The Relationship School with Jayson Gaddis

Listen in iTunes and Subscribe! Are you happy with the communication and flow of your relationship? Are you getting your needs met? Beloveds this is such an important topic. We can all improve our relationships as spiritual practice, for our growth and our happiness. Jayson Gaddis is an expert on the topic and he shares his most valuable tips and tools. He is such a joy to listen to, a man that is channeling the healthy masculine to help us all have better relationships. Jayson offers us amazing and effective tools for dealing with conflict, respecting one another and ourselves in relationship. Learn how to get your needs met while offering the same to your partner.

Jayson Gaddis is a relationship student & teacher, author, host of the Smart Couple Podcast, and founder of The Relationship School. He is on a mission to teach people the one class they didn’t get in school– “How to do intimate relationships”. That’s why he founded The Relationship School. He was emotionally constipated for years before relationship failure forced him to turn his life over to learning about relationships. Now, he’s been married to his amazing wife since 2007 and has two beautiful kids.

Jayson’s Links:

Link to his Book on Amazon: The Smart Couple Quote Book: Radically Simple Ways to Avoid Pointless Fights, Have Better Sex, and Build an Indestructible Partnership
The Podcast: The Smart Couple Podcast

The Relationship School
with Jayson Gaddis

Episode #48

In this episode we chat about:

3:47|Creating safety in relationship
5:37|Inner journey to self-love
7:58|Common relationship mistakes
10:31|Conflict in relationship
16:44|Knowing yourself
17:44|Tools to ease conflict
21:00|Fear of losing yourself
27:00|Open your heart

My invitation to you is give yourself this tremendous gift. 

Love, Amanda

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