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Learn about a Life Coach using Feng Shui & Geomancy practices to improve her services! 

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In this episode, I speak with the excellent Penny Collins, a Life Coach and spiritual guide who generously shares her journey with us. Penny always loved learning and considers herself a perpetual student, always needing to gather more!

Penny discovered Feng Shui and started learning from me when I was still in San Diego, and her services as a Life Coach drastically improved as she uncovered it being a perfect blend for her profession.

Beloved, we all live in homes that need a sustainable solid foundation that exudes positive energy and high vibrational vibrancy. The Feng Shui training was the missing piece to providing her clients with further self-improvement, development, and joy.

In the Feng Shui training and Penny’s experiences afterward, she experienced deeper self-awareness in her own life and she learned how to guide her clients to share the same. This includes guiding her clients through their own awakening and connection to the earth.

Penny joined us on the Geomancy and Land Healing retreat in Ireland to pursue enhanced connection. This expanded her perspective and, Beloved, I can’t express how beautiful that part of her journey has been. Penny describes this as “melting into the earth in a whole new way”.

Penny also shares the morning ritual that helps her connect with the Earth, with Gaia, and with herself. It’s a beautiful technique and I invite you to exercise it in your own life. She further talks about the connection she feels with the land, and how connected she feels with herself and with those around her. This episode will give you insight into how Feng Shui aids in coming home to yourself, how Geomancy increases the vibrational connection to the earth and how you can incorporate that into your business.

I love how purposeful it is when you bring Feng Shui & Geomancy into your services, it’s such an intentional process and I’m proud of our alumni who have incorporated it into their existing services! If you have a business, it will benefit from learning these practices, and the best part is that it will transform your home & life too!

The Feng Shui Master Certification course weaves together the spiritual, holistic blend of Feng Shui practices and the technical know-how to set you up with a thriving home, career, and life. Step into a community of support, today! Hear from other coaches who took the Feng Shui Master Certification:

The Online Geomancy & Land Healing Certification course will guide you in connecting to your inner power, how to truly open up your intuition, harness your healing abilities, and master techniques to clear and heal the land as a Certified Geomancer. Geomancy is a career designed for the authentics, the lightworkers, the earth-enthusiasts, and those who want to spark irrevocable change in a world that so desperately needs it

Hear from our students:

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Certified Geomancy and Feng Shui Consultant
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach
Organization and Relationship Systems Coach
Massage Therapist
Holistic Health Practitioner

Nature and I go way back. Growing up in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, I was surrounded by natural beauty and wonder. My mother loved camping and took my sister and me as often as possible.
Unsurprisingly, my first job was working at a wilderness camp for city children.

My journey has been varied and abundant, with travel, wonderful teachers, unexpected side trips, and fun memories filled with adventure.
I have studied with Shamans and Geomancers from Peru, the Andes, and Ireland.
I have been trained by Feng Shui Masters and a Celtic Priestess, as well as Master Coaches, Reiki Masters, and extraordinary bodywork teachers.

My life’s work has been in the Healing Arts and the Energy Arts.
Geomancy and Feng Shui are where my love of nature and guiding people to live harmoniously with their surroundings weave together into a vibrating tapestry.


Episode #91

In this episode, we chat about…

01:54 The Journey to Feng Shui: How it all started
05:51 What was your experience going through the training?
11:02 How was your experience on the Geomancy course?
17:22 How did your experience with Geomancy affect the other areas of your life?
26:55 What are some simple rituals one can do right now?
29:23 What exciting projects are on the horizon?
36:23 Simple daily practice


My invitation to you is give yourself this tremendous gift. 

Love, Amanda

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