Natural Life, Natural Cycles with Ian Claxton

Listen in iTunes and Subscribe! What would it look like to be in touch with the cycles of our bodies and life? What would the benefits be? Can having ritual in your life enhance it? Join Ian Claxton and I as we talk about ways to enjoy a more relaxed state of being, greater fertility in every meaning of the word and more awareness of our own inner workings. I just love sharing my tips and learning new ones from Ian on how to add this into your daily life: RIGHT NOW. We dive into how ritual and honoring the cycles of life are missing from our society and what can come of taking the space to invest in these practices. Ian also shares his top tips to help with men and women’s infertility issues. He is just so beautifully multi-dimensional. We go beyond traditional Chinese medicine and look at Celtic and druidic medicine, an exciting line of tree essences and so much more.

Ian Claxton is the re-founder of the Ogham Tree Therapy and owner of The Elmtree Clinic – a natural healing clinic for women in Galway. He is originally from Dublin and trained as a scientist, where he gained a bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology and is currently studying a doctorate in Integrative health science. Although he found his career in diagnostics & biotech very rewarding, he felt inexplicably drawn to the energy healing practices of eastern Asia. So, in 2001, he decided to leave his life behind and studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (which includes acupuncture and herbal training). He left Dublin and studied in Beijing, China and after that came back to live in Galway in the west of Ireland to set up his practice. During his studies, he developed a growing interest in the life force, Qi and energetic medicine. He also trained with a shaman and started to combine his tree/plant training with his practice. He started to combine all these modalities together in a complete system of healing. Ian feels honored to have this opportunity to share the knowledge and gifts of this sacred land with people worldwide.

Ian’s Links:

Ian is generously offering a 50% discount to the first 20 people who sign up to the online Ogham Tree Practitioner course here. Use the code awaken.

The Program offers:

  • Certification to practice Ogham Therapy
  • Support and Community within the Practitioner group
  • The ability to help others to follow their ‘true self’
  • Unlimited access to the course material and content
  • Natural Life, Natural Cycles
    with Ian Claxton

    Episode #19

    In this episode we chat about:

    2:26|Ian’s Story
    5:26|Blocks to fertility & health
    7:30|Manifestations of the menses
    9:50|Our cycles are sacred
    12:31|The treatment of infertility
    15:14|Honoring miscarriage
    17:41|Men and infertility
    21:20|Self-care and community
    28:21|Holistic home health care must-haves
    34:30|Trees & the Celtic Druid connections
    38:33|Following your heart to balance

    My invitation to you is give yourself this tremendous gift. 

    Love, Amanda

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