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Amanda Sophia and Laura Swan

Priestess Remembrance

Women’s Circle

Unveil the Echos of your Inner Shadow

Are you ready for a magical and mystical night of support, connection & ritual?

Join Amanda Sophia & Laura Swan in an evening of magic, ceremony, support, guidance, and release. Work with your ancestors, guides, and the Divine to rejuvenate your soul in Samhain 2023!

Are you ready for a night of support with Soul-Sisters?

Your soul sister support circle awaits…

Embark on a transformative journey with Amanda Sophia and Laura J. Swan as they invite you to an enchanting evening of profound connection, healing, support, and enchantment. This year, they extend their warm embrace to their soul-sisters in California, offering an opportunity to delve into the depths of Samhain Energy. Renowned for their exquisite Priestess Remembrance Retreats in Ireland, Amanda and Laura will provide a tantalizing glimpse into the magical and sacred space they create within their circles. Prepare to be captivated by the mystical ambience as you immerse yourself in this unforgettable experience of unity, spirituality, and feminine empowerment.



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When & Where?

Powur HQ

5850 El Camino Real SUITE 100 Carlsbad, California, USA.

November 2nd, 5pm-9pm

    Unite in the cosmic dance of divine Femininity

    Women's Circle

    What you can expect…

    • Meditation, chanting and connection.
    • Guide you through the meaning of Samhain
    • Intention setting
    • Ritual and Ceremony
    • Ancestral Work
    • Connection with like-minded women

    In this supportive and nurturing space, you can expect a rich tapestry of experiences that will deepen your connection to yourself, the cycles of nature, and the collective feminine energy. Through ritual and ceremony, we will honor our ancestors and acknowledge the wisdom they impart. This ancestral work will bridge the past and present, offering us insights and guidance for our journey ahead. Above all, this women’s circle provides a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded women who share a passion for personal growth and spiritual expansion.


    Women's Circle
    Yellow Flowers women

    After our circle from 5-8 pm, we will continue bonding and celebrating together, deepening the connections forged throughout the evening. Join us for a soulful and enriching experience during this sacred time of Samhain.

    Samhain marks the start of the descent into the darkness and is the place we must willingly turn towards so we can truly discover who we are. Here we explore and heal the ancestral lineage, including inviting healing to our ancestral wounds.

    We will focus on the energies of Samhain, how we can incorporate this power into our daily practices and how we can embrace it during the time when the veil is at its thinnest. If you long to ignite ancestral healing in your life, then this evening is for you.


    What should you bring with you?

    – A journal/notebook and pen
    – A refillable water bottle to reduce the use of plastic cups



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    Amanda Sophia - Celtic Priestess

    What is a Priestess?

    In the depths of every woman lies the enchantment of a Priestess…
    An extraordinary force resides within her, brimming with wisdom, boundless love, and the magic of healing, eager to be shared.

    A sacred flame of passionate love dances within her heart and soul, burning brightly… Now is the time to REAWAKEN and return to your authentic essence, at long last. An awakening that unveils the profound truth hidden within, empowering you to shape your reality, according to your own sacred whispers.

    Unleash the currents of fierce love that surge through your veins, ready to transform your world. This essence awakens and ascends within the souls of all women, resonating deeply within YOU.

    Let your light illuminate the path for others to follow, inspiring them to embrace their own divine essence. Are you ready to awaken your flame?

    Why do we look to the Celtic Wheel?

    We use the Celtic Wheel of the Year as a beautiful guide and invitation to connect more to the Mother. The twelve months of the year are split into eight segments – seasonal festivals, two solstices, two equinoxes, and the midpoints between them. All the spokes on the wheel last for six weeks. Nature invites us to look to her and adjust our internal and external rhythms to mirror hers. We learn that time is cyclical, as it teaches us about death and rebirth.

    The beauty is that the Celtic Wheel can be used at any point in your life. You could be in the height of summer, yet need to call upon your own inner solstice to make sense of certain experiences. Nature beckons us to look at life in a more cyclical than linear manner.

    Celtic Wheel Amanda Sophia

    Your Guides in the Circle…

    Amanda Sophia

    Amanda Sophia

    A Celtic Priestess, inspirational speaker, self-love guide and Feng Shui Master. She founded the International Feng Shui School and training program, which offers in-person and online certification courses. Amanda created the Inner Circle of Wisdom as a source of support, inspiration and friendship to help you find your own joy, invite miracles and live your greatest self. You can access her latest videos, webinars, podcasts, meditations and on-line community anywhere in the world. Amanda also leads sacred journeys around Ireland, tapping into ancient ritual with an uncanny ability to make modern-day magic.

    Laura Swan

    Laura J. Swan

    Laura J. Swan, MA, CHLC, E-RYT is a devoted wife and mother, a trained Depth and Archetypal Psychotherapist and Transformational Coach, and a passionate advocate of women’s healing and empowerment. She has been a Priestess and Ceremonialist leading women’s circles since she was 16 years old, and is now an author and speaker who has been mentoring women and girls to find their authentic voice, purpose, and power for over 17 years. She leads retreats and workshops internationally, and provides a variety of online leadership and empowerment programs for women, leaders, and heart-centered entrepreneurs all over the world. She currently lives with her husband, Jonathan, their two children and dog Athos in Encinitas, CA.

    Laura Swan

    Take a Journey with us…

    The Land is our Healer & Teacher Retreat

    November 2023

    Desert Image Land Healing

     Join Amanda Sophia & Alex Stark as they guide you through ancient land healing and geomancy practices, while you stargaze and marvel at meteorites. Our retreat is designed for anyone who wants to experience the power of the earth and learn how to work with the collective consciousness to heal and transform the land and her people.

    The Priestess Remembrance Retreat

    Summer 2024

    Women circle Priestess Remembrance with Amanda Sophia and Laura Swan

    Join Amanda Sophia & Laura Swan for a sacred journey of remembrance as we invite you to empower the leader, healer, wise woman, and priestess within yourself. Embark on a transformative experience that takes you to the heart of the sacred feminine, where you can wander through the sacred sites of Ireland and discover the profound magic that resonates within the land.

    Karen Goldstein

    If you are looking for a life-changing journey of self-discovery and connection to a beautiful land and sisters, then this is the one for you! You will be blown away in love with life and forever changed.


    Gia George

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