Conscious Green Cleaning with Nixie Marie

Listen in iTunes and Subscribe! Want a healthier home but don’t know where to start? Living green takes on a whole new meaning this week as I chat with Nixie Marie. She helps us get down to the bottom of what’s in our cleaning products and how we can choose better. When we walk our talk we inspire others to do the same, thus creating a ripple effect that leaves us with a clean and healthy planet as well as our own home. Nixie explains how to identify toxic cleaning chemicals and gives us great tips on what you can use instead. She even includes tips on how to DIY your own cleaning products! Moving beyond reduce, reuse and recycle we learn how to make ecology a part of our daily life so we can live in alignment with our values.

Nixie Marie is the CEO & Founder of Nixie Dust Cleaning, a conscious green cleaning company that focuses on creating a holistic experience for its clientele. Nixie’s passions lie in creating sustainable solutions and using green technology (aka mother earth) in her business pursuits. With an understanding of energy, Feng Shui, and Space Clearing she is your go-to guide in making your life and home a living sanctuary. She is also the host of the I AM Goddess Collective Podcast created for those who are on a path to transform their life with magick, astrology, and the sacred feminine.

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Conscious Green Cleaning
with Nixie Marie

Episode #60

In this episode we chat about:

3:00|Nixie’s Story
8:21|Understanding Cleaning Products
14:46|DIY cleaning
19:20|Greening Your Home
23:10|The Cost of Green
28:53|It Starts with Us
38:54|Gaining Sensitivity
41:00|Top Green Tips

My invitation to you is give yourself this tremendous gift. 

Love, Amanda

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