Spiral 7 Summer Solstice


What is Summer Solstice?

The summer solstice is the turning point of the year when the sun shines brightest. This season brings energy, inspiration, outwardness, manifestation, and transformation.  We feel the heat increasing, the sun’s rays forming trails as it reaches its peak in the sky. It is a time of abundance, fertility, expansion, passion, movement, and sustainability. Allowing our wildness to surface–unapologetically and unhindered. As the warm, bright days envelop us in their sunrays, we are reminded of the wild, untethered spirit. The Summer Solstice awakens our natural inhibitions, dreams, and desires.

In this season of brilliance and illumination, did you know that you can join me for this spiral and activate your inner radiance?

I want to celebrate your journey during the Summer Solstice. My intention is to provide you with the necessary tools for empowerment, enabling you to thrive and embrace your inner strength. You deserve a life that nurtures and uplifts you, allowing your brilliance to shine brightly during this time of abundance.


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