The Healer: Aligning with the Land and Stars

The Healer: Aligning with the Land and Stars


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Beloved, this magical episode contains so much wisdom from Alexandra Berthault who is the Goddess of changing and incorporating different careers! Alexandra who came from a Financial background dived enthusiastically into Crystal healing and holistic approaches and became a nutritionist and mother and found Feng Shui as she diverged into the wellness of homes. She’s had this purpose to give back to others etched in her heart from an early age so this curve in careers truly brought her home to healing in all aspects. 

Alexandra came to our retreat in Ireland for Geomancy and Land healing and found that between Flying Stars, Healing and the experienced modalities she had combined, the land was still a vital aspect to overall healing. She shares how she incorporates this in her everyday life and services. If you’re a healer, massage therapist, acupuncturist, life coach or perhaps a yoga instructor, Feng Shui can improve the quality of your services as well as your client’s wellbeing, hear it from a unique healer right here!

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Alexandra Berthault, DipNut, N.D. (Nutrition), MVHF (Crystal and Energy Healing), Feng Shui consultant (Gold Level IFSG Certified), member of the Feng Shui Society

Alexandra is an accredited Feng Shui Consultant. In her practice, she also uses Astrology, Space Clearing, and Health Coaching. Alongside her consultations, she has been a qualified Crystal Healer with over 15 years of experience.

With a first career in finance, she has constantly evolved, specializing, and practicing particularly in the fields of Feng Shui and Crystal Healing. Alexandra trained at the International Feng Shui School and is now a Gold Level certified and professionally qualified consultant in Classical and Form Feng Shui.

In 2016, Alexandra moved back to London and joined the Feng Shui Society; she continued to develop her practice by training in Land Healing with famous instructors Amanda Sophia and Alex Stark. Further, she embarked on studying Chinese Astrology which she has fully incorporated in her Feng Shui practice.

In 2022, she set up the V&A International Metaphysics School with her Feng Shui partner Victoria Michaelides, offering Feng Shui courses starting this fall.

She has recently appeared on talks with Amanda Sophia and lectured at Positivium among other hosting platforms. 

Alexandra is passionate about improving people’s quality of life and enthuses in sharing her wisdom with her audience. 


Chez Feng Shui

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Episode #85

In this episode, we chat about…

00:13 The Journey to Feng Shui
04:30 Working in the Holistic Field
05:23 How was your experience integrating what you were learning into your everyday life?
07:53 Starting your business and going through the Geomancy and Land Healing course
11:15 Journey into Astrology
13:34 What was your experience getting your business started?
17:39 Courses and upcoming events
23:06 What are some practices that you use to stay grounded and connected?
29:49 What are some of your practices to maintain your Spiritual connection?

My invitation to you is give yourself this tremendous gift. 

Love, Amanda

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