The evolution of careers and transition into Feng Shui consultancy with Meena Jagpal-Paré

Podcast 83 The evolution of careers and transition into Feng Shui consultancy


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From a coffee table book and a few consultations, Meena knew from a spiritual point of view that she needed to continue forward to focus on healing the environment and looking beyond. She researched many schools, practices and traditions and found the International Feng Shui School, which she now holds a certification with, among other courses that led her to the healing work she does now.

She offers a beautiful service, from being a full time Flight Attendant transitioning into the world of Feng Shui, pouring her heart and experience from her previous work and present passion into her service. She doesn’t leave her consultations until she’s answered all of her client’s questions and fulfilled all of their Feng Shui needs.

Meena uses her knowledge from past careers into her Feng Shui consultancy, giving everyone the hope that your current role can hold  vital skills in your new business. If you’re looking for a new career, hoping to transition into Feng Shui in hopes of rewarding, purpose-filled, soul-work, then this episode is for you!

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As long as Meena can remember, she has been fascinated with keeping an organized space in her home, office, her small business setup, and many aspects of her life. She says a carefully organized space brings her a sense of calm and productivity.

Early in her career, Meena was employed for 8 years in the Property Management field as a Property Manager. She continuously encouraged the Resident Managers to keep their offices and properties uncluttered and organized. After Property Management, Meena enjoyed the rewarding experience of setting up and running her Business Centre which, she operated for 10 years. Meena frequently received compliments on her display color choices, arrangement of equipment, flow of traffic, and the positive vibe customers felt when they walked in the door.

For the past 20 years, Meena had worked in the airline industry which has given her a wealth of experience around the world. Meena feels fortunate to have many opportunities to explore different cultures, geographical surroundings, and histories.

Meena takes pride in being multilingual and has the ability to communicate in 5 languages. She’s found having proficient language skills has been vital in maintaining personal and client relationships – these skills are not only beneficial, but necessary to connect with many valued clients in our culturally diverse countries.  Not only do different cultures have different meanings for words, but nonverbal communication relies on different behaviours and gestures that allow individuals to relate. 

Meena is a “perpetual student” always looking to expand her personal growth and development through continuing education, seminars, and retreats. Some of Meena’s self-work includes a meditation retreat in Rishikesh, India; Vipassana Meditation Retreat at Northwest Vipassana Centre in WA; completion of the Landmark Forum in Vancouver; and obtaining qualification as a Certified Reiki Practitioner.

Personally, Meena has used Feng Shui to create more Love, attain better Health, and boost the Happiness factor in her home. After over 20 years of having the Feng Shui Manual on her coffee table and practicing it in her own life, she knew that she had found her passion. It was time to professionally train under the guidance of the International Feng Shui School in Classical Feng Shui.

Meena says that what she learned was so profound that she knew it must be shared. She wanted to share the gift of Feng Shui so she became a Certified Feng Shui Consultant in Vancouver and founded her start-up Momentum Feng Shui.

In October 2019, she had the opportunity to complete the Feng Shui China Journey Certificate. During this journey, she spent 4 weeks immersed in the flow of Chi where she learned from traditional Feng Shui Masters and felt the energy of Feng Shui everywhere.  It was an incredible learning experience – to be immersed in Chinese culture, walk the landscape where Feng Shui is practiced daily, and to see the application of Feng Shui principles in structures and surroundings designed to bring Prosperity and Good Fortune.  The more Meena experiences Classical Feng Shui, the more dedicated she is to share it with her clients.

Episode #83

In this episode, we chat about…

2:22 Soul Calling into Feng Shui
3:50 Divine Timing in Moving Forward
5:25 Walk the Talk
8:34 Bringing in the Momentum
11:15 Blending of Classical Feng Shui and Spirituality
13:10 Creating Beautiful Connections
21:18 Doing it from the Heart

My invitation to you is give yourself this tremendous gift. 

Love, Amanda

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