Embodiment as a Path to Pleasure with Lara Eisenberg

Listen in iTunes and Subscribe! In this podcast, I had such an amazing and beautiful conversation with Lara Eisenberg about her path of healing trauma to living a life of pleasure. We chat on why it is so important for women to heal ourselves and thus our connection to other women, as well as having a frank conversation about sensuality and sexuality in a male dominated world. While focused on women our conversation can be applied to any person’s life. Lara shares her tools and valuable insight on how to get past our cultural and familial trauma to integrate pleasure into our cellular memory.

Lara Eisenberg is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Embodiment Coach, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner®, Yoga Therapist, Mindfulness Instructor and Trauma Touch Therapist. She holds dual master degrees in Psychological Counseling from Columbia University. She has extensive experience and education in stress management, trauma, addiction, anxiety, embodiment, sexual health and awakening the feminine. Over the past 17 years, Lara has worked as a Bilingual Counselor, Holistic Wellness Professional, Educator, Consultant, Coach and Yoga and Meditation Instructor. Lara’s mission is to assist females in restoring the natural harmony that exists between mind, body, and spirit, and to deepen their connection to the language of the body, sensation, desires, needs, intuition and emotions. She truly believes an integral part of healing for women is to explore their emotional, psychological, spiritual and sexual lives and an absence of any of these aspects of self can be an impediment to a life filled with pleasure, power and purpose. In her personal life, Ms. Eisenberg uses her intense passion for dance as a beautiful form of feminine expression.

Lara’s Links:
Website: MyBodyMindWellness.com

Links Mentioned in this Episode:
Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts: MamaGenas.com
Free eBook: MyBodyMindwellness.com/trauma-resolution-ebook/

Embodiment as a Path to Pleasure
with Lara Eisenberg

Episode #12

In this episode we chat about:

2:50|Lara’s journey from trauma to pleasure
8:19|Making joy and happiness a priority
12:15|Pleasure as a vibration and conscious choice
15:20|Wisdom in the body and choosing love from the inside out
20:27|Paths of pleasure
27:58|Women and orgasm
32:39|How feeling good supports sisterhood

My invitation to you is give yourself this tremendous gift. 

Love, Amanda

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