Magic & Miracles

Listen in iTunes and Subscribe! In this podcast, we consider the various ways to inhabit a life full of magic and miracles. Learn simple steps and techniques to better support you in aligning with the miracles you are ready to bring into your life. From the power of clarity, to working in your dream states while sleeping, to simply doing more of what brings you joy, living a life full of magic and miracles is available to absolutely everyone in every aspect of their lives. Say yes now!

Magic & Miracles

Episode #8


6:15|Let’s go on a journey
8:28|Make a wish
11:17|All you have to do is trust


13:08|Everything is magical, everything is a miracle
14:08|We know and understand those tools, right?
17:03|Decide you are ready to align with the miracle you desire
17:43|‘Ok, ok. It’s time
19:06|Being clear is really important
19:58|It’s like when you were in bad relationships
20:36|The next thing is thinking and feeling it
21:20|It’s stepping into that abundance within you
21:55|Detach and release
22:50|Use the power of gratitude
23:45|Gratitude journal
24:18|Detach and be in your joy. Have fun!
25:33|Use the power of forgiveness
26:07|Work with miracles in my dream time
27:45|It works
28:40|Allow myself to be guided in the moment
29:27|Be willing to use affirmations
30:23|For example, athletes
31:13|Realize your full potential
32:58|When you’re in your joy
35:08|Q & A

My invitation to you is give yourself this tremendous gift. 

Love, Amanda

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