Priestess Awakening

A year and a day

Priestess Awakening Journey And Initiation

The training is based on Celtic Wisdom and the Celtic Wheel with ancient Celtic wisdom, mythology and Goddesses.

Amanda Sophia - Priestess
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Beloved Sister

In a world that’s moving faster than ever, I sense a deep collective longing for women to come together in sacred space learn ancient ways of being and weave them into their present-day life.

This is a year-long commitment to yourself, your spirit the Goddess for your own awakening. To learn, play, express, explore, reconnect, remember and reawaken your Inner Priestess. Claim your right to live from a place of sovereignty, connectedness, and joy.

For lifetimes, you have walked as a Priestess. Now is the time for you to walk this path with true sovereignty. You’ve come to the right place to heal old wounds, stoke your inner magic, bring the sacred into everyday life, create a home that’s your personal palace. You are unconditionally Loved. And you are Love itself.

All the Great Goddesses are welcoming you to take your place in the world that place of returning to that deep inner wisdom. Reconnect with the Earth. Remembering that we are a part of Nature and that our cyclical rhythms wax and wane, like the Moon herself. Awaken your sensual self.

If you are receiving an INNER YES, a soul calling its vital to follow this.

As you awaken from this slumber to come into full alignment of the truth of who you are and what your path is as a priestess.

Moon Cycles

Ancient wisdom for a modern-day world

It’s time to reawaken, reconnect, reignite the Goddess within you.

Whether you’re a single, married, a career woman, mother, healer or changemaker, this immersive experience will nourish your soul and support you to step into your highest self.

An awakened woman knows how to create sacred space inside her home and also knows that her home is something inside of her.

  • Honour your inner wild woman
  • Speak your truth and own your voice
  • Awaken your femininity and power
  • Become a conduit of love
  • Allow your sensuality to run through you.
  • It is your birthright as a woman to be connected, vibrant, free and empowered, and it’s up to you to reclaim that
  • Opens your intuitive super-powers
  • Connects us with the cycles and rhythms of the earth
  • Magnifies the power of our intentions
  • Bridges ancient rituals to this modern world
  • Employs sacred rituals that create magic and miracles in today’s reality
  • Helps us remember that we are part of something so much bigger
  • Reinforces our sense that we are children of the universe
  • Reminds us we are the same energy as the sun, stars and cosmos

Greetings Priestesses!

I believe joy is our birthright.

So are joy’s counterparts, magic and miracles. But through life’s challenges, we can lose sight of our essential natures and have to find our way back home.

As a working mom, I understand how we can forego self-care and forget self-love amid a big project, a basket full of muddy laundry, or a life crisis.

I also know we can reclaim our joy every day—living with the playfulness of a child, the love of a mother, and the wisdom of a goddess.

We are on this earth to live and love fully, to find what lights us up, and share that light authentically with others. As we find peace within ourselves, we create a peaceful world.

Yet, how often have we read an inspirational book or heard an exhilarating talk only to fall back into old patterns?

It’s time to claim your right to live from a place of empowerment, connectedness, and joy.

Moon Cycles

As you lift yourself, you elevate life on the planet too.

What exactly is a modern-day priestess?

A Priestess is a Woman Who:
-Dedicates herself to opening up her intuitive powers;
-Connects with other worlds while being grounded in this one;
-Uses her healing and manifestation abilities, as well as her consciousness;
-Bridges this world with other worlds through ancient practices and traditions, and
-Employs sacred rituals to create magic and miracles in her day-to-day reality.
A priestess is a woman who is dedicated to opening up her intuitive powers and connecting with other worlds while being grounded in this one.

She uses her healing, manifestation abilities, as well as her consciousness in this process. She bridges other worlds, this world, utilizes ancient practices and traditions, and reveres rituals to create magic and miracles in her modern-day to day reality.

She channels wisdom and healing energies in support of others. She harnesses divine forces in concert with her own positive intention to help influence the course of reality to serve the highest good.
She uses ancient rituals and ceremony as a way of life, not as something separate to tend to when she has time.

She is dedicated to her path of service and devotion while being dedicated to her own self-love and self-worth.

-Heal old wounds;
-Stoke your inner magic;
-Bring the sacred into everyday life;
-Create a home that’s your personal palace;
-Ultimately love yourself and your life.

Do you remember a moment when you felt the simple blessing of being?

No matter who we are or what life gives us, we can tap this reservoir of love because it is our true self.

Whether you live in the city or country, are single or have a houseful of children, I’m here to help you awaken to the priestess that you are.

Join me and a group of like-minded women as we journey together on the path of the priestess.

I look forward to creating magic with you.

Women who are supported in sacred circles remark on a greater connection to themselves, their communities and a greater connection in the evolution of global consciousness.

What exactly IS a modern-day priestess?

Become a conduit of love

Allow your sensuality to run through you.

May she be the maiden, the mother and crone. May she live connected to the land and the rhythms of Nature and rooted in relationship with spirit. Free to express herself in any way she feels.

She trusts the universe, the Goddess, and the land supports her.
She is true to her word and also checks in with her higher self at every moment.
She does not apologize for her strength and knows that she inspires by her greatness and authenticity. She hears the calling and answers to it.

It is your birthright as a woman to be connected, vibrant, free and empowered and it’s up to you to reclaim that.

I’m here to help you awaken to the priestess that you are.

What is a modern day Priestess?

A deepened connection with the natural rhythms of Nature

Priestess Awakening is a 12-month 12 module life-changing Journey consisting of gathering.

You can join this training at any point of the year. You have lifetime access for as long as the training lasts, join us on the wheel again anytime.

What is included

Monthly Live Videos

12 modules of the Priestess Process delivered “live” with Amanda Sophia and recorded if you are not able to join us live. Each month you will have access to videos that walk you through each path step-by-step. Learn how to activate and bring these new energies into your life. Each class will have Celtic mythology story for healing.

Live Monthly Priestess Calls

We meet on each of the 8 festivals Amanda teaches the deeper magic of the Wise Woman, Warrioress, Queen, Visionary, and Manifestor.

Weekly Guided Practices and Rituals

Each month you have access to a membership site where you have weekly lessons and suggested practices and meditations. Each week you are given specific exercises, reading and meditations to embody and activate your inner Wise Woman, Warrioress, Queen, Visionary, and Manifestor.

Connect with Goddess Archetypes

A Goddess Archetype for each gathering to connect with a tree and plant medicine. Celtic symbols for each gathering.

Celtic Goddesses Guided Meditations

Explore a Celtic Goddess each month Brigid, Morrigan, Danu, Morrigan, sheela na gig, Macha, Cailleach, Brigid, Ostara, Danu/ Tuatha de Dan, Aine, Mabon and Meave.

Each month you receive guided meditations to deepen your relationship with each Goddess to listen to during the month.

Sacred Sites and Healing Ceremonies

Visiting a sacred site and performing healing ceremonies in Ireland on each of the 8 festivals from the Celtic Wheel. Amanda will be there live.

Healing Sacred Sounds

Working with sacred sound and receiving your monthly chant and Gaeilge mantra. Learn to use sound and mantras to create sacred ceremonial space. Discover how to use the sound of your own voice to heal yourself and others.

Private Priestess Forum

Connect deeply with a global sisterhood of extraordinary women. When women come together to support each other something magical happens.

Working with Sacred Tools and the elements

Learn to use your body as a tool to connect to the pure consciousness. Understand how to embody and activate the ancient symbols of the cauldron, the chalice, and the sword within you.

Work with your menstrual cycle as a powerful access point for body wisdom and greater health.

Create monthly Altars

Learn how to create an altar every month based on th Celtic Wheel.

Lunar Meditations

Align with the lunar calendar as we meditate each month on the full moon. Learn to live as life is a ritual.

Priestess Awakening Wheel

Each month we work with the point on the wheel and look into Nature and what it has to teach us

We connect with the Celtic Goddess of that time of year and what energy we are to step into and embody.

Discover the Celtic mythology story.

Moon Cycles

Awaken your full sovereignty.

Time Commitment

Daily Time Commitment: 10 – 30 minutes
I recommend a daily 10 minute morning meditation.

Optional: You may want to set aside 30 minutes working with the questions posed for each section of the story.

Monthly Time Commitment: Two live calls per month in addition to the daily practice.

Priestess Awakening School 12 Modules /  12 Months Course

The Priestess Awakening School

Monthly Modules Include:

Module 1

31st October – Samhain

Deepen our Self Love and Self Care

Darkness is Mystery and the space where great Magic can occur.

Awakening your Inner Shadow Priestess.
The start of the descend we must go into the darkness to step into your light truly. Aligning with your moon cycle, and this will bring us into deep connection with our womb as the source of Divine Creativity and connection to the wisdom of Divine Mother.

Your Goddess Guiding Meditation
It is the place we must willingly turn into so that we can truly discover who we are.

The way to truly know the inner light of Self is to confront the darkness by embracing shadow work as a path to self-discovery and balance.

What parts of yourself do you turn away from?
What are your greatest Shadows?
What needs the most attention and love?

Module 2

November Beaver Full Moon

Co-creating with the Powerful Moon Cycles

Awakening your warrior woman

Working with your ancestors, And Healing ancestral lines

Which in return heals the collective

Module 3

December Winter Solstice

Month of liberation

Month of rebirth

Integrate Divine Feminine and Masculine

Awakening Your Inner sovereignty

Module 4

January Wolf Full Moon

Month of activation

Awakening your Inner wild woman

Co-creating with the Powerful Moon Cycles

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