How to Make a Feng Shui Salt Water Cure

Are you eager to clear negative energy from your home? It can accumulate for several reasons, including the trauma of the land your home sits, past broken romantic relationships, recent illness, or from the past inhabitants of your home. Negative energy may manifest as illness, loss of resources, financial challenges, and relationship difficulties.

Beloved, the beautiful truth is you need not feel stuck.

There are ancient rituals you can use to clear the negative energy of your home. Mother Nature gives us invaluable remedies to aid in our physical, mental, and spiritual healing. According to Feng Shui best practices, we can often use items in our pantries or gardens to cultivate balance. A saltwater cure is an easy and inexpensive way to utilize Mother Nature’s gifts to clear the energy of your home. The salt water cure is one of my favorite tools of Feng Shui. I use one each year to rid my home of negative energy and cultivate balance.

What is a Salt Water Cure in Classical Feng Shui?

A saltwater cure is one of the essential remedies in classical feng shui. It has been used for 4,000 years and counters negative chi energy. The feng shui salt cure counters the harmful effects of the annual flying stars #2 black star (illness) and #5 yellow star (illness and loss/misfortune).

In classical feng shui, the saltwater cure needs to be used every year because the flying stars transition annually.

How to Use a Salt Water Cure

Feng shui calculations based on the Chinese solar New Year reveal the locations of the stars for the current year. Find out where the negative stars #2 and #5 have moved. Each flying star has a specific set of energies assigned to it. The saltwater cure counters the negative energies of stars #2 and #5 to keep your home and life aligned with positive energy.

How to Make a Salt Water Cure for Your Home

The affordability and simplicity of a saltwater cure make it a popular choice, even for those who aren’t trained in classical feng shui. Below is a list of needed supplies you likely already have in your home. The video tutorial is also below for your convenience.

I am honored to help you make a saltwater cure, beloveds!


Click the video below to watch step-by-step as my kids help me create our saltwater cures.



A Step-by-Step Guide to Making a Salt Water Cure


Container or jar (preferably glass or ceramic – not metal)
Coarse sea salt (not table salt)
Six brass coins (I-Ching coins or any kind of brass coins)
Purified water


1. Ground your energy by meditating before you begin. The meditation time is an opportunity to call on your spirit guides and ancestors for guidance and protection.

2. Fill jar halfway full with coarse sea salt.

3. Place the six brass coins in a clockwise circular pattern with the yang side facing up (most characters).

4. Pour water into the jar.

5. Leave the jar open.

6. Finally, separate your energy from the saltwater cure by wearing gloves if you have to move the jar to place it in areas of your home where you have annuals 2, 3, 5, and 7. You may also place the saltwater cure wherever you feel negative energy.

Note: This year (2022), you should place the saltwater cures in the West, Northwest, Northeast, Center, and North areas of the home.

Leave your saltwater cure in its place for one year and watch as it transforms! You will be able to see how the energy is cleared. The salt will become dirty as it pulls negative energy from the space and crystalizes.

How to Dispose of Your Classical Feng Shui Salt Water Cure

When a year has passed, you may remove the saltwater cure from its place to prepare for the predictions of the new year. Recycle your saltwater cure’s glass and coins at the end of the year; do not reuse! I recommend wearing gloves as you recycle your saltwater cure to keep any negative energy from transferring to you.

Before You Go

Beloved, I enjoyed sharing this remedy with you. A saltwater cure can become an interactive tradition you share with your children and loved ones. I wish you a joyful and peaceful year ahead.

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Love, Amanda

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