New Year of the Snake: A Feng Shui Guide to 2025


What are the key takeaways from The Feng Shui Year of the Snake Class?
Join our live class or watch the recording to receive:

  • How to enhance your home according to the Year of the Snake
  • Feng Shui Predictions for the 2025 Year of the Snake
  • Feng Shui remedies & cures for an optimized 2025
  • Feng Shui Flying Stars for 2025
  • Feng Shui Printable Calendar for 2025

In this course, you will receive valuable resources, guidance and a LIVE class delicately designed to improve your home, life and business. You will receive powerful Feng Shui & Astrology guidance for the Year of the Snake to transform the energy in your environment, igniting your manifestations in 2025.

If you feel restless or you want to understand the shifts about to happen, this course is for you. You could unlock the mysteries and be fully prepared for the new year!


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