advanced Feng Shui with Kartar Diamond & Land Healing Geomancy with Alex Stark.

Feng Shui for Therapists classes have transformed waiting, treatment & therapy rooms into ones that clients remember & talk about, empowering therapists & clients to implement this within their own homes.

Elke has a wealth of experience in Feng Shui, Interior Design, Colour & Crystal Therapy, Teaching, Decluttering, Real Estate, Home Staging, Children’s Designs, Project Management, Sustainability & Visual Merchandising

Services include Consultations, coaching, CPD classes & group talks.

“My goal is to change the world one property at a time”.

Website – www.lifepathdesigns.ie

Email – [email protected]

Facebook – Lifepath Feng Shui

Instagram – Lifepath Feng Shui

LinkedIn – Lifepath Designs

Paula Nielsen is a Certified Classical Feng Shui Practitioner & Graduate of the International Feng Shui School. She has also completed two more Feng Shui Certifications, Basic Dowsing and Healing Dowsing. 

She loves Meditation and Space Clearing, which is an important aspect of her consultations. 

She has also done certifications in Crystal therapy, Aromatherapy, and Colour therapy, which she uses to complement her Feng Shui practices. 

Paula has truly found her passion and love for people`s homes and lives working with Feng Shui and dowsing. 

Email: [email protected]

Episode #101

In this episode, we chat about…

00:01:00 Guest Introductions
00:04:21 Where to start in your Home and Environment
00:17:58 Bringing Prosperity into the Home
00:46:29 Embodying the Abundance
01:08:00 In Closing

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