Priestess Awakening

A year and a day

Priestess Awakening Journey And Initiation

An enriching year-long journey inviting women into wholeness, power, and joy. Empowering training on the Celtic wheel with ancient Celtic wisdom, mythology, and goddesses leads women into their Priestess Awakening.

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Amanda Sophia - Priestess
Moon Cycles

Awaken your inner goddess

Beloved Sister

Are you weary of wandering?

In a world that’s moving faster than ever, I sense a deep collective longing for women to come together in sacred spaces and learn ancient ways of being. Then, it is my yearning that they will embark on a journey to weave that ancient wisdom into their present-day life.

Join me on a year-long journey of commitment to yourself – mind, body, and spirit. Within the safe embrace of your inner goddess, you will learn, play, express, explore, reconnect, remember and reawaken your inner priestess.

Commit to yourself – mind, body, and spirit!

You are unconditionally loved.
You are Love itself.

Claim your right to live from a place of sovereignty, connectedness, and joy.

For lifetimes, you have walked as a priestess. Now is the time for you to walk this path with true sovereignty. You’ve come to the right place to heal old wounds, stoke your inner magic, bring sacredness into everyday life, and create a home that’s your personal palace.

All the great goddesses are welcoming you to reconnect with the Earth – remembering that we are one with nature and that our cyclical rhythms ebb and flow like the Moon herself. Awaken your soul’s calling and follow it into what has been promised to you.

You will awaken from slumber to come into full alignment with the truth of who you are and what your path is as a priestess. Our lives are beautiful; holding ancient wisdom for a modern-day world.

As you lift yourself, you elevate life on the planet.

All are lovely + All are welcome,


Hi, I’m Amanda

Like you, beloved, I have suffered my share of childhood wounds and adult heartbreaks. As an ordained Priestess, I’ve traveled the globe learning about the world’s great wisdom traditions. In my travels, I learned that there is always the power to heal regardless of language or cultural differences. We are all one community with one beating heart. From a place of connectedness, I yearned to usher other women into the authenticity and joy I had found. Thus, The Priestess Awakening was born, a Phoenix rising from the ashes.

In walking the path of the Priestess we embody inclusivity, compassion, forgiveness, community, and self-love. Beloved, you’ve come to the right place to heal old wounds, stroke your inner magic, nurture yourself and your loved ones, create a home that’s your personal palace, dwell in your heart, and most importantly love yourself and your life. I’ve also learned the self-care and spiritual practices I need to stay balanced and would love to help you find your own.

Shall we begin?

About Amanda Sophia
Moon Cycles

Awaken your full sovereignty

Embark on a Journey to Freedom

It’s time to reawaken, reconnect, reignite the Goddess within you

Honour your inner wild woman

Speak your truth and own your voice

Awaken your femininity and power

Become a conduit of love

Allow your sensuality to run through you

It is your birthright as a woman to be connected, vibrant, free, and empowered

Now is the time to reclaim your power

Awaken your femininity and power
Aine Atara

Amanda is a High Priestess in every sense of the word. She embodies all the teachings in the most beautiful, real, and authentic way and is a patient and kind instructor.

Áine Atara

Rebecca Tolin

In Amanda’s presence, you attune to a love so deep within, you feel you’ve already found what you were seeking. She is one of a kind, full of genuine caring and love, wisdom, and heart.

Rebecca Tolin Writer, Poet, and Life Coach

Olivia Fellus

If you are looking for healing, self-love, sisterhood, and connection to your inner Goddess and Higher Self, Amanda is the perfect guide.

Olivia Fellus

The Celtic Wheel
Embrace your gifts

The Gifts of The Celtic Wheel

The Celtic wheel on Samhain invites us at the end of September on the Autumn Equinox to go inwards and into the darkness before we come out into the light.

This immersive experience will nourish your soul and support you to step into your highest self. Your inner goddess will be gifted:

  • newly opened intuitive super-powers
  • connectedness with the cycles and rhythms of the earth
  • magnified power of your intentions
  • bridged ancient rituals to this modern world
    employed sacred rituals that create magic and miracles in today’s reality
  • a sacred remembrance that you are part of something so much bigger
  • the reinforced sense that you are children of the universe
  • a reminder that you harbor the same energy as the sun, stars, and cosmos
Moon Cycles

Unveil Your Inner Priestess

Greetings Priestesses!

I believe joy is our birthright as well as joy’s counterparts – magic and miracles. Through life’s challenges, we can lose sight of our natural gifts and have to find our way back home.

As a working mom, I understand how we can forego self-care and forget self-love amid a big project, a basketful of muddy laundry, or in times of crises.

I also know with full conviction that we can reclaim our joy every day—living with the playfulness of a child, the love of a mother, and the wisdom of a goddess.

We are on this earth to live and love fully, to find what lights us up, and share that light authentically with others.

As we find peace within ourselves, we create a peaceful world.

It’s time to claim your right to live from a place of empowerment, connectedness, and joy.

Do you hear the call?

It’s time to unearth what has been hidden.


Knowing the Priestess Within

A Priestess is a woman who:

  • Dedicates herself to opening up her intuitive powers;
  • Connects with other worlds while being grounded in this one;
  • Uses her healing and manifestation abilities, as well as her consciousness;
  • Bridges this world with other worlds through ancient practices and traditions, and
  • Employs sacred rituals to create magic and miracles in her day-to-day reality.

She is dedicated to her path of service and devotion while being dedicated to her own self-love and self-worth.

Divine one, it’s time to:

Heal old wounds

Stoke your inner magic
Bring the sacred into everyday life
Create a home that’s your personal palace
Ultimately love yourself and your life
Join me and a group of like-minded women as we journey together on the path of the priestess.

I look forward to creating magic with you.

Awaken your femininity and power

Your invitation

Join our Priestess Sacred Circle

Women who are supported in sacred circles remark on a greater connection to themselves, their communities, and a greater connection in the evolution of global consciousness.

A Sacred Circle will invite you to:

  • Come unapologetically with your strength
  • Inspire your greatness and authenticity
  • Hear your sacred calling and answer to it

It is your birthright as a woman to be connected, vibrant, free, and empowered.

Join our Sacred Circle and awaken to the priestess that you are.

What is included in the Priestess Awakening?

The Priestess Awakening is a 12-month life-changing journey consisting of 12 modules.

What is included

One new module delivered live every month

Between meditations, mythology, connecting with Celtic goddesses, and convening with nature, each module will bring you into a deep connection with the land and spirit.

Guided Audio Meditations

A guided meditation will provide space for you to move into deeper communion with yourself. These sacred moments will deepen your self-love and self-trust.

Learn to use sound and mantras to create sacred ceremonial space

You will receive your own Gaeilge mantra to use daily. Learning this will connect you with ancient energies to work in the magical realm.

Private Priestess Forum

You will have access to a supportive and nurturing community where Amanda will act as your guide, answering your questions and sharing in your celebrations.

Connect with Goddess Archetypes

Each month, we will focus on a different goddess, tree, and plant. You will learn how these ancient connections still have power in modern-day life.

Celtic symbols for each gathering

You will receive a symbol to use on your altar each month. This Celtic symbol will guide your focus for each gathering.

Guidance in creating monthly altars

Gain wisdom in creating monthly alters to connect with other worlds, seek knowledge, and gain guidance throughout your journey.

Live Monthly Priestess Calls

We will meet once a month at the 8th festivals as well as some of the moon cycles. Each call is an inviting opportunity to share and connect with others. Meditations will be provided for each meeting.

Visit 8 sacred sites

Amanda will be presenting live blessings from each of the 8 Irish sacred sites. Tune in to experience how the ancestral energies of these sites in Ireland intertwine and affect the world over.

Explore a Celtic Goddess each month

We will work with the sovereign goddesses of Ireland, connecting with them.

Guided Practices and Rituals

Each month you have access to a membership site where you have weekly lessons and suggested practices and meditations. Each week you are given specific exercises, reading, and meditations to embody and activate your inner Wise Woman, Warrioress, Queen, Visionary, and Manifestor.

Learn to live like life is a ritual.

Guidance on how to align with the lunar calendar as we meditate each month on the full moon.

Learn to use your body as a tool to connect to pure consciousness.

Understand how to embody and activate the ancient symbols of the cauldron, the chalice, and the sword within you. Work with your menstrual cycle as a powerful access point for body wisdom and greater health.

Your Commitment

All the course content is available to you inside of a gorgeously designed course portal. This is our online Priestess Awakening School, where everything is kept in a streamlined organisation for grace and ease.

Course content inside the course portal is available to you upon enrollment so you can move at your own pace through the material.

Daily Time Commitment: 10 – 30 minutes

I recommend a daily 10 minute morning meditation.

You may want to set aside 30 minutes to work with the questions posed for each section of the story. (optional)

Monthly Time Commitment: your daily practices plus two live calls per month

The Priestess Awakening School

Each module corresponds with a single month (i.e. Module 1 is 30 days).

Monthly Modules Include:

Module 1: Awakening your Inner Shadow Priestess

Module 1

Oct 2021 – Samhain

Deepen our self-love and self-care

Awakening your Inner Shadow Priestess

Darkness is Mystery and space where great Magic can occur.

Module 2: Awakening your warrior woman

Module 2

Nov 2021 – Beaver Full Moon

Ancestral Healing

Awakening your warrior woman

Working with your ancestors and Healing ancestral lines which in return heals the collective.

Module 3 -  Liberation - Awakening Your Inner sovereignty

Module 3

Dec 2021 – Winter Solstice


Awakening Your Inner sovereignty

Integrate Divine Feminine and Masculine

Module 4: Awakening your Inner wild woman

Module 4

Jan 2022 – Wolf Full Moon


Awakening your Inner wild woman

Co-creating with the Powerful Moon Cycles

Module 5 - Emotional Healing

Module 5

Feb 5th 2022 – Imbolc

Emotional Healing

Awakening your Inner Knowing

Purification, Growth, Fire day and Power

Module 6- Healing the Mother or Father Wound

Module 6

Mar 2022 – Spring Equinox

Healing the Mother or Father Wound

Awakening Your Inner sovereignty

Integrate Divine Feminine and Masculine

Module 7: Awakening your Inner Radiance

Module 7

Apr 2022 – Pink Full Moon

Calling Forth Inner Radiance

Awakening your Inner Radiance

Co-creating with the Powerful Moon Cycles

Module 8: Awakening your inner Lover and Bliss Priestess

Module 8

May 2022 – Beltane

Reclaiming Sexual Sovereignty

Awakening your inner Lover and Bliss Priestess

Fertility, Light and Direction

Module 9: Awakening your Visionary Woman

Module 9

Jun 2022 – Summer Solstice


Awakening your Visionary Woman

Energy, Inspire, Outward, Manifestation

Module 10: Awakening your Unconditionally Loving Woman

Module 10

Jul 2022 – Thunder Full Buck Moon

Being Loved and Loving Others

Awakening your Unconditionally Loving Woman

Co-creating with the Powerful Moon Cycles

Module 11:  Awakening your inner Manifestor Priestess

Module 11

Aug 2022 – Lughnasa

Reclaim Confidence in Your Voice

Awakening your inner Manifestor Priestess

Seeing the fruit of labor and love. Harvest and cultivate.

Module 12: Awakening and fully embodying your inner Modern-Day Priestess

Module 12

Sep 2022 – Autumn Equinox, Mabon

Queen of Your Own Life, Wholeness, Holiness

Awakening and fully embodying your inner Modern-Day Priestess

Letting go, Reflection, Pause, Hibernate

Moon Cycles

Are you ready to become an embodied modern-day priestess?

Kathleen Keelan

When you spend time with someone whose energetic vibration is as strong and pure as Amanda’s, your own vibration begins to shift. I experienced personal healing and transformation as a result of Amanda’s teaching and presence. I am forever grateful.

Kathleen Keelan

Melanie Mondini

Amanda has an enormous deep knowledge and teaches in such a clear, fun, and passionate way. Truly transformative and highly recommended to all.

Melanie Mondini

Karen Goldstein

Amanda is a High Priestess who radiates beauty and breathes love into everything she touches. The retreat had several life-altering experiences, guiding us and encouraged healing as we literally released the old and embraced the new.

Karen Goldstein


It is my greatest desire that you embark on this journey with me. May you discover your full potential to lead a life of joy, tap into the power within, and awaken to a community that accepts you fully.

How is this different from other Priestess programs

This self-paced journey invites you to follow the ancient teachings of The Celtic Wheel. Each step is intentional, guided by nature’s seasonal ebbs and flows. The Priestess Awakening is an invitation to journey inward to seek healing, discover your power, and give permission to your inner wild woman to come forth and empower your daily living. Each participant will be warmly invited into a loving and supportive community with like-minded women to gain wisdom and strength from. This genuine seeking of “self” will propel you into a transformation in every area of your life and inspire you to live with intentionality and joy.

When you join Amanda on this journey, you will have frequent interactions with her to be cheered on, guided with empathy, and regularly poured into.

Join a Priestess Sacred Circle

Your inner priestess yearns to be heard and to lead you into all you were meant for.

Do you hear her calling?

Priestess Awakening Dates

September 18th 2021
Autumn Equinox gathering (10 AM PST – 12 PM)

October 30th 2021
Samhain gathering (10 AM PST – 12 PM)

November 20th 2021
Full Moon gathering  2021 (10 AM PST – 12 PM)

December 11th 2021
Winter Solstice gathering(10 AM PST – 12 PM)

January 29th 2022
Imbolc gathering (10 AM PST – 12 PM)

February 19th 2022
Monthly gathering (10 AM PST – 12 PM)

March 19th 2022
Spring Equinox gathering (10 AM PST – 12 PM)

April 30th 2022
Bealtaine gathering(10 AM PST – 12 PM)

May 21st 2022
Monthly gathering (10 AM PST – 12 PM)

June 18th 2022
Summer Solstice (10 AM PST – 12 PM)

July 30th 2022
Lughnasadh (10 AM PST – 12 PM)

August 27th 2022
New Moon gathering (10 AM PST – 12 PM)

Priestess Awakening Training

Are you ready to awaken the goddess within?

Registration is closed. The year-long program opens again in September 2022. 

In the meantime, you can sign up for the free Priestess Workbook below. If you subscribe to our newsletter, we will also notify you of new Priestess Remembrance webinars. 

Discover your inner goddess

Priestess awakening

Claim your right to live from a place of sovereignty, connectedness, and joy. Get access to the Priestess Workbook and learn more about the Celtic Wheel.

Priestess Celtic Wheel Workbook

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format and how long does it take to complete?
We are pleased that this course can be taken online from anywhere in the world. At enrollment, you will be given instant access to all the rituals, ceremonies to lessons in the form of audios, videos, meditations, as well as workbooks, quizzes and handouts. You’ll have lifetime access and are welcome to join us on the Celtic Wheel of the year each year. The journey with us is entirely self-paced and we encourage you to join us for the live sessions as you are able.
When are the live classes?

We welcome you to join us for the Priestess gatherings twice per month. Please note that one date per month is listed here. Other dates will be listed throughout the year as details become available.

September 24th 2021
Autumn Equinox gathering(10 AM PST – 12 PM)
October 15th 2021
Monthly gathering (10 AM PST – 12 PM)
November 5th 2021
Samhain gathering (10 AM PST – 12 PM)
December 17th 2021
Winter Solstice gathering(10 AM PST – 12 PM)
January 28th 2022
Imbolc gathering (10 AM PST – 12 PM)
February 11th 2022
Monthly gathering (10 AM PST – 12 PM)
March 18th 2022
Spring Equinox gathering (10 AM PST – 12 PM)
April 29th 2022
Bealtaine gathering(10 AM PST – 12 PM)
May 20th 2022
Monthly gathering (10 AM PST – 12 PM)
June 17th 2022
Summer Solstice (10 AM PST – 12 PM)
July 29th 2022
Lughnasadh (10 AM PST – 12 PM)
August 19th 2022
Monthly gathering (10 AM PST – 12 PM)

Is there a refund policy for the Priestess Awakening School?

Please read our return policy in its entirety and familiarize yourself with it prior to completing your purchase. This policy is in place to help students receive the most transformative experience possible. By honouring this policy, you are honouring yourself, the wider Priestess Awakening community, Amanda, and her team.

We have the following refund policy:

To support you in your original intention to join the Priestess Awakening School, and to also honour the sacred energetic support you are receiving, please note that there are NO REFUNDS once the training has begun. Be sure the Priestess Awakening program is right for you before you sign up! If you would like to connect with Amanda about if this is the right course for you, book a free no-pressure 20-minute chat.

This includes payment plans, which you are committing to complete, even if you decide to not take full advantage of the offerings.
Thank you for honouring yourself and the Priestess Awakening by studying this refund policy and agreeing to its intentions.

When does Priestess Awakening Start?

Beloved, our transformative journey of the Priestess Awakening starts on September 24th 2021 Autumn Equinox gathering (10 AM PST – 12 PM).  There is no pre-work to read through. Simply show up ready to receive what is rightfully yours–joy and peace. I am so honored to start together.

How long do I have access to this course?

You have lifetime access! The initial course is one year. However, you have lifetime access to the Priestess Awakening year after year if you wish to stay on the journey together. We would be honoured to have you join us each year.

Will I have access to Amanda for questions?

Yes, Amanda will be the host at all the Priestess Gatherings. Amanda loves engaging with her fellow Goddesses in the private Facebook group. You may ask questions, share stories, concerns, and successes. Getting a message from Amanda is like a warm hug.


We can genuinely say: when you join the Priestess Awakening, you become part of our tribe. Engaging in lifelong learning is paramount to us. As we shift our inner and outer landscape, we raise our consciousness. We come closer to realizing our potential for global peace, harmony, and abundance.

How do I know if I am ready to begin?

We would like to encourage you to assess your readiness by reflecting on your current wellbeing, aspirations, and inner calling. Divine timing is everything. Amanda is available to answer any questions or hear your hesitations in a non-commitment, complimentary 20-minute call.

Do I need to have prior experience?

You do not need to have prior experience in spirituality nor do you need to have been part of an online community before. Simply follow your sincerest inner calling for transformation. That, beloved, is the start of your journey.

Who is the Priestess Awakening for?

Although anyone can learn how to do this work, this training is best for those willing to commit to 1 hour per day of practice on their own time.
We urge those that meet the following criteria to reconsider joining the Priestess Awakening:

  • You are afraid of or turned off by spirituality, mention of magic, or ancient rituals.
  • You are not genuinely not open to exploring past hurts that are necessary to acquire lasting transformation.
  • You are judgmental of other people’s interpretations of spirituality or are unwilling to encourage others on their journey.
  • You are unable to commit to 1 hour each day to develop your practice.

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