How to Understand Your Intuition: The Golden Thread

An introduction to understanding the power of your inner wisdom.

Are you feeling connected to yourself, your relationships, and the world around you?

As lightworkers, we understand our vibration and thoughts attract our experiences in life. This truth doesn’t mean adverse circumstances come to us because we haven’t done things to appease the universe. Many things are out of our control, but our minds have immense power to bring positive change.

Living from this mindset can be difficult at first but becomes a natural rhythm with practice. Because life’s circumstances are ever-changing, being attuned to our intuition and Source (the spiritual world) keeps us grounded, strengthened, and wise on the choices we should make for the greater good. I love to refer to the story of the golden thread when I am at a crossroads and need to reevaluate my priorities.

If you are looking to reconnect with self and Source, you will appreciate this story and find it as a helpful tool to recenter in uncertain times.

What is the Golden Thread?

In Greek mythology, Queen Pasiphaë gave her Son of Zeus the magical thread to assist him on his heroic journey into the labyrinth, representative of life. The thread would allow him to remain connected to the spiritual world and guide him on his journey. 

We also have a connection to Source and wisdom that we may access at any point to keep us aligned during our journey. Beloved, the golden thread represents your intuition, the inner voice whispering to you that sometimes you choose to ignore. This voice is the higher self, the higher conscious level of yourself that comes straight from Source and flows directly from the Universe. Following that golden thread allows you to truly stay on the path meant for you and in your purpose. Understanding the beautiful web of the universe will enable us to live a magical and peaceful life regardless of external circumstances.Connecting to Your Inner Wisdom

Sometimes we think we can state what we want and go straight towards it. However, usually, the universe has a plan. It isn’t always the plan that we think we need or want. We can start to force things and get rigid in thinking that something must turn out a certain way. In moments like these, it can feel that we are destined to remain in a place of discontentment. The power of the visual of the golden thread, your intuition, reminds you of what is essential.

How to Know When You are Connected to Your Intuition

Let’s discuss what it feels like when you have genuinely connected to your intuition, your inner guidance. When you’re in alignment with your inner wisdom, you’ll experience some or all of the following physical and emotional byproducts:

Comfortable in your body–you will breathe deeply and peacefully. You feel a softness in your body depending on where you tend to hold stress. Your shoulders, jaw, and neck may feel more relaxed than usual. 

Enhanced senses–everything around you may look brighter. Your sense of smell, taste, and touch are enhanced– a beautiful sign you are living from a place of connectedness and joy.

The physical manifestation of peace– I always know when I’m so clear on something when I get goosebumps, or as I call them, the “God-bumps.” It’s that tingling, that sensation when perhaps someone says something to you, or you receive some inner guidance, and you just know on every level that it is your higher guidance. You feel a deep sense of peace in your body. 

Better focus and productivity– Your ability to focus and be in a productive flow is better when you align with your intuition. Creativity comes more naturally, and you get satisfaction from your work.

Signs You are Disconnected From Your Highest Self

We have all experienced feelings of discontentment, restlessness, and unmotivated. When we think of the golden thread, we can notice these moments of disconnection more easily.

Discomfort in your body–when you ignore your intuition, you may feel tightness in your muscles. You may notice you take small, shallow breaths rather than deep, nourishing breaths. Decreased energy, stomach pain, headaches, and nausea are indicators that you are disconnected.

Signs from the universe to align–when you’re not living in sync with your intuition, the universe will send messages, attempting to pull you back into yourself and your purpose. Suddenly, you may find that mundane everyday tasks present you with powerful reminders for you. Someone unexpected may reach out with a profound word of encouragement without knowing your struggles.

Deeply rooted stress– you may feel like you need to control everything and as if there isn’t enough time in the day to complete your work. You can feel as if you’re only a distant observer of your life. A common sign you aren’t connected to your intuition is the desperate need to ask for everyone’s opinion before making decisions. If seeking others’ opinions before acting is a struggle for you, I recommend reading my post on co-dependency to see if it resonates with you.

Things That May Be Keeping You Disconnected

Becoming disconnected from our intuition is part of the human experience. During stress, exhaustion, and grief, we can feel that we are not at home within ourselves. Although this is an ordinary and universal truth, unhealthy habits can keep us in a constant state of disconnection. It’s essential to be mindful and truthfully assess these areas so we can seek support if we find that we are remaining disconnected.

Holding Onto Childhood Trauma
It’s time to let go of any old stories where you were the victim. Even though they may have happened to you as a child, you don’t have to hold onto it or carry it anymore. How can we truly be connected to our hearts when attached to that pain? It’s time to release that and decide that it’s no longer holding you prisoner and you are choosing a more peaceful path. Release old beliefs about yourself—even the need always to have your mind on “productive mode.” Beloved, I encourage you to listen to my podcast episode How We Heal if this speaks to you.

If you want to be connected, you have to create space for quietness. It doesn’t have to be meditation. Find what feels good.

Not Forgiving Yourself Or Others
Start a forgiveness ritual. Perhaps every night before you go to sleep, offer forgiveness, be it to yourself or somebody who may have said something to you that day that hurt your feelings. Offer forgiveness to them. If there are parents, siblings, friends from childhood, every night, offer forgiveness. Then get to the stage where you show love, acceptance, and understanding.

Self-Harm Or Numbing
Forms of self-harm or numbing such as alcohol, overeating, overworking, or any of these addictive behaviors are attempts to remain disconnected from your intuition. Moderation is fine, but to the degree, you use such things to numb yourself that it’s virtually impossible to connect to your higher self. If you’re going to get addicted to something, let it be meditation, breath, or being out in nature. You will know that you’re not connected to your higher self when you always ask for approval and not look inside yourself. One of my favorite sayings is, “What you think of me is none of my business.”

Staying Busy Without Giving Space For Quiet Time
I understand that many things such as a family, job, taking care of our homes, friends, working out, and self-care fill our daily schedules.  However, when we refuse to create a quiet space, how can we hear that inner voice. Lack of self-care is also a way that we block connection with ourselves. Suppose we live our lives from a place of exhaustion that turns into resentment. These are the things that keep us from being deeply connected.

Daily Practices for Reconnecting to Your Intuition

Seeing Things From A Bird’s Eye View
If big things are going on in your life and you want to tap into your intuition, take time to connect. Allow yourself to gain perspective as your higher self looks down on the situation. Remove yourself from its emotion, rise above it, and see it for what it is. When there is a challenging situation to find clarity around, give space, whether it be to that person or situation. When you’re talking to your intuition, you can’t be anything but honest because you are looking yourself deeply into the soul.

Meditate 10 Minutes Every Day
If it’s not meditation, find what your peaceful activity is and dedicate at least 10 minutes a day to doing it. If you want to go deeper and deeper into your higher self, it’s essential to come into stillness. You may do this by lighting a candle, painting, or spending time in nature. I invite you to download this meditation Deeply Connecting with Your Higher Self to guide you back to the golden thread each day.

Regularly Check In With Yourself
Check in with yourself for every decision you make. We are quick to say ‘yes’ to things and answer right away, but we may not be in alignment with us. If you are one of those people who are always quick to say yes, I invite you to start changing those patterns.

For every single decision, even if it seems small, I invite you to ground, connect to your higher self, and check in. Take time. Permit yourself to take time to get back to people and their requests. You can sit with it and be with it, rather than rushing around and being in that state of busyness. Over time, the more that you stop and listen to your inner voice, the more natural this will become.

It may feel bizarre at first. Every time you follow that small message, it leads to the following message and the next. Suddenly, you observe that golden thread, and it will take you to an amazing way of life.

When the decisions get big, and you have fear around it, it takes even longer. Go even deeper into yourself, meditate, and journal. Journaling allows your hand to be a secretary straight through your higher self. I think it’s way more powerful to write than type on a computer. You will be amazed at what can come through on that paper.

Connect, connect, connect, and the answers will always be there.

You must practice.

Talk to yourself through journaling, through the silence, even in your dream time.

Have A Dream Journal By Your Bed
Before you go to sleep, ask for guidance on whatever you seek advice about. Allow that to come through. When you wake up, write that dream down. You will be amazed by what comes through.

Listen to Your Body
Listen to your body when you make decisions. Notice if you feel a tightness in your chest, shoulders, or gut. There is a reason why it is called our ‘gut instinct.’ When you meet somebody, do you ever notice that you round over your shoulders even though they are all smiles? Do you see that your throat feels stuck? You feel the energy. Even if they smile at you, you know that maybe it’s not the highest vibration being exchanged. Do not ignore that, and do not second guess yourself. There are so many ways that spirit connects with us and give us messages every day when you are open. You have to choose to be available in your body, mind, and soul.

Pay Attention to the Universe’s Messages
If you just keep hearing the same message from different people, that’s usually your higher self trying to get through. Notice the numbers you see and be curious about what the numerology may be. That’s a way for your higher guidance to be able to reach you. It’s a way of following the golden thread and the magic of life. Be open to the power of these messages that come to you. Be able to decipher between your inner voice and those outer voices. When I say you keep hearing the same news from people, it could be that you pass a homeless person on the street and exchange a smile, and they say one sentence to you. That could be the most powerful sentence you have ever heard in your entire life. It could change your life forever. It doesn’t have to be some guru or some old sage you visit. It could be some little child that says something. Children are so connected to Source that the more we can connect with our inner child, the more and more connected we are to our higher selves.


Before You Go

Your intuition will start quietly. The louder you listen, the louder gets louder. You use the weight every day and build muscle, and there will be so many rewards. 

My invitation to you is to come home to yourself. 

Our physical body is the temple, but it is a spirit inside it. It’s a matter of allowing yourself to feel peaceful within yourself, where the stillness comes from. If you are someone who that is hard to do, that means that you need it even more.

Beloved, self-compassion is essential as you learn to follow the golden thread. You may read my blog post about the importance of self-compassion here.

Love, Amanda

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