Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse Meditation

Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse Meditation and Ritual

Some rituals that you can do at the time of the lunar eclipse:

This is a very sacred day. It is very important to honour this sacred day with meditation, ritual and ceremony, and to do whatever you feel in your heart that you need to do, to honour this day. If you are affected by the full moon or the new moon, it is important to use meditation, or other tools that I will share with you today, in order to rebalance. In this video I share some rituals that you can do at any time, but especially at the time of the lunar eclipse.

  • First, I take you through a meditation/visualisation that will allow you to let go of whatever it is you want to let go of and release. We go on a journey under the full moon and into a cave where you can experience the power to transmute and release your blocked energies. The energy from the eclipse will allow you to fully release.
  • It is very important work on your energy field, to cleanse your energy, especially at times like this. Close your eyes and imagine a beautiful waterfall of white light flowing all over your entire body, cleansing your energy field. You can do this visualisation at any moment of any day.
  • Another ritual you can do at this time, or at any time, is to connect with Mother Earth. Hug a tree, walk barefoot in the sand and grass, jump into the ocean. Connect and deepen your relationship with Mother Earth.
  • Self-care is another very important ritual. Have a cup of tea, have a bath, a massage, do yoga, do whatever self-care is to you. Self-care is self-love. It is important to practise self-care regularly and especially at this time. Drink lots of water. Try drinking warm water with lemon first thing in the morning. It is amazing for your skin and it cleanses the blood.
  • Charging your crystals under the full moon is another ritual and ceremony that you can do at this time. If there is a friend or family member whom you would like to create some healing with, put a photo of you and them out under the full moon. Or write a special letter to them, sharing whatever you need to share with them, and maybe a response you might like to receive.
  • Cleanse the energy of your home and your own aura with sage. Remember first to ground your energy with the earth and surround your energy in the beautiful white light.

Love, Amanda

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