So what is this Feng Shui anyway? This remarkable science from ancient China shows us how to create prosperity, health, love and contentment through our environment. By making changes to our space, we affect changes in our life. I started practicing Feng Shui by instinct as a child and young adult. After a handful of people asked me who “Feng Shuid” my house, I became fascinated with studying this remarkable discipline with China’s great living masters. After fifteen years, I am still amazed at how regularly clients report a promotion, life partner, pregnancy or other big breakthrough once they Feng Shui their house. The corporations I consult report higher morale, productivity and success. Here’s some of the ways you can Feng Shui with me!

$325|USD|Per hour with a two-hour minimum for the initial visit
$895|USD|Per 5 sessions / Save $230!
$175|USD|Per session with a one-year investment. Receive a session once a month for a full year / Make 12 monthly recurring payments and save $600!

We meet for one hour through videoconference or phone call.
Group coaching also available through my on-line courses or events page.

Feng Shui Consults

I do personalized consults for individuals, families, organizations and companies to enliven everything from health to wealth, pregnancy to productivity. Two remarkable things happen: As you change your outer environment, positive changes happen in your life, such as mending a relationship or getting a promotion. Your inner environment of thought and emotion shifts too. You may feel calmer, friendlier, more accepting or motivated, depending on where you’ve been stuck. I also help people choose an auspicious date for a special event and use classical Feng Shui principles to review a home they’re thinking of buying or renting.

Feng Shui School

If Feng Shui intrigues you, join us for a fascinating journey of discovery. Our Master Feng Shui Certification Training will teach you the techniques and skills to transform your home, workplace and life — and help others do the same. I founded the International Feng Shui School in 2008, which is now ranked a gold level program with the International Feng Shui Guild. (In other words, it gets the highest marks possible!) Not only will you learn the theories and practices of Feng Shui, you’ll feel the palpable connections between self, others, the earth and the cosmos. Feng Shui explores the flow of energy. When we open up energy pathways, we connect to something both tangible and celestial. Our mission is to help raise the level of consciousness, person by person, and the vibration of the planet, home by home.

Feng Shui Talks

I love giving talks on all the ways this 5,000-year-old science can boost your health, income, relationships and home. I customize content for your group or company, such as Feng Shui for wealth, weddings or romance, as well as cleaning out the clutter. Bank of America, DreamWorks, Hewlett Packard and the Holistic Living Expo San Diego are among my previous speaking engagements.

Consultations include the following elements:
  • A short interview and quick tour of the premises;
  • Walking the grounds outside your home to analyze the surroundings;
  • Determining the orientation of the building;
  • Taking exact magnetic compass readings;
  • Determining the best directions for the occupants;
  • Walking through the home to review the interior and ensure that the floor plan is correct;
  • Reviewing and analyzing the findings based on Classical Feng Shui principles;
  • Explaining findings and providing recommendations.
  • You will need to provide the following elements:
  • A detailed floor plan drawn to scale showing all doors and windows. The plan should be no larger than 11″ x 17″; 8.5” x 11” is preferred. If you do not have a floor plan, allow extra time for one to be drawn during your appointment.
  • The year of your home’s construction and the years of any major reconstruction or additions. The accuracy of these dates is crucial to ensure that you are advised with the appropriate elemental Feng Shui remedies. To find the year of construction, first check your deed or ask your realtor or landlord. The best sources to identify the year of construction include your county property tax assessor’s office, city building permit office, or a real estate title company’s customer service department.
  • The birth dates of permanent residence occupants.
  • The completed questionnaire.
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