The Ultimate Period 9 Feng Shui Preparation


This year we are providing Feng Shui consultants two decades of success with the Period 9 preparation, the Phoenix rising from within, Bazi 4 Pillars for Period 9 and 9 Star Ki combined with Feng Shui Preparation for the powerful Dragon realm energy, supporting our 2024: Year of the Wood Dragon class!

What’s included in the Class?
We’re happy you asked. This class and all the resources provided will guide you into all the necessary preparations for Period 9 AND provide you with the resources you need to propel your clients into a thriving, magical, and energetically balanced home and life in 2024.
For only $495, you get:

  • All Flying Star combinations for Period 9: From 2024 – 2044
  • A complete guide on understanding the difference between Periods 8 and 9
  • How to help your clients buy and sell homes & businesses successfully
  • Live webinar with Feng Shui combinations for Period 9
    And Feng Shui Predictions for 2024
    Including step-by-step instructions on cures and enhancements for your home (recorded).
  • 2024 e-Book: Feng Shui Forecast for the Year of the Dragon
  • Workbook with 12 Months of Flying Stars
  • How to create affirmations to soar in 2024
  • Audio Download MP3 of what to expect in 2024
  • Financial, relationship, and health forecast based on the Chinese Horoscope for the 2024 Year of the Dragon
  • Feng Shui Foundations:

The Five Elements | The Three Cycles | The Trigrams | Floor Plans and Dividing floor plans | How to Lay the Pie Chart over a Floor Plan

  • Feng Shui Self-Help
    How to raise the Vibration in your home | Creating a Vision Board
  • The Forgiveness Toolkit: Equipping Yourself for Alignment
    Including practices, meditation, exercises, and preparation to release pain and forgive, to step into the ultimate cosmic alignment.
  • The Boundaries Blueprint:
    Including a guide, intuitive practices, meditation and self-love practices to allow you a full blueprint of healthy boundaries, and how to prepare for, impliment and sustain them.
  • Grounded Flow: Finding Equilibrium in Period 9
  • Meditations and Pranayama
  • Nine Star Ki for the Year of the Yin Wood Dragon 2024 with Natalie Vail
  • Bazi 4 Pillars Preparation for Period 9: 2024 – 2044
    Bazi is where astrology meets Feng Shui, in this class you will receive the ultimate astrology preparation, preparing you with the potentialities for you and your client as individuals, giving them a roadmap to success using the Bazi 4 Pillar system.

This class, and the additional resources provided, will give you all the tools you need to serve your clients successfully in 2024 and beyond!

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