It's Your Birthright

It is so important when we realize what truly is our birthright.
For example, you’ve met your soulmate but are having a hard time in your business bringing in prosperity or visa versa. Perhaps you are completely successful in one area and you’ve never even questioned whether or not your are worthy or deserving, you simply know you are. However, another area seems so difficult. Where ever that area is where you have fluidly been successful, that’s the energy you need to bring to every area of your life.
Powerful key points that indicate you are not loving yourself:

Saying to yourself, “I’ll be happy when…” for something that is outside of yourself or in the future.

Whether you’ll reach happiness once you lose weight, have a new car, or when you meet your soulmate, those are all things that are outside of yourself or in the future. It’s basically saying, “I don’t deserve to be happy in this moment.” Happiness is an inside job. Self-love is an inside job. When we are often getting dissapointed around people or feel sensitive, that is us looking outside of ourselves for approval from others. If you notice you often can’t make up your mind about things, are running to healers or psychics, or asking others for advice, that’s a sign that you are seeking outside of yourself and not listening to your own internal voice.

Become more aware of the areas in which you are putting happiness on the shelf until a later date based on an external factor. Create it now. Create that in this moment. Don’t give away your power or your happiness to something you can buy. Having money and things you love is also your birthday and don’t let your happiness be dependent on it.

Be aware of your self-talk. If you notice yourself saying , “Oh, it’s just my luck” or “This is just going to happen to me”, take note of where you are hard on yourself. Be aware of areas where you beat yourself up. That is a really good sign that you are not loving yourself unconditionally.

Here are some simple ways to increase your self-love:

When you wake up in the morning, ask what you are grateful for

Don’t just reach for your phone and electronics. Don’t immediately go reaching for something in the outside world. Tap in first. Tap into your heart and higher self. If I wake up in the morning before my children, the first thing I do is meditate. I connect with my higher self. I fill myself up. Then I might go for a run in nature and connect myself with the earth. Every day I practice self-care. I am mindful each day of any self-talk that I notice within myself.

Part of claiming your birthright is true self-love

When you step into that, you align with Source. The truth is is that Source energy wants for you to have unconditional self-love. When you align with that, the abundance flows. The friendships flow. The loving relationships flow. It could be past patterns that stand in our way as well. For example, perhaps your parents didn’t have a good relationship so you don’t believe it’s possible for you to have a good relationship. For another example, maybe you were told that you were bad when you were younger and you have brought that into your belief system. It’s time to let go of those old belief systems.

Affirmations can be really powerful. Before you can start with affirmations, it’s important to clear about the negative self-talk that you give to yourself. Whether it’s, “I’m not good enough”, “I don’t deserve this”, “I deserve this, but not that”, etc. Pay attention to when you are being self-critical.

Catch yourself when you can

Perhaps you made a mistake, dropped something, forgot something or were late for something and you notice you start beating yourself up. This is a great place to find information about old patterns. Stop in that moment, take a breath, put your hand on your heart, and just as you would to a child you love, do that with yourself. This allows the egoic self-sabotaging beliefs and patterns to dissolve. Those voices and those lies that you tell yourself will get quieter and quieter. That voice and that feeling of unconditional love will grow and evolve.

Find practices that are really nurturing and nourishing to you

Whether it’s reading inspiring books, joining webinars and classes, or perhaps it’s getting therapy for greater support. If you notice are you depressed a lot of the time, that’s a really good sign it might be good to have some expert help. I believe getting expert help is a way of loving ourselves. Know that you deserve that time and that support. Give yourself permission to do what is self-loving.

Step into unconditional love

Stop looking for it outside of yourself. When you truly have it on the inside, it glows and radiates out in the world. We are all these spirits having this human experience. We are in physical bodies to learn, evolve, and grow. If we don’t learn it in this lifetime, we learn it in the next. Support yourself. Give yourself the tools.

When you find areas that you are in self-sabotage, bring awareness to that area and shine the line on it

Then create some affirmation for yourself. For example, “I love myself unconditionally. I deserve to be respected, valued, loved and honored. I deserve abundance and I command it now. I deserve to be with my soulmate. I deserve to have great sex. I deserve to feel amazing in my body.” Create an affirmation that aligns with the state you are creating. That is why Feng Shui can be so powerful as well because you have the opportunity to create a beautiful environment that is honoring self-love.

Come into alignment with your true self. Come into alignment with self-love. It’s as simple as believing that.

Think about the things that you have in your life right now that happened effortlessly

Perhaps it’s was giving birth to multiple children or being a straight A student. Then think about the essence of how it was so naturally created. Give yourself permission to have that in all areas of your life. Give yourself permission to be happy. When you wake up every morning, do whatever it is that feeds your soul. Come into gratitude for what it is that you have in this moment.

Do whatever it is that feeds you

In any moment, you can decide, “The universe supports me. The universe has my back. The universe is supporting me all the time and orchestrating my happiness.” When our own cup is full, then we can be of service to the world and it feels amazing.


Trust that people are good. Trust that the universe is conspiring to support you. Know that happiness is a choice. Twenty percent of our lives are experience and eighty percent is how we choose to respond to those experiences. If something happens like you get a flat tire, and you are in self-love, you are grateful for what does work whether it be that you have a spare or feeling lucky that you have the abundance to buy a new tire. If you aren’t in self-love, you might beat yourself up and then go on a downward spiral for the rest of the day.

Know that happiness is a choice

It’s something that you cannot expect anybody else to do for you and if you are, you will never find it. You can find support and people that facilitate supporting you finding it but no one can create it for you. It is your choice and one you must align with.

May you realize that you are a child of God, magnificent and pure love. You deserve happiness and may you know that you are loved and that the universe just wants to support you. May you be surrounded in white light. May you make a conscious choice and know that whatever in your life you’re ready to bring it, all you have to do is align yourself with that.

Love, Amanda

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