Spiral 4 Imbolc


During Imbolc, we can peep through the snow and see glimpses of sun rays peeking out with promises of spring. Mother Nature is preparing for a new life in the coming months. Seeds are nestled into their beds and growing daily. Animals are growing their young in their wombs to deliver in spring. This is an exciting time in nature and we can see it reflect in flora, in fauna, and in the energies we feel just before spring.

Imbolc is a time when we can focus on deepening the healing and growth that has already taken place. We work with the land through dowsing, energy lines, and recognizing geopathic stress. We’ll connect with Goddess Brigid and practice the Fiery Arrow ritual; emotional healing through purification and growth takes place during these rituals and we extend it into simplified exercises. We also heal the Yin and Yang, integrating the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine into a beautiful balance. After the inner healing practices, we’ll work through space-clearing techniques and perform a cord-cutting ceremony to release that which has held us back.

If you’re longing to bring the to light the gifts you grew and cultivated in the dark, then this is the season for you!

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