Priestess Awakening

A year and a day

Priestess Awakening Journey And Initiation

Starting September 2021. An enriching year-long journey inviting women into the wholeness, power and joy. Empowering training on the Celtic wheel with ancient Celtic wisdom, mythology, and goddesses leads women into their priestess awakening.

Amanda Sophia - Priestess
Moon Cycles

Awaken your inner goddess

Beloved Sister

Are you weary of wandering?

In a world that’s moving faster than ever, I sense a deep collective longing for women to come together in sacred spaces and learn ancient ways of being. Then, it is my yearning that they will embark on a journey to weave that ancient wisdom into their present-day life.

Join me on a year-long journey of commitment to yourself–mind, body, and spirit.

Within the safe embrace of your inner goddess, you will learn, play, express, explore, reconnect, remember and reawaken your inner priestess.

Priestess Awakening Dates

September 24th 2021 Autumn Equinox gathering(10 AM PST – 12 PM)
October 15th 2021 Monthly gathering (10 AM PST – 12 PM)
November 5th 2021 Samhain gathering (10 AM PST – 12 PM)
December 17th 2021 Winter Solstice gathering(10 AM PST – 12 PM)
January 28th 2022 Imbolc gathering (10 AM PST – 12 PM)
February 11th 2022 Monthly gathering (10 AM PST – 12 PM)
March 18th 2020 Spring Equinox gathering (10 AM PST – 12 PM)
April 29th 2022 Bealtaine gathering(10 AM PST – 12 PM)
May 20th 2022 Monthly gathering (10 AM PST – 12 PM)
June 17th 2022 Summer Solstice (10 AM PST – 12 PM)
July 29th 2022 Lughnasadh (10 AM PST – 12 PM)
August 19th 2022 Monthly gathering (10 AM PST – 12 PM)

Celtic Wheel

Claim your right to live from a place of sovereignty, connectedness, and joy.

For lifetimes, you have walked as a priestess. Now is the time for you to walk this path with true sovereignty. You’ve come to the right place to heal old wounds, stoke your inner magic, bring sacredness into everyday life, and create a home that’s your personal palace.

You are unconditionally loved.

Priestess Awakening Online Course Starting September 2021

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