The Pleasure Principle with with Sharon Plaché

Listen in iTunes and Subscribe! How can you invite more pleasure into your life? In what ways would you benefit if you choose the path of pleasure, right now? Can you strip away what isn’t pleasurable and allow yourself to be who you truly are? I sat down to talk with my good friend Sharon Plache who has devoted her life to working within the pleasure principle to live an empowered, blissful and easeful life. Sharon’s belief is that by creating and seeing the beauty in life, and others, we can produce the inner connection of joy and bliss we all seek.

Sharon Plaché is a creative and caring intuitive teacher, mentor and healer. She has been in the Healing Arts since 1989. She is a practitioner, mentor and teacher of ThetaHealing®, Innerwise® and NLP. Her retreat center in San Diego offers classes, trainings, aquatic bodywork, therapeutic massage, yoga, meditation and more. She is grateful to be a practitioner for the Wave Academy, which offers support to Veterans with PTSD. She is passionate about empowering clients to discover, grow and create in all areas of their lives. Her combined 35 years of education and varied life experience gives her compassion and commitment.

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Episode Mentioned Links:
Harold Dull: Creator of Watsu
Dr. Uwe Albrecht: Inner Wise
Jim Burns: Orthobionomy Practitioner

The Pleasure Principle
with Sharon Plaché

Episode #14

In this episode we chat about:

2:10|Sharon’s story and how she began to change her life
4:25|The different types of pleasure available to us
7:30|What Watsu is and why it’s so special
10:20|Pleasure is a conscious choice
12:40|Practices to transform your mindset
14:50|The culture of co-creating our environment is burgeoning
17:13|Giving yourself permission to allow the joy of being
22:18|Thoughts on owning your happiness and connectedness
25:48|Why not drop into pleasure in this moment?
29:23|Structure is as important as finding your own way within it
33:19|Spiritual practice “Aha moments”

My invitation to you is give yourself this tremendous gift. 

Love, Amanda

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