Find Your Voice, Speak Your Heart with J Brave

Listen in iTunes and Subscribe! Do you have a message but are afraid to share it? Ever wonder how someone can have the courage to get on stage and bare their soul? I am so excited to share with you the unique voice and perspective of J Brave. His message of love, gratitude and acceptance evolved from a place of deep hurt and hardship. We learn how a path of service transformed his life and how the power of his voice is changing the world. Take a deep dive with us into the power of acceptance, finding your voice and sharing your passion. J Brave knows that when we operate from a place of “what is” life flows much easier. I’m delighted how J shares his wisdom and methods to access your authentic voice, and, be able to share it freely.

J Brave is an artist in action who uses music as a vehicle of service. This former counselor for Homeless and At-Risk youth turned MC & DJ is a on mission to brake walls, and build bridges to bring people together! He is the founder of the internationally renown Hip Hop collective the Luminaries, visionary of Benevolence Festival, and has toured the world spreading messages of peace, love, and unity throughout his travels. His debut solo album “Amethyst” has peeked the ears of global listeners, and the single “Sacred” has gone viral approaching a million video views on Facebook. This multi-talented artist fuses conscious rap and singing lyrics with hard hitting beats to inspire and empower audiences! His live shows can also expand to feature instrumentalists, singers, and dancers to accompany him on stage during his riveting heart-felt performances. He is currently on the production team and a resident DJ for Ecstatic Dance LA, and as a selector seamlessly blends genres while captivating dancers with his diverse soundscape of movement medicine. He strives to use music as a means to express his personal transformation while sharing his stories of resiliency through adversity. He is an avid speaker, and leads workshops & coaching sessions under the theme “Discover Your Sacred Offering.” J Brave is passionate about uplifting the masses, speaking against injustices, and rekindling our connection to nature so we may live in a more loving world.

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Find Your Voice, Speak Your Heart
with J Brave

Episode #40

In this episode we chat about:

3:15|J Braves story
5:05|Tools to release shame
8:30|How to find your voice
11:30|Living in acceptance
15:06|Be the change, share your voice
19:00|Diving into self love
23:14|Tools for balance
28:28|Stepping into your joy

My invitation to you is give yourself this tremendous gift. 

Love, Amanda

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