How Meditation Can Improve Your Health and Increase Your Happiness

Take charge of your emotions, beloved.

Find your inner peace while improving your physical health. Channel your potential and control your focus. Meditation can truly change your life for the better, and I would love nothing more than to watch that happen for you.

The goal of meditation is not to change who you are as a person. It’s meant to redirect your thoughts- train your mind to be more self-aware and present. The life surrounding us is full of lovely things and people; we shouldn’t let ourselves be distracted by the negative.

Meditation allows us to focus on the positives and take a deep breath away from daily chaos.

Ironically, you could get lost or overwhelmed in the world of mindfulness. There are many ways out there to meditate and even more people telling you how to do it. I have plenty of resources to get you started, and you’ll have my continual support through your journey!

So, what benefits does meditation have on our health and happiness? There are so many- Just another reason why there’s no risk in simply trying it out!

Meditation can help you sleep
Consistently meditating can improve an essential aspect of our lives: sleep. Without proper rest, our overall health isn’t at an optimal level. With poor sleep comes moodiness and a lack of concentration, not to mention it is hard on our bodies. It has been shown that experienced meditators show enhanced REM sleep and less random awakenings throughout the night. Meditation has also been linked to a decrease in non-REM sleep.

Meditation can help your attention span and self-awareness
It is said that humans are lost in thought almost 47% of the time. Imagine how much time is wasted in this manner! How much of your time has been spent with your mind drifting aimlessly? And what could you do with all that time if you got it back?

Meditation=mindfulness: it can center you and give you a healthy sense of perspective. With more mindfulness comes more productivity and ultimately a lack of stress about where our time is wasted.

Meditation can help your work-life
When participants practiced meditation for eight straight weeks (multiple times a week), studies found that there was a decrease in work-related stress and an increase in concentration. In additional studies, it has been shown that memory function and creativity improve with consistent meditation as well. All these factors can contribute to a better work-life. Even though work-related stress is inevitable for many people, meditation is a wonderful way to combat these issues and take control of your environment.

Meditation can help with stress and your mood
Something that impacts almost every area of our lives is stress. Many of us know stress can negatively affect our mood, relationships, and physical health.

Did you know, though, that meditation has been known to decrease the inflammatory response caused by stress? One study even showed a link between meditation and increased thickness of the prefrontal cortex.

What does this mean? It’s a fancy way of saying meditation can help better regulate negative emotions! It has also been linked to decreasing cortisol levels (the primary stress hormone) and blood pressure. Many people take medications to combat stress and anxiety, but what if we could significantly help ourselves through meditation instead? What a beautiful and straightforward way to help our bodies and minds naturally heal.

I could go on and on about the tremendous benefits of meditation, but I’ll let you try it out for yourself!

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Love, Amanda

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