Honoring Your Self with Gia George

Listen in iTunes and Subscribe! Join Gia George and I as we share a cup of tea and a juicy chat of creating and allowing play and pleasure in your life. Gia shares that through creating a lifestyle and relationships that you love you get to create pleasure. We dive into the concept of creating space in your life to move through and allow pain,to surrender to it and love through it to move into peace and pleasure of life. We can open our minds to the freedom that is present in every moment tofind the wisdom of the heart and share yourself with others.

Gia George is a yoga & meditation teacher, singer-songwriter, sound healer, and spiritual creator. She loves teaching about the chakras and energy healing while empowering others to find their own soul power and inner magic. She creates inspirational videos on her YouTube channel, teaches live workshops, writes and records guided meditations, provides inspirational content to companies across the globe, and creates healing music to compliment her creations. Her highest honor would be to empower others to follow the divine light of their own wise souls.

Gia’s Links:
Website: DivinelyGia.com
Gia’s Music: DivinelyGia.bandcamp.com
Gia’s Inspirational Meditation Content: IntentionInspired.com

Episode Mentioned Links:
Gia’s mothers book What Really Matters: 7 Lessons for Living From the Stories of the Dying WhatReallyMattersBook.com
Karen Wyatt: KarenWyattMD.com

Honoring Your Self
with Gia George

Episode #13

In this episode we chat about:

2:02|Gia’s story
5:18|The world needs our authentic joy
8:00|How freedom creates pleasure
10:31|Honoring your inner child
16:40|Practices to get into joy
21:30|Sending loving energy to others
24:06|Honoring and experiencing our pain
27:57|The journey of following the heart
30:15|Speaking to your inner child

My invitation to you is give yourself this tremendous gift. 

Love, Amanda

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