Spiral 1 Autumn Equinox


Are you ready to shed what no longer serves you?

At this point in the Celtic Wheel, we work through rituals, altar-building and co-creating with the monthly moon cycles. We work through self-compassion & self-acceptance, and healing the womb from any past trauma while working with holistic tools to flow naturally with our menstrual cycles. This is a time to process emotions, reflect and connect with the earth, Source, and your inner Goddess. We prepare to receive the abundance of the new Celtic year by releasing the old and creating an inviting space within ourselves for the new.

You will learn about:

• The monthly Moon cycles
• Rituals and Altar builing
• Womb Healing
• Meditations
• Mantras & Chants
• Processing through your Emotions and Awakening to Freedom

As the year wanes and darkness begins to prevail over daylight, the Autumn Equinox provides us with the ideal opportunity to let go of the burdens that have weighed us down.

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