Being the Whole Woman with Sarah Jenks

Listen in iTunes and Subscribe! Are you hiding your true self? Are you ready to step out into the world as you truly are? With so many messages coming at us from media, parents, and society it’s easy to internalize those voices. We can all have a hard time connecting to our own authentic voice over the noise. Join me on this chat with the amazing Sarah Jenks as we dive into owning our womanhood, connecting to ourselves, filtering out the lies we tell ourselves and learning to live in our authentic expression every day. By doing this we open ourselves to the magic and flow of life and gift ourselves more energy. Let your voice inspire others and watch the world change around you.

Sarah Jenks is the founder of Whole Woman, a monthly online membership for women seeking the answers to “Who am I? And why am I here?” and Live More Weigh Less™, the most popular online emotional eating program. Between her online programs and as proprietress of Hawthorn Farm, her 23-acre retreat center in Medfield, Massachusetts, Sarah holds sacred space to empower women and support them in finding their magic and rediscovering their most authentic selves. Since 2009, Sarah’s community of women seeking a fuller, more meaningful life has grown to almost 100K members.

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Being the Whole Woman
with Sarah Jenks

Episode #46

In this episode we chat about:

2:25|Sarah’s story
6:52|What are the lies we tell ourselves?
11:55|Understanding our hormones
16:52|Why deepen spiritual practice
22:34|Spiritual practice as authentic self
28:56|Sarah’s offerings and wisdom
34:13|Living a fertile life

My invitation to you is give yourself this tremendous gift. 

Love, Amanda

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