How to Create a Feng Shui Wealth Vase to Increase Prosperity

This easy DIY Feng Shui ritual will increase abundance and wealth.

Through the art and science of Feng Shui, we create a balance between our home and our lives. We bring a sense of harmony to our environment through subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) adjustments. Feng Shui can help with relationship issues, career challenges, and even financial hardships. 

Today, my beloveds, we are here to discuss Feng Shui and your wealth. There are many ways to encourage wealth and prosperity in your life, such as building a wealth corner, incorporating fountains, or even keeping your stovetop clean and tidy. I would love to teach you another way to invite wealth– a more personal, inconspicuous way: wealth vases.

What is a Wealth Vase?

Wealth vases attract and collect abundance and fortune. They are such a lovely, intentional way to envision goals and desires while encouraging wealth and prosperity in our lives. Wealth vases are meant to be created and left alone for long periods, hidden away from public view. This can be a private and personal endeavor, or you can build one as a family activity. My children love to help me with our annual Feng Shui rituals, and it’s a beautiful opportunity to teach them about intentionality, joy, and of course, Feng Shui.

How to Create a Wealth Vase

There are many interpretations of the steps to creating a wealth vase. However, as long as you follow the basic requirements and make your vase with careful intention, it will serve its purpose. I’d love to know how you get on in making yours unique. Of course, warmest blessings to you, and I’m already celebrating the extraordinary prosperity to come! Follow these simple steps to make your wealth vase:

Find a Vase

There are no specific materials or color specifications for the vase, but it should be wider at the bottom and narrower towards the top. This shape eases the incoming flow of wealth while impeding its exit. The vase must also come with a lid to seal the opening.

You need to find a vase that you are drawn to. Do not pick a vase based on what you think should be chosen– base it on your personal preference. Once you find the perfect fit, you must cleanse the vase of old energy before using it. People often use sandalwood incense for this purpose.

Obtain Soil for the First Layer

Soil is the base layer and represents stability and a solid foundation. You should acquire this soil from somewhere with prosperity and abundance. This could mean many sources, like dirt from a wealthy friend’s property or soil from a thriving public garden. Do not simply take it– remember to ask for permission first.

Collect 5 Kinds of Seeds or Grains

Seeds, grains, beans– it doesn’t matter what you choose as long as there are five varieties. This can mean five seed varieties, five-grain varieties, or even a mix of everything. This layer represents plant prosperity/food abundance. Place into one plastic bag or separate individual types into several plastic bags.

Collect Items that Symbolize Wealth

This step is very open to interpretation! You can include items you feel represent wealth or items (like gold) that traditionally represent wealth. Consider adding crystals, broken gold jewelry, collectors’ coins, or even fake gold bars. Another option is to add three sets of 3 Chinese coins tied together with a red ribbon.

This piece can also include pictures of your wealth goals or wealthy people you admire.

Would you like to own a fancy car?

Travel to a dream destination?

Build the home of your dreams?

Are you trying for a promotion at work?

Is there an upgrade in your home that would be wonderful to have?

Physically represent these goals in a way that’s meaningful to you and include them in your vase.

Build Your Vase

Place all your layers into the vase with a clear and intentional mindset. It is important that you completely fill it! Once filled, seal it with five squares of fabric in this color order: white, yellow, red, green, and blue. White should be the top color. Secure these squares with five different cords of the same colors.

Before You Go

I am excited about your meaningful journey. Welcoming Feng Shui into our lives has many benefits, and our wealth vases add to that. For other wealth-related Feng Shui information, feel free to take a peek here.

Learn how to make a Salt Water Cure here.

Thank you for learning and growing with me!



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