Opening to Sexual Greatness with Lacey Broussard

Listen in iTunes and Subscribe! Is talking about sex taboo? Do you feel a void in your life? Is timidity in the bedroom or recovering from childbirth blocking your sexual satisfaction? In this episode I dive deep with the spectacular Lacey Broussard. She shares the most amazing tips on discovering and reclaiming your sexuality, how to heal sexual wounds and clear energetic blocks for orgasm. With a particular focus on the post-partum experience mothers won’t want to miss this conversation. As an experienced relationship coach her methods to help keep the passion alive in long-term relationships is pure gold. And finally, she introduces us to the amazing jade egg practice developed centuries ago to heal and awaken our power. I’m so excited, let’s get started!

Please note this episode contains adult language and may not be suitable for children.

If fear, guilt and shame around your sexuality or low libido are the cause of your bedroom woes, (the hot, wild sex you never have because you’re scared of breaking out of your shell or the transition into motherhood that sucked your libido dry), you need Lacey Broussard. She’s an integrated sex, love & relationship coach for women and couples who want to experience their wild, primal, ecstatic, and multiorgasmic nature again. As a certified coach, Tantra, jade egg, and sexuality teacher, she uses deep transformational tools and techniques based in modern coaching modalities, and ancient tantric wisdom and Taoist practices to help women reconnect with their sensual selves, discover their erotic and multiorgasmic geniuses inside, and experience deep intimacy & connection with their partner.

She’s also the producer of The Multiorgasmic Mama Podcast that can be found on iTunes and Stitcher.

Lacey’s Links:
The 8 Holistic Sex Tools: the checklist
The Couples Soul Connection Training: Sign Up here
Facebook Page:

Episode Links:
Link to Layla Martin’s Book on Amazon: Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality
Link to Sheri Winston’s Book on Amazon: Women’s Anatomy of Arousal
Link to Regena Thomashauer’s Book on Amazon: Pussy: A Reclamation

Opening to Sexual Greatness
with Lacey Broussard

Episode #43

In this episode we chat about:

2:38|Lacey’s story
7:04|Post partum and new moms
13:25|Holding space for your partner to gain intimacy
15:57|Physical issues post-partum issues
18:11|Healing spiritualy and emotionally after giving birth
20:44|The jade egg practice
24:00|Giving up the “good girl” mentality
30:32|Long-term relationships and re-defining your erotic intimacy
36:06|Building confidence
41:57|Full body arousal and the many orgasms
45:30|Understanding male sexuality

My invitation to you is give yourself this tremendous gift. 

Love, Amanda

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