Honoring the Sensual Divine Being

Let’s discuss beautiful and practical ways to honor our sensuality. We go through different stages of our lives and different ways of expression. For me, as a mother, sensuality is so important but sometimes other things come into our lives that take precedence.
When my children are young and breastfeeding, it’s beautiful but there are times in our lives where we are able to express is more in certain ways but not in other ways. Now that my children are a little older, I’m finding that I’m better able to step into my sensuality. Even after having my babies, I had baby weight and it was a real invitation to step into my own self-love and sensuality when my body wasn’t how I was used to seeing it. It was a good opportunity for me to honor my sensuality at that phase in my life.

Some of these experiences invite us to step deeper into our sensuality and some take us further away from it. It’s so important that we are in our sensual selves. We live in a day and age where it’s all about doing. When we are in the doing and controlling, it makes it harder for us to be in that divine sensual flow.

Here are some ways to be in your sensuality:

1. Dress sensually

Dress for yourself sensually in whatever way that means to you. It could mean dressing it beautiful fabrics like silks or satins. It could be more flowing or more fitted. If you’ve gotten in the habit of just throwing on clothes and deciding how you want to feel in them, I invite you to dress in such a way that allows you to connect with your inner sensuality. There might be colors that feel more sensual to you. For example, I feel more sensual when I wear warmer colors.

2. Be present

Allow yourself to be present with your breath, with your senses. Feel the water on you in the shower. Feel your body. Touch it with love. Taste your food. Be present in conversation. Practice mindfulness.

3. The area of creation and sensuality is the yoni

Bring your breath into that whole area and expand your lower belly. Exhale. Inhale and fill that lower belly up. Inhale, “I am” and exhale “sensual.” Bringing awareness to that area can really awaken your sensuality.

4. Engage your sisterhood

Connect with your soul sisters and soul family. When surrounded in a circle or room with sisters with free expression, when you have that connection with your sisters, it really allows you to be in that divine sensuality. Men awaken that as well and there is also something about sisterhood that awakens our sensuality. Arrange sister time whether it be new moon or full moon circles. Come together, light candles, and share. What a beautiful way to express your divinity and sensuality.

5. Self-care

If we are worn out and not caring for ourselves, how can we feel sensual? With young children, it can require the ultimate giving; giving of body and every ounce of energy. Sensuality is about receiving. Self-care is about receiving life force to love and nurture yourself. Get a massage, go to hot springs, a facial, anything for you that feels like self-care where you are receiving and will help fill you up. From there, it’s easier to tap into your own divine sensuality and more readily give.

6. Movement

Move your body! I love NIA. Any fluid movement dancing classes are great or dance at home. You can turn off the lights, with a group, or on your own. Maybe it’s a walk in the forest. Maybe it’s yoga. Feel into your body and whatever type of sacred movement it needs, that’s how you will get in touch with your sensuality. Within moments, my whole energy shifts when I dance or do yoga. There are amazing tools and resources and some are completely free.

7. Allow yourself to be naked

Look at your beautiful body in front of the mirror and love yourself. After having my babies, my belly looked like I was five months pregnant for a year after. Even though it’s easier to say how beautiful you are when you look really good, what an opportunity to look at your body and offer it’s beauty even when it’s not looking exactly how you’d like it to. I still did that practice even when my belly was that way to love and accept myself in all shapes and sizes. I believe a changed body after child birth, wrinkles on the face, or grey hair are all signs of wisdom and living. Lines are expressions of our life experiences and that too, can be sensual. Love and accept every single part of yourself. Take care of yourself. Eat healthy foods and love your skin. I use beautiful organic coconut oil and essential oils. I take care of my physical, emotional, and spiritual body so that I can be even more in love with my body.

8. Sensual eating

Be connected to your sensuality through your food. Examples of this may be through your cooking by chanting or singing, dance while cooking, and be mindful about the foods that you consciously choose to put in your body. Cook with seasonal, colorful foods. Bless your food and actually taste it. Take your time and breathe while eating. Thank you body for digesting the food you consume.

9. Be vulnerable

Receive and share. Cry. Be in an experience. This is a beautiful sensual experience with your partner. When I am vulnerable and I share, it deeps us this deep emotional connection which then allows us to be sensual. Allow yourself to ask for help.

10. Joy

Be in your joy. Dance. Sing. Wear beautiful clothes. Whatever it is that brings you joy, do that as it allows your sensuality to shine.

Love, Amanda

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