Spiral 8 Lughnasadh


What is Lughnasadh / Lammas? 

Lughnasadh is a point on the Celtic Wheel, a festival that ushers in the beautiful celebration of the second harvest. Looking at the land, everything is ripened, and the sun is at its hottest. Nature is wholly open to the light–and the sacredness of fertility, sovereignty, and growth is palpable. This is a time when we reap the fruits of seeds we had sown in love and spirit. We accept and let go of expectations from others and ourselves, this is a true representation of the unconditional love we deserve from ourselves.

Let Lughnasadh / Lammas be the start of your profound spiritual awakening. Sign up now and embrace the abundance of wisdom, healing, and growth that awaits you.

Learn how to build altars, connect with Goddess Danu, reflect on the fruits of your inner work and find comfort in the guidance of Lughnasadh that will act as a light throughout the colder months ahead, among much, much more. I want to support you during this season, to thrive in your soul’s second harvest! You deserve a life that nurtures and uplifts you, allowing the seeds of your spiritual path to blossom, bear fruit, ripen and be harvested in thriving success!


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