Releasing the Old

Listen in iTunes and Subscribe! The only person who can truly create lasting change in your life is you. In this podcast, we discuss the very powerful topic of truly releasing the old so that we can create space for the new. Releasing the old includes our own patterns, to our own limiting beliefs, to releasing jobs or relationships that are no longer serving us. Listen in to understand how you can identify if you are in this life cycle and how to harness it intentionally to create more ease, compassion, and connection while navigating life’s changes.

Releasing the Old

Episode #9


3:54|Mother Earth is a beautiful teacher for us
6:32|Feel your connection with the Earth
9:49|Feel the source energy coming in through the crown of the head
12:31|Give yourself permission to let go
14:10|Where in your life are you holding on to?
16:10|Just letting go


17:16|Harvesting incredibly delicious blackberries
18:52|I was able to then laugh a bit
20:51|If there was a relationship that wasn’t in alignment
21:48|Know that your thoughts are not you
22:23|You may find that if you’re releasing old patterns and old thoughts
23:34|Identify your patterns
25:40|Decide to make the change
27:17|What happens when uncertainty and insecurity comes up?
28:31|When you feel uncertain about releasing the old
29:42|Notice when you are clinging
31:29|Be present
32:30|Allow yourself to follow your desires
33:17|Spend time in stillness every day
33:52|Clear Clutter
35:42|When you step out of the old ways of life

My invitation to you is give yourself this tremendous gift. 

Love, Amanda

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